Near Seward on the Kenai Peninsula, this park protects the Harding Icefield and at least 38 glaciers and fjords stemming from it. The only area accessible by road is Exit Glacier, while the rest is viewed by boat tours.

worth the work

Very easy hike that ends with an awesome view of Exit Glacier. Definitely a good place to see wildlife- we saw multiple moose during this short hike

HARD! Hiking in snow at the top for at least 2 miles! Views can be hit or miss depending on fog. Saw bear on the trail. Go past the shelter for an awesome view of ice field.

So we didn't make it all the way to the top, stopped about half way up when we had some great views of the ice field. There is some elevation gain so be prepared for that, but the trail is nicely maintained. Amazing views!

5 days ago

Not a difficult hike out to a great view. Pretty flat and straight forward. Should check out if you are at the park.

It is a great trail with the first 1/4 mike being paved. There are several options and distances to choose from. This trail will not get you close enough to the glacier to touch, there is a 4 mile trail for that. But that's dangerous anyway. The best part of this trail are the year markers that show the decline of the glacier over the last 125 years. My wife was amazed at how quickly the glacier has receeded in the last 50 years.

10 days ago

This was a well-maintained, somewhat rugged trail that offered some excellent views. It’s an easy enough hike for an experienced hiker, but can present a challenge for newer hikers or those who have trouble with heights, since parts of it are steep and/or narrow, with granite “steps” that can become very slick when wet. Due to rain, we chose to turn back a little past Marmot Meadows.

I went down to actual glacier and that was way worth the short hike!

19 days ago

Easy trail to follow to the Glacier. A few spots could be slippery if wet, but we hiked the trail on a sunny day. Wish they allowed dogs, but we will definitely hike this trail and the longer 8 mile trail again.

23 days ago

The colors in the glacier cave are amazing. You’re not *supposed* to go inside, but it’s incredible seeing the holes in the roof.

Snow started at Marmot meadow (May 27th, 2018). It was easily manageable and never felt unsafe. I only went to top of cliffs, but was a nice easy hike out and back. I could see it being hard with the wrong foot wear (which seemed to be part of the fashion trend due to this being so accessible).

28 days ago

Was a good trail to hike, has a multitude of differ t areas to hike. The glacier right now was still pretty covered in snow, but that nice blue color was sticking out

29 days ago

Easy hike to take mom and dad or grandma and grandpa. But they do have a no pet rule, which is a bummer.

saw a bear in trees across from exit glacier view point. made it to meadows on harding ice field, but pouring rain was deteriorating snow and making conditions icy. snow up to waist in some areas.

Great trail to get a workout on

The view is phenomenal. Hike is hard, so it'd be better if one is physically active.
Carry good amount of food and water and avoid hiking in rain if you don't have proper supplies.

Astounding views

6 months ago

Wonderful trail with great views. a little bear activity on the trail but no issues. This is a must do if you are in the area.

7 months ago

We had done this in 2015 July and this remains the most beautiful hike I have done till date. It's tiring but the views are breathtaking!

8 months ago

Great day trip. Nothing but steep incline so have your legs rested and ready. Well maintained until you get past Marmot Meadows, then the snow makes it a little difficult to stay on the trail. Well worth the effort to go all the way up, the view from the end of the trail over the ice fields is spectacular. Just keep pushing!

8 months ago

Amazing. Thankfully had good weather, cold but that’s expected. Pretty tough hike but so beautiful and totally worth it.

8 months ago

Great trail system. Paved most of the way to the head of the glacier, but then becomes rock hiking on large black boulders which can be slick when wet. Unless you hike the quarter mile or so to the toe of the glacier (which can only be done in dry conditions so you don't sink into mud and freezing glacial runoff), you won't get to see the glacier up close. The signs displaying the years indicating where the glacier was, will show that in 2005 and 2010, it was much closer to the trail than it is now. At the end of the trail, I still had to use my camera zoom to get a decent picture. Binoculars will help you appreciate the beauty and power of Exit Glacier, as well as ponder our future as stewards of nature.

Beautiful hike with varied topography and views. Starts out quite steep with switchbacks among the trees. Plateau's at marmot meadows which put me in mind of the Shire in the Hobbit :) Sadly we didn't see any marmots (or hobbits). This place is a great place to eat lunch, take pictures of the glacier and surrounding mountains, or turn around. In fact, the view of the glacier from here is the closest you will get for the rest of the hike. It also gets more steep after this, so be prepared for gusty wind, rocky trails, and no tree cover from here on out. Beyond the meadows, you climb to the alpine zone where all vegetation disappears. Along the way you get great views of the whole glacial valley, cross a few streams, and even see a black bear high on the mountain above you eating berries if you're lucky. Bring binoculars! In the alpine zone, the trail becomes harder to follow since it's basically just rocks. The little orange flags that are supposed to mark the trail have been blown over or buried, so it was anyone's guess where the trail was. Other hiking groups would wander a different way and when they found an orange flag or a flattened section that could be a trail, they would shout out and let the others know. Near the top, there is a wooden emergency shelter that is basically the size of a large outhouse with no amenities in it. But in an emergency, this little shelter would save a life. The end of the trail is about a mile or so from the shelter. There is no official trail sign and there are many social paths near the summit where people are free to take pictures or look over the edge to the glacier below. The icefield stretches ahead of you and is a beauty to behold. This is another instance where you'd need your binoculars because viewing the cracks/crevices of the glacier and icefield are very cool when viewed up close where you can see the blue streaks. Note that the summit is far above Exit Glacier, and it is rocky with a few cliffs in order to actually climb down to the glacier itself. It's likely possible but I would never attempt it, not to mention that it's off-trail and not allowed. Finally, take care while hiking on any steep section of alpine rocks (I believe they are shale or slate) as they are not held into place and easily slide beneath your feet. Overall, wonderful hike and recommended to people who have the whole day to spend and who are in good physical condition. Turning around at Marmot Meadows is another option and would make for just as great of a hike :)

This was a beautiful but challenging hike. I was the first one on the trail in the morning so on the way up I had it all to myself, however on the way back down many tired faces asked how much longer. Worth the incline.

8 months ago

Excellwnt view yet very windy and cold. Worth every minute.

Took us 4h 40mins. Stopped to eat and take photos. Super beautiful. We had bad visibility however still worth the hike!

Absolutely gorgeous and definitely one of my favorite hiking trails so far. We started early in the morning trying to beat the crowd. The first 1/3 was straight uphill and be prepared. We saw a black bear in distance when we passed the mammoth meadow, which added some spice to our hiking experiense. We stopped many times on the trail for pictures and hang out at the summit for about 15 min. We, as medium-experienced hikers, finished it within 6 hrs.

Absolutely stunning views on the way up and down. Unfortunately it was cloudy at the top but still worth the hike. A must do if your in the area.

Very touristy but great view of Exit Glacier.

Easily my favorite hike so far. Absolutely incredible views on the way up of Exit Glacier, and the ice field is quite the reward for getting to the top.

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