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This park has Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas, the scenic McKittrick Canyon full of Bigtooth Maples, part of the Chihuahuan Desert, and a fossilized reef from the Permian.

This is a decent little hike if you only have a few hours to spend. The hike up the wash is pretty fun. You are in low areas pretty much the whole time so the views are not terribly expansive. Still nice though. The rock formations once you get to the devils hall are great. Some wildlife around if you are quiet. Had a huge mule deer walk within feet of us. It was incredible. Overall a decent enough hike. Certainly not my favorite but would do again.

Definite sense of accomplishment to complete this hike. Info says 6-8 hrs. We needed the full 8.

15 days ago

First half is in the foothills. Second half is up a wash. Fun little hike. Lots of hikers. Seemed to be the hike to do if don't have a lot of time.

rocky and steep but the surroundings stay interesting the whole time

Beautiful trail. The madrone trees are fantastic!

23 days ago

Great hike! Not too hard, well worth the hike.

I hiked this one in late November. It's not as amazing as I hoped. Though, I'm sure freezing and the wind trying to shove me over cliffs, took away from the experience, lol! I seriously underestimated how cold it would be. Not just cold, but WINDY. Like. Serious freaking WIND. That can almost knock you over! It was good for the 1st half. Very hard work, but nice views, it was sunny and warm. But after a while it started getting windier and colder. By the time I got to the top I was froze, despite having a a long sleeve shirt, a sweater, coat, hat and gloves. My fingers were so cold I could barely take any photos. I don't own a windbreaker, but if I ever hike a mountain again I definitely will get one, as well as a warmer hat and warmer gloves. Just warmer everything.
Don't forget to bring food. I brought a small bag of jerky, wished I had brought a lot more by the time I got to the top. Water, you are supposed to have a gallon per person in the summer, but three bottles sufficed in the cold weather, as I was freezing.
I stupidly thought starting in the afternoon would be fine, the sun doesn't go down until 6 right? WRONG, it's in the mountains. So, I froze even more on the way down walking in shade. And I kept falling down, and almost falling, from the loose rock. The large steps did a number on my knees. Even if you don't have knee problems (I do) the walk down is gonna HURT. Both my knees were in serious pain, and shaking so bad, I could hardly walk, by the time I got down.
Now, I'm NOT saying this is a bad hike. This was my first "hard" hike. (gotta start somewhere right?) But I was very unprepared... despite having everything you need for a normal hike. So, if you've never done a hike this hard you might want to bring a lot more than you need. For someone used to this difficult of hikes I'm sure it's great. But damn... never underestimating "hard" again!!

This was my first bacpack experience. It was strenuous and tough but totally worth the views. We camped up top on the guadalupe peak trail campsites. the morning sunrise was amazing. I wanted to stop a couple times but i drove 6hrs to hike to the top and now im addicted to it.

3h45m out, 1h45m back

It's the top of Texas. What more can you ask for.

Hiked up to the Notch yesterday, last mile up was brutal!! We were hurrying on our way down to get back before 4:30 closing. It was too much! I hiked with 2 teenage boys and they were beat too! I'd just hike to the grotto if I did it again. Leaves were beautiful! Took us 4.5 hrs total with no significant breaks.

My husband and I have been to McKittrick Canyon many times from visitor to Pratt Lodge in October, yet we were always too early for the fall foliage! This year I got to hike to the Grotto and see all the foliage! Beautiful!

It was hard had to stop to catch my breath several times. We made it to the peak in over 2 hours. It got really chilly in some spots but definitely chilly at the peak. Take layers of clothing so u can feel free to adjust the different climate.
Anyone can do it you will just have to rest more then others.

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1 month ago

Nice short loop that you can make challenging because the first mile is uphill with plenty of rocks. The red and yellow foliage at the creek are beautiful! There's even a little waterfall! Fun trail indeed.

Breath taking! But seriously breath taking