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trail locations for Texas

Not really a hike, but interesting history.

Great hike. Can be done in about 2 hours, three with a 6 year old. Gets a little slippery towards the end when it rains. Can't wait to get back there in a few years.

beautiful, peaceful

This dog friendly trail was definitely a beautiful hike. However it's not clearly marked so what should have been a 7 mile hike ended up being about 5 miles and half of it was spent hiking in circles. I'm definitely going to do it again and use this app to follow others tracks and do the full loop. I hate having my phone on me when I hike but I'm willing to give this one another shot.

It's tough but well worth it at the top

2 days ago

Cedar Ridge Preserve (the park this trail is located) is one of the best places to hike, walk, or trail run! They have several trails with varying difficulty levels and distances. The best part about this place is you're not competing with bikers; no wheels (of any kind) allowed on trails.

This particular trail is fantastic! Signage and distance markers are clear. Trail is well maintained and clean. Park has restroom and water facilities. Excellent scenery and views. Had some steep parts, but they were well marked and maintained. Really enjoy hiking this trail with my dogs!! Make sure you take a water bottle, and bug repellant.

Always a lot of people in the weekend. But during the week, it's great.

2 days ago

Our trail System is now 28 miles of looping single track. 15 miles on the lower loop and 13 miles of upper loop. The lower loop can be classified as an intermediate difficult or high speed technical. The upper loop will be more difficult, but, mostly high speed technical. There are three difficult climbs to hill tops on this loop. The trail across the top of flint hill is slow speed technical with lots of rock ledges to go over. Individual ledges are not that bad, but there is lot of small ledges to cross. Either you will hate or love the top of flint hill or maybe both.

We also have a green arrow loop made up of both the lower and upper loops and is 10 miles long. This loop is more beginner friendly. The green loop is made up of mostly red arrow loops, but, shortcuts around big climbs. If you're not a beginner rider it's a smoking fast ride.

We are open from January 1st till last weekend in October. We are closed November and December for hunting season, we do not have any openings for hunting. Our hours are sunup to sunset. Please allow 3 hours before sunset to ride either the upper or lower loop. Check flatrockranch.net for trail closures due to events and admission fees.

trail running
2 days ago

2 days ago

I think other reviewers have mentioned this, but it is definitely more of a biking trail. Everyone is polite, but make sure you go in the opposite direction. I used to walk my dogs out here; you will need to move out of the way frequently, if you're walking on the weekend. It will be packed.

Pros: lots of variety in difficulty and trail distances. People are very polite and friendly. Very well maintained trails. They have a couple of Porta-potties at the trail start. Picnic tables. Great shade because of all the trees. Convenient location.

Cons: Signage isn't great, distance markers would be helpful. There are Stray dogs, but I know people report these and they are usually picked up Promptly. Parking is tight, and you will likely park on the street if you go on a weekend.

Very good trail if you live in Dallas.

road biking
2 days ago

Nice trail. Yes you do have to pay attention to the trail marks. Alltrails helped us.

mountain biking
2 days ago

great! awesome views of Downtown LA, LA River, Burbank and The Valley.

3 days ago

Good place to get out of the city, and theres usually not *too* many people to run into!