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This California State park is located in Los Angeles in the community of Topanga and is part of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. The park covers 11,000 acres stretching from Topanga Canyon to Rustic Canyon and down to the Pacific Palisades, all entirely within the City of Los Angeles, making it the largest wildland within major city limits. The park hosts 36 miles of trails and roads. Topanga State Park sits within the cliffs and canyons of the Santa Monica Mountains and boasts great views of open grassland, live oak, and the Pacific Ocean. The park offers excellent opportunities for hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians. Popular trails in the park include Los Liones Canyon and and East Topanga Fire Road, Parker Mesa Overlook Trail, Santa Ynez Canyon Waterfall, and Musch Trail to Eagle Rock. The Backbone Trail also passes through the park. Mountain bikes are only allowed on fire roads such as Eagle Springs Fire Road Loop and Topanga Canyon Road. In the park you may encounter many geologic formations such as earthquake faults, marine fossils, volcanic intrusions, and various sedimentary formations. Many of the trails within Topanga State Park can be accessed from Trippet Ranch Area off of Entrada Road. Dogs are not allowed within the park.

Creds- AllTrails Pro. 13.9 mi, ~2,800’ El Gain. Moving time 5:50. Suggest giving ‘AllTrails Pro ‘great Xmas gift- don’t have to worry about getting lost.

Started 8:30 am Wednesday 12 Dec 2018. Lots of available Parking for $10. Went counter clockwise, Recommendation clockwise if want to run down.

Followed AllTrails. Trail in great condition except small section right before Temescal Road, but doable. If going clockwise there is a Closed’ sign.

Enjoyed hike since 90% trails and lots of spectacular views. Great to hike when ~65F instead of 80 F plus. Mostly women hiking this trail (too hard for guys?) . Just enough traffic to clear spider webs, snakes, and lions for me- thank you.

Critical to bring at least 3 liters water and food. Highly recommend wearing hat.

Great hike this time of year.

3 days ago

Great views, challenging trail perfect with company or by yourself

This is an exceptional hike with multiple varied views and surroundings. Demanding and occasionally inconvenient dealing with bikers on the thin path. But well worth a 6 hour investment.

Solid workout! I was trying to find out if the trail was okay (not too soggy) after the rains and I can report they are in great shape. There are some loose pebbles, stones, rocks as you come down the trail if you start on trail going clockwise at starting point. All and all? Great workout and nice views. Had a tour of at least 40 people to pass. That was an all time first! Haha! All good tho!

Fun hike with many spots to stop and take pretty pictures. Not many people around which made this my favorite hike while in Joshua tree!

The parking is crowded, and so is the ascent/approach trail for this and Los Liones Canyon. While the ascent trail is a promising single track, about the time you complete the ascent and the 405-size crowds die out, the trail becomes a flattish fire road. From then on, the trail is devoid of anything interesting besides the views over the Pacific.

a good workout, but will not repeat.

4 days ago

Great hike with amazing views. Make sure to hit Rabbit Hole for the return.

We had two hours spare before brunch so quickly shot up here for a hike. You cannot bring your dog unfortunately, however, for a busy hike, everyone was friendly and the views are quite good for such a short city hike.

Great view at the peak!

Gorgeous views of city, mountains and ocean! Enjoyable trail! Areas of the trail have loose small rocks, so sturdy hiking boots and poles recommended.

I agree with another reviewer that this isn’t an easy hike but deserves to be reclassified as moderate. To me it’s very similar to paseo Miramar to Parker Mesa overlook in distance and steepness. It was really hot the day I hiked so maybe it seemed harder than it would’ve otherwise. I hiked the lower loop of the figure 8 shaped trail shown here, counter clockwise and that seemed pretty reasonable on a hot day. Then crossed over at the midpoint of the 8 and went straight to eagle rock which isn’t too much past that intersection of you go clockwise on this part - I know sounds confusing but it’s very straightforward once you look at it . Wonderful views the entire time, not much shade. Trash cans at the top next to the rock.

Uphill and downhill terrain. Quiet on weekdays and beautiful views.

25 days ago

Moderate climb to a steady hike. Quite busy. Go early!

Fairly doable trail. 2.2 mi to the overlook, then downhill all the way back.

Fairly doable trail. 2.2 mi to the overlook, then downhill all the way back.

Fairly doable trail. 2.2 mi to the overlook, then downhill all the way back.

Fairly doable trail. 2.2 mi to the overlook, then downhill all the way back.

The views were absolutely gorgeous! You can see all of LA! Breathtaking truly! Don’t miss out. It’s mostly uphill so it’s def a great workout. I ran pretty much the entire thing. Make sure you’re wearing gripped shoes cause on the way down there are a lot of rocks you can slip on!! Just be careful and enjoy!!!

trail running
1 month ago

Good trail run. Easy to maneuver, lightly trafficked.

Wide open fire road that offers no challenge other than the inclination.
Almost no shade.
The rock itself is cool.

Creds- Have AllTrails Pro. 8 Nov 2018, 11.2 mi hike, 2,464’ el gain- followed AllTrails exactly.

Designated parking at Trailhead. Arrived 9:am Thursday morning no parking issues.

Started counter clockwise - recommend going clockwise. Why? Last mile shoe skiid down- no way runnable. Also no view. Go clockwise for great views and run ability. Loop at the half way point in good condition.

Liked the hike since lots of great views, trails in good condition, benches for lunch breaks, and easy parking.

Nice moderate hike, some cool places on the way

1 month ago

Really pretty, not very challenging, and cool rocks to climbs around in at the end!

Amazing views throughout and wide, well kept trails.

I hiked what I think is this trail today, although I am having trouble reconciling the map with the description. I hiked clockwise from Mulholland to Bent Arrow to Temescal Canyon to Garapito Canyon. Bent Arrow does not follow a densely wooded creek, so there may be another trail. I did see one on the map called Bay Tree trail; however, it must be farther east on Mulholland. However, when I used GPS and compared where I was with the map, it showed where I was supposed to be. It also comes out right at Garapito. Anyway, I really enjoyed the hike. Garapito Canyon is very pretty, and would probably be quite lovely in the Spring. I think hiking this loop counterclockwise might be harder than hiking it clockwise. Otherwise it is not hard at all, if you hike at all.

1 month ago

8 mile cycle each way from Marina - which makes the hike harder on your legs, otherwise the hike doesn’t burn that much. Lots of people around - less so when you break the loop to the top of Skull Rock. The small loop is one for the kids for sure.

Just 2 miles from Trippet Ranch in Topanga State Park, lies this impressive slab of sandstone rock. I’ve been on quite a lot of hikes with some pretty rad rocks and I must say this particular rock formation is a new favorite as it had me quite entertained for a good amount of time. It has mini like caves that you can climb through and lots of nooks and crannies to simply explore. I came here the day after the rain and it had small water ponds in different pockets of the formation giving it a bit of a dessert oasis feel! On the bottom left side of eagle rock also lies this random tree surrounded by grass on the rock, it looked so beautiful in contrast to the sandstone rock. This area definitely looks accessible but you have to do some downward rock scrambling which got a bit complicated at one point and I decided not to take the risk for now and try another day with a friend.

A little backstory on how I got here. I actually took the Los Liones Trail (Pacific Palisades close to the beach) to the Parker Mesa overlook and from there I started the long and scenic trek towards Trippet Ranch/Eagle Rock which was about 4.5 miles inland. I think most people simply drive to the Trippet Ranch/Topanga State Park parking lot and then hike 2 miles to Eagle Rock.

I definitely want to come back here and bring a big group of friends!!

1 month ago

This hike was a good workout! There was a lot of nice layers to the trail too. You feel like you go through a forest, then you take the trail to the top where you go through the canyons, rugged trails, and eventually the rock formations which you can climb and relax on. I especially liked the sunset trail portion of the hikes which loops all the way back to the parking lot if you take the skull rock route in the beginning.

Definitely bring a good amount of water as the hike is roughly 4.5 miles.

- @justroc @just.trek

One of the most lush and scenic hiking trails that I have done in LA. The trail is well maintained and has a steady incline and decline for the most part. The first mile of the hike is more of your wilderness style of hike with the terrain being a bit rocky, and then it opens up to a wide, shadeless pathway with constant views of the beaches and ocean.

Go the extra couple miles and make it to the Parker Mesa overlook! It's about a 7 mile round trip (out and back). Great hike to walk, run and also mountain bike on!

UPDATE (2/5/18): I finally figured out how to make this already awesome trail an actual loop! So when you get to the Parker Mesa Overlook (the overlook that is after the bathroom), descend down the pathway in front of the left bench. Take the pathway down and you will soon find yourself in a rugged and more isolated adventure. I would really recommend wearing hiking shoes for this as simple running sneakers/fly knits will slip on loose dirt and erosion here. The trail has overgrown branches and brush that arch over the pathway making you feel like you are a bit of a mini forest. ALSO if you are going to do this trail I would HIGHLY SUGGEST that you research it first as it's very easy to get lost at certain points and finding yourself being attacked by branch bushes lol. I had downloaded an offline map on the All Trails app (I upgraded to the Pro Version, just $20 a year and so worth it so that you don't get lost). This trail is a straight shot back to the trailhead where you will find yourself going down and up.

UPDATE #2 (3/18/18): If you want to take a more strenuous but shorter & more direct route to the Parker Mesa overlook, then take the pathway that is in your left upon walking through the Los Leones trailhead sign at the trailhead. You will know you are going the right way if you are walking pass some concrete and a tunnel. The trail swiftly ascends upwards before leveling out a bit. Taking this route up was quite a workout and the trail itself is nothing like the wide fire roads that people typically take to the different overlooks. It's steep, rugged, and isolated making it more of an adventure.

There is free street parking at the trailhead.

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