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trail locations for Texas

Great trail to walk with a family.

2 days ago

Nice easy walk beautiful day with great weather!

2 days ago

Flat, easy loops in the state park. Decent distraction, or leg stretch, but nothing special.

This is a great HIKING and EQUESTRIAN trail.

It is not an MTB trail and is not associated with DORBA.

The one star review by the gentleman who didn't bother to read about this trail prior to going out should be at best removed and and least disregarded.

This hike is incredible, not an easy hike by any means but wow are the summit and views amazing. You absolutely need more water than expected and a good pair of shoes. The first mile and a half or so you are exposed to the sun so I reccomend sunscreen. Not a lot of wildlife on the trail on October 15th, the day I hiked but a diverse ecosystem with some amazing sights. I definitely encourage this hike and when it gets tough push through it because the peak is well worth it!

trail running
2 days ago

We love to run these trails! They are tough & technical, but you are rewarded with great views!!!

mountain biking
2 days ago

Great trail to mountain bike! love the ramps! spotted a baby deer by the trail in the afternoon that was pretty cool

3 days ago

This trail is ok as a quick lunchtime walk or hike. In parts it is somewhat overgrown. It sees light traffic judging by the number of spider webs and lack of foot prints on the path. There is plenty of evidence of wild life, but I did not see any on this trip. This trail is probably a lot better after a good rain so that the several creeks and run offs would be full of running water. This time of the year it is bone dry. Lots of elevation changes makes this a worthwhile quick exercise path.

Supposedly there is a path back to Steck at the first creek crossing, but I missed it in my initial exploration. I'll try to get back out there and find it soon.

Very Dog friendly, and family oriented environment. Trails add up to about 5 miles.

Does anyone know what the grave is all about? If so please tell me! Kinda spooky. Figured it's just a pet? Great trail. Nice place to take pops for his bday. Also a huge paw print. Print had to be a joke I posted in photos. Good place to clear your head:)

My son and I did this trail during the week day so we had the trail all to ourselves. We went behind the caves and picked up a trail that took us to the top of the mountain with beautiful views!

Nice short trail to the canyon wall. Don't forget to tip the "singing Mexican"!

We loved this hike. Left at 10:00am and all uphill in the shade, with a very gradual incline. Spectacular views all the way. Bear sightings ended up closing this trail so we felt lucky to complete it. About two hours up and 1 hour down.

My Microsoft band II showed this was @7 miles from the store, not 5.2. We left around 10:00am. It took about 1 hr 15 minutes all downhill. It gets a little tricky/slippery for the last 1/10th of a mile. Trip back up was hard. It was all up and about 90 degrees with little shade. Took about 1&1/2 hrs up. Take lots of water. Saw a tarantula. Got bitten by flies several times. Still itching two days later.

Good close in trail. Although you are wandering between housing, you will only notice it a few times.

Great trail for kids and dogs. Not too challenging, but still had some nice grades that were challenging for them. Great scenery. We will definitely be going back.