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Named for the Bend of the Rio Grande along the USA Mexico, this park has part of the Chihuahuan Desert, ancient fossils, and cultural artifacts of Native Americans.

This is a moderately difficult hike, not too tough overall. The rise is something like 1000 feet so it's a challenge if you aren't used to this type of thing. Really awesome views. We did this one the first day we got to the park after setting up camp. So you can do it in a few hours as an evening hike. We completed right as the sun was setting and the view out The Window was amazing. If you don't have a lot of time to spend in Chisos Basin, this is a good hike to consider as it's not all day, it's challenging, and the views are great. It is however very popular and there will be a lot of people out there. If you have a whole day or more to spend up in the basin, the South Rim is the best trail. It is however an all day hike and much more difficult. I'd prioritize South Rim way above Lost Mine if you don't have time for both.

TL;DR = if you have time and stamina, skip this trail and do South Rim. If you have less time or want easier hike Lost Mine is still great but usually crowded.

The water level was very high when we visited and the trail into the canyon was very hard to access. Terlingua Creek was mostly flooded and you need to get across it to get in. Most of the other visitors were just turning back but we were determined. It took some work but we managed to find a path in that kept us mostly dry. It is seriously worth getting a little wet here. If you turn back and don't go into the canyon you are basically missing the whole thing. The view inside is just spectacular. It's very humbling. The stone walls are utterly enormous. If the water is high when you visit, at least make an attempt to find a way in. It's worth it.

This was the highlight of Big Bend for me. It's definitely a strenuous trail but it's so worth the effort. The views are really nice all the way up. But once you get up to the south rim it is just incredible. I just can't even describe it. You have to see it for yourself. Make sure you pack food and water. The loop took us most of the day at a pretty easy going pace.

The trail was magnificent! It has all you could ask for, the meandering river, deep canyons, and beautiful panoramic views! We did this as a two nite trek so could camp at various spots along the way and it was worth all the extra weight in water.

off road driving
4 days ago

This was a very fun and slightly difficult off road drive. It could be difficult and scary for the inexperienced in parts. I had no problem driving it in a stock JK Wrangler. Four wheel drive low was required in a couple spots to get over some steep inclines and boulders.

off road driving
4 days ago

It took 6 hours to complete this trail from the moment we entered the park to the moment we left. It was a nice easy off road drive. It was fun to see how desolate that part of the park is and how much open space there is.

The trail was very easy in a stock JK Wrangler. There was no need for four wheel drive, definitely need high clearance, though. The Black Gap Road is another story though. Very fun alternate route once you get about half way through River Road. It could be pretty difficult and scary for the inexperienced. I needed to use four wheel low once or twice to make it over some steep inclines and boulders.

on The Window Trail

7 days ago

It is a MUST see! We went in labor day. The water level just went down to the warning line so 1/3 of me is under the water. The ground under the water is quite muddy and was hard to walk firmly. These huge rock mountains are really GRANDE that it looks like some action movie scene.

Relatively flat until the very end of the trail until you have to climb up to Balanced Rock. Visited late in the afternoon and it was still warm so water was a must.

Be prepared for a water crossing at Terlingua Creek. Had to wade across when I visited. Beautiful little meandering trail along the river in the canyon. Very interesting part of Big Bend to visit.

This is a short, cool little trail and a great way to start the Big Bend experience if you are camping at Rio Grande village. You can see and access the Overlook from the campgrounds. The trail winds through strands, then quickly climbs up to the overlook, which gives you a great look at the surrounding area and into Mexico.

The trail starts with a lot of up and down in elevation. The first climb is the toughest part. The beautiful vistas in the canyon are worth the climb. I got a thrill from being able to walk right up to the Rio Grande.

off road driving
9 days ago

This is an easy trail that most cars should be able to handle. It drops you off in a forest of giant dagger yuccas. The sheer number of daggers was impressive, especially when you are looking up at them from the valley floor.

13 days ago

We just finished hiking Devil's Den & Dog Canyon totaling about a 9.5 mile hike. It was spectacular and more then we expected. The Dog Canyon hike was easy, so we did that first then we followed the arroyo in the opposite direction and hiked pretty much half way into Devil's Den canyon climbing boulders and dodging scrub, but eventually decided to followed a backcountry map given to us by the park ranger that indicated we should then climb out of the canyon and hike the rest of the way along a marked path off the south rim of the canyon. Good call because it went a lot faster and we got to the end to see the vast open 360 view of the hills and canyon below. It was well worth it and even the risky technical climb getting out of the canyon itself and onto the trail was a challenge for myself and my companion. Great fun though!

14 days ago

Amazing hike, not steep anywhere really but the scramble at the end to the peak. This is a true scramble, not too difficult (prob about 50ft) but well worth the unobstructed views from the highest peak in Big Bend.
Also on the trail, there are tons of small loose rocks so judt watch out for those (hiking poles help here).

Easy trail, moderate incline steps and well worth the view. Keep following the trail and you'll end up on the beach, very close to the Rio Grande.

15 days ago

Hiked Devil's Den a couple of times now but have never made it to the end. On both hikes we stopped at the point where you have to climb up through a small opening between boulders. The first time, there was a deep pool of water preventing us from getting to the boulder and the second time, was just by myself and didn't want to risk the climb.
This is a fav hike of mine because of the rock scrambling through the canyon. Before you get to the canyon, the trail has very few cairns after leaving the initial path, but as long as you follow the correct arroyo, you'll find your way.
Highly worth it for a short adventure.