Nearby attractions include Garner State Park, Hill Country State Natural Area, Kerrville-Schreiner Park, Camp Verde, Lake Medina, and the towns of Utopia and Bandera

Decent views. Monkey rock was pretty cool. Massive amount of butterflies in early September. Wading across streams was refreshing.

5 months ago

My husband and I did this hike 3 years ago in the fall and loved it. The fallen maple leaves everywhere were beautiful. We brought out dog along too. there is a steep incline with white rocks in the direct sun. we didn't realize the rocks were as hot as they were and once we reached the top/dirt again, our dog refused to walk. The pads of his feet had blistered and rubbed completely off from the hot rocks! We felt terrible of course. Bandaged him up, camped over night at the top and hiked back down the next morning with him in my husbands backpack. He's 45lbs! It was an experience we'll never forget. So moral of the story is "be aware of hot rocks when you decide to bring your pups along!"

My favorite Texas hike thus far (even though it was not Fall). Combination of riparian areas and sweeping vistas from atop the ridgeline make this hike worth the work. Unique geologic formations and plant communities are worthy of exploration. Trails were well maintained and the park was not crowded (am certain it is crowded in the Fall). Bring plenty of water and proper footwear (you will need to protect your ankles on steep ascent and descent).

Lost Maples State Park was such a treat to hike, and for us, a hidden gem. Everyone knows that you go to Lost Maples for fall colors. But the purple mountain laurels that grow in springtime are so fragrant that, especially once you reach the highest elevation of the east loop trail, the scent is overwhelming. The waters were also crystal clear, which I guess I didn't expect... though to be honest, we didn't expect any water, so this was a treat!

Good trail, though not as great as the East loop, it appears that there are far fewer people though, worth the hike. Also there's a beautiful spring that you pass that I was even tempted to drink from.

Great trail, a bit rocky when going up the hill, but worth it for the beautiful scenery.

Finally, a Texas trail that was somewhat challenging with some elevation gain and loss. This, together with the East Trail Loop make for a challenging and tiring day.

Finally, a Texas trail that was somewhat challenging with some elevation gain and loss. This, together with the West Trail Loop make for a challenging and tiring day.

1 year ago

Beautiful views!!! Pretty long hike due to the steep trails, but absolutely worth it :)

Beautiful but challenging in places...There is still fall color in threes as of early Dec this year but the titular maples have already dropped their leaves for the yr...

One of the best hikes in Texas. Just enough difficulty, beautiful country, perfectly maintained. Great primitive camping near the end of the loop between canyons with a canoe spot if you can tote it all in.

Verp good work out and very scenic. Favorite hike so far in Hill Country.