Preserved in the park are the ruins of his trainer's cabin and the stabilized ruins of his own homestead. Information on Thomas F. McKinney and the history of the park's land use is interpreted in the Smith Visitor Center. Camping, hiking, mountain biking, road biking, picnicking, fishing, and wildlife observation are other activities. Swimming is now allowed in Onion Creek; call 512/243-1643 for current creek conditions.

You have to pay to get into park. They have camping cabins, tent spots and RV spots. Really nice area.
Will definitely go back to camp sometime.

1 month ago

Access to the Homestead Trail is across the top of Lower McKinney Falls, which means you have to long jump from boulder to boulder. If you want to avoid that, then go down stream about 50 yards but be prepared for the water to reach mid-calf. This summer, the park wasn't allowing dogs in the creek. It's an okay trail. There's black land under foot so it's not too rocky.

Easy...has some pretty areas WHEN the falls are running. There's usually a lot of people and not all areas are shady. Just okay in my book. Austin has much more to offer in other areas, but good to say "did that".

trail running
1 month ago

absolutely beautiful!! Would go again!! you have to pay is the only downside...

Actually, did this hike last year (Aprl 2015) with family visiting from out of state. A nice hike, nothing really to rave about.

Half easy walking trail (onion creek) / half overgrown hiking trail, not much elevation change (homestead). Still pretty and a good workout in the heat. Best part was finishing out at the watering hole!

Hiked the Onion trail. Long boring paced loop. But I did see a nice sized buck in the middle of the trail. We just stared at each other for 15 seconds. Really cool. I also hiked the rock house trail. Loved seeing the state champion cedar tree.

4 months ago

I love hiking McKinney Falls. it's close to home but far enough away you don't bump into people often on the trails.

Absolutely beautiful! Water was clear and cool. Didn't do too much hiking, but just the whole nature that surrounded us is beautiful. My boys loved it there. We will definitely go back.

What a beautiful place to explore or fish or bbq or whatever. Can't wait to go again!

nature trips
4 months ago

Since the flood in 2013 the bridge is closed and part of the trail. It is still a good short hike to see the ledge.

Great place to hike around and go for an afternoon dip in the water! I saw some bikes around, but this place is definitely more hospitable to casual hikers (i.e., most Austin-ites)

Nice hike . Check in advance lots of closure after heavy rain