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Named for the Bend of the Rio Grande along the USA Mexico, this park has part of the Chihuahuan Desert, ancient fossils, and cultural artifacts of Native Americans.

8 days ago

Nice. Not much warning when you get to the window.

8 days ago

Bring water and a snack. Great views.

Good trail for any skill level. Very scenic and trail was in excellent shape. Finding parking may prove to be the biggest challenge though.

15 days ago

A truly unforgettable view. Was backpacking the Chisos and was lucky enough to be camping on Toll Mountain, so it was easy to pop up Emory for sunset. I was alone, and aside from the pesky antennae thing up there it was perfect. Can't attest to the difficulty coming from the Basin up, but I can say that it's worth it. You are entirely exposed so it can get windy up there, bring a layer. A special hike in the special place that is Big Bend. Happy trails

Lots of down and up crossing washes. Typical desert flora. Nothing too interesting, besides the mule ears.

17 days ago

Moderate and relatively quick hike with nice views at the top. My friend and I did this hike in about 2.5 hours and we spent a lot of time at the top hanging out. This trail is an up and down along the same trail.

My friend and I did this trail in around 7 hours (taking a few quick breaks along the way). The trail was a bit of a workout, but totally worth the amazing views along the South rim. The trail is extremely well marked so you don't even need a map -- just start at the lodge area and follow the signs. I would recommend starting early in the day if you want to make it in 1 day. Sadly the northeast rim was closed for falcon nesting -- we were going to add this 3 mile or so loop to our hike.

22 days ago

A moderate hike with good views on the way up, but amazing views from the top. At roughly 4.5 miles it is easily accomplished in a few hours with time to gaze out at the top. If you're not up to hiking the South Rim (best views in the park), then Lost Mine is your best bet.

The volunteer at the visitors center said the Lost Mine trail was the most bang for the buck as far as the view was concerned, but South Rim was the most bang in Big Bend. Having hiked both of these trail I couldn't agree more. The views off the South Rim were incredible, but it's a long and moderately difficult hike. We hiked from the Basin trailhead up Laguna meadows to the Rim then back thru Boot Springs and Pinnacles, for 12 mile total. The Southeast and Northeast Rim trails were closed or we would have added them to the loop.

29 days ago

One of the best hikes I have ever done. It was early May, and we started around 5 in the morning, since it was surprisingly hot for that time of the year. We camped at the Rio Grande Village Campground the previous night, and it was awful to say the least. Hot and the mosquitoes tried to eat us alive, we hurry into the tent since there was no warning at all. Inside it was just a steam room, either that or the mosquitoes. A lightning storm broke around 2 in the morning, and we had to get out of the tent and put on the rain fly, no sleep at all, but we were determined to make it to the top of Emory Peak that day. Broke camp at 5 AM, got backpacks ready, and off we go. The plan was to have some breakfast before the hike, but we had a nice healthy dinner, and were so tired of being in the tent the whole night, that we decided to skip it all together and just go for it. The views along the trail were just breathtaking, stopped numerous times to take pictures and videos, nobody on the trail. The last half mile it's steep, you can feel it, but well worth it. Before you get to the top, there's a small, very exposed rock climb to the very summit. We found some people at the bottom that just did not want to take the risk, understandably so, we thought about it ourselves. At the end we decided that that was exactly what we were there for, and went for it. It wasn't that bad at all, just keep three points in contact with the wall, ignore the drop off (easier said than done!), and you're there. Oh boy, what a treat, just sat there for about an hour taking in the view. What a treat for the soul, I felt that I got what I came for, I was at peace with myself.

1 month ago

Breathtaking 360 views at the summit. Last 25m scramble add a little spice a the very end as well.

Breathtaking view from South Rim. See photos.