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This park has Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas, the scenic McKittrick Canyon full of Bigtooth Maples, part of the Chihuahuan Desert, and a fossilized reef from the Permian.

It's the top of Texas. What more can you ask for.

Hiked up to the Notch yesterday, last mile up was brutal!! We were hurrying on our way down to get back before 4:30 closing. It was too much! I hiked with 2 teenage boys and they were beat too! I'd just hike to the grotto if I did it again. Leaves were beautiful! Took us 4.5 hrs total with no significant breaks.

My husband and I have been to McKittrick Canyon many times from visitor to Pratt Lodge in October, yet we were always too early for the fall foliage! This year I got to hike to the Grotto and see all the foliage! Beautiful!

It was hard had to stop to catch my breath several times. We made it to the peak in over 2 hours. It got really chilly in some spots but definitely chilly at the peak. Take layers of clothing so u can feel free to adjust the different climate.
Anyone can do it you will just have to rest more then others.

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10 days ago

Nice short loop that you can make challenging because the first mile is uphill with plenty of rocks. The red and yellow foliage at the creek are beautiful! There's even a little waterfall! Fun trail indeed.

Breath taking! But seriously breath taking

This is my favorite trail in Texas. The changing colors in November is amazing. This trail has everything for the hiker, small climbs, single track trails, and wash outs. This is a must for any hiker. Hint: you are not there until you see the blue Devils Hall sign.

14 days ago

Hunter Peak is the hidden gem at Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Strenuous hike with magnificent vistas. The view from the summit is beyond beautiful. Highly recommend this trail.

Hiked from the visitor center to the Grotto and back in November. Easy hike with beautiful views of fall foliage. Take a picnic lunch to enjoy at the stone tables adjacent to the Grotto. Oh, and be sure to take your camera.

14 days ago

Strenuous hike with beautiful views. Steep trail to summit. Start early and combine this hike with Hunter Peak and tag two of the seven 8,000+ foot summits in Texas in one day.

17 days ago

I have been twice in the last month and was wondering has anyone done an overnight???

beautiful for all ages very easy

25 days ago

Solo hiked Guadalupe Peak in Dec 2014. Strenuous but enjoyable hike. Spent a good bit of time at the summit. 5 hour and 40 minute round trip.

1 month ago

I would echo the other reviewers. Short and especially scenic at the springs. Also, the ranch house complex at the trailhead is worthwhile.

Great time of year for this hike! You get beautiful views at the top and fall colors along the way. A lot of loose rocks and the it's mostly uphill to the top. We saw people of all ages on the trail. Took us 4.5 hours round trip. Bring water.

Fist time 9/5/16 is hard but is beautiful Second time with my daughter and grandauther it was awesome 10/23/16 we will go back