The park currently offers the outdoor enthusiast access to primitive camping, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, swimming, paddling, birding and wildlife viewing, and guided tours of caves and waterfalls. The park has 26 miles of multi-use trails (hiking and mountain biking) and 4 miles of trail designated as hiking only. When river levels are normal (call for current conditions) paddlers can travel upstream as well as down to explore or access the park by river. When Lake Buchanan is near normal levels, the river is navigable from the park's boat ramp all the way to the lake, approximately 10 miles. In this area the river is characterized by slow moving water through the beautiful canyon lands of the Colorado, hazards include frequent low water levels and seasonal flood debris.

mountain biking
1 day ago

very nice, well marked

The beginning of the trail is slightly boring. however, the falls are amazing!!!!! the descent to the falls was slightly terrifying to me but many people didn't seem to have a problem.

1 month ago

Beautiful halfway point when you reach the Falls. Hike isnt too challenging. Enjoy.

Great hike!!

1 month ago

Low value if you are only doing the loop on foot (if that was the only thing you could do here I would have rated it lower). It is a decent 'warm up' lap for mountain bike riders as well as a central hub connecting to other trails.

This review is for the actual Spicewood Springs trail in Colorado Bend State Park. It was well worth coming back to the park to do this (these) trails. I would recommend starting at the Spicewood Canyon point and take that all the way to the end. Then loop back using the Spicewood Springs route. You will cross the water a few times and if the water is might get your feet wet. Bring a spare pair of socks...maybe even a second pair of shoes. There is also an area to swim at the turn around point. Wish I brought some shorts and a towel.

Very hot if you go during the summer, the spring pool is amazing. I'm looking forward to going after it cools down so I can explore more.

Gorman Falls is absolutely beautiful.

The hike to the falls is s little bland at first, but hang in there... It gets better as you go. As you near the falls, the last 10 minutes or so gets very rocky, and there's a steep descent at the end. I saw people there with small children and dogs... I probably wouldn't take a child under the age of 7, and I didn't take my dog because I think he would have pulled me down the rocks! If your dog is a little calmer than mine, you'd probably be ok to take it.

5 months ago