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The park conducts tours open to the general public. These ranger-led tours are conducted on the first and third weekends of the month. Reservations are preferred, with tours limited to ten persons. If attendance allows, others will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. For reservations, call the park office. Tours depart from the park's front entrance at 8 a.m. during the summer months and 9 a.m. during the winter months. Special arrangements for clubs, scout groups, school groups, or any group of more than 8 persons is available, depending upon staffing. Please call the park office for more information. The park reserves the right to limit the number of hikers in a tour group or to cancel trips due to weather conditions. For all tours/general hiking in the Franklin Mountains, wear good shoes, preferably hiking boots, weather-appropriate clothing, and travel in pairs. Always bring plenty of water and snacks. Cell phones are advised if available.

Nice trail, not very long, not very steep, specially to hike with the family. This time I did it with Natalia, my granddaughter. Although it was a windy winter day, and that at the top of the mountain the wind was stronger, it was not impediment to enjoy the walk. We only had to take care when we walked down by the zig-zag trail, rocky in some parts. Back to the point where we started, we rested a little sitting on the benches that are on the dirt road, and enjoyed the beautiful views of the Franklin Mountains.

Very challenging I've done this hike more than once & will definitely be doing it again.

This is a trail located at the Franklin Mountains State Park at El Paso Texas. The trail starts at The Palisades Canyon. The entrance to this canyon is located at the Scenic Drive near the foot of the mountains. We started in the dirt road at the entrance. This road will eventually conduct you to the top where the telecommunication antennas are. Instead of following the road, we selected one of the already established trails. In about 0.7 miles, we turned to the right and walked on another established trail. When we completed about 1.1 miles we reached the dirt road again. By following the road, you will reach the antennas, including the one in the Comanche Peak. Staying away of the antennas will keep you out of trouble. At the end of the dirt road you will find a trail that pretty much follows the rim of the mountain. When we arrived to the intersection with the trail that goes to the Ranger Peak, we turned to our left and walked down until we got the trail at the button of the mountain that took us back to the same point where we started. The winter time brought some low temperatures with a cold breeze but never the less it was a wonderful day for hiking. We enjoyed the view in both east and west of El Paso.

If it has been quite some time that you have hiked then this trail will put you to the test. after, 4 trials i made it! And the view is breathtaking. Word of advice: if you taking your dog, make sure you have good booties with rubber padding. There are many points in the trail where its steep incline with slippery rocks. Their feet will get torn on the sharp rocks! Bring a Trekking Pole to help you at its peak before the entrance (high steps and slippery rock) do your research on trail starting and returning. trails can wash away or dnt seem obvious which was my case returning. so join a hiking group or bring a friend that has done this trail. i plan to create a hiking group on MeetUp. if interested in other hikes. have fun and be safe!

Great short walk to take after visiting the Archaeology Museum.

1 month ago

Fairly easy hike while killing time by myself. Caves were pretty cool, but the real reward was ascending to above the caves. Great views! Perfect alone, with a friend, or with your family. Watch the kids a bit if you go on top of the cave as it is steeper!

I hiked this trail with some Army Buddies in august 2013. Wearing shorts and T-shirts, we were UNPREPARED for the cold biting wind as we traversed the ridge leading up to Mammoth rock. We passed the trail marker begging us to "GO BACK" and we almost did... We saw a spider us Easterners had never seen before, looked like a big orange crab under the rocks. I would consider this trail MODERATE as it was not too steep or strenuous on the way up. I was NOT the leader of this group, By rank I was next to last in seniority. The leaders didn't like the ridgeline ascent and chose to descend through the ravine. lots of steep and loose rock made the descent very difficult and I'm sure we didn't help with any erosion prevention at all. I intend to LEAD a group here soon as well as the North trail.
Stop 1/2 way up to take you picture in front of the Mammoth.

Nice and easy :)

it was really fun. Especially with the nice chilly 6am weather. Trail is pretty easy not too hard.

Nice easy trail leading to a small spring on the side of the mountain, The spring is shaded by some cottonwood trees and other small trees.

1 month ago

This hike wasn't to hard and wasn't to easy, good workout with a cool reward at the top of the hike

1 month ago

This hike wasn't to hard and wasn't to easy, good workout with a cool reward at the top of the hike

1 month ago

A very quick trail, about an hour in total. (6000 steps up to the top, 30 minutes.) Steep but the kids age 5-14 managed fine. Going down was scary though as the stones would shift. Surprised no one twisted an ankle! Lovely scenic views :) 6 who joined us were hiking for the first time and managed it fine. It takes your breath away-good little workout!

Nice hike with amazing views.

Nice 7 mile hike...took about 4 hours to complete. Take a flashlight if you plan on going inside the mine because it is pitched black!

This trail will cost you $5.00 per person. It's not a bad little trail but it all uphill, so it's exhausting getting there. so spend some time up there and explore around the caves. The walk down it a lot easier.