Near Seward on the Kenai Peninsula, this park protects the Harding Icefield and at least 38 glaciers and fjords stemming from it. The only area accessible by road is Exit Glacier, while the rest is viewed by boat tours.

Moderately challenging hike, but pretty well built and busy. The scenery is incredibly stunning and the glacier is something else. Very simple to get to, especially from Seward. This hike is a MUST if in the area!

Slick view of the Icefield & glacier & cool little shack at the top. The one time I did it, clouds rolled in so x-nay on the photo-ops. Will be attempting again. The view on a sunny day is supposed to be redonkulous (epic, supremely worthy, etc.)

Great views all the way up! Hurry and see it before it's gone

i love this hike... super easy super worth it!!

Hiked up to the ice field. It was beautiful and hard! Coming back down was also hard. It rained a bit and the rock stairs were slippery.

6 months ago

Ice as far as the eye can see from the top. Hiking season is short perhaps June to September. Technically climbing can extend this season.

Depressing to see the glacier shrinking so quickly.

I think the Exit Glacier trail and Harding Ice Field trail should not be lumped together. The trail to the base of the Exit Glacier is very easy. A stroll any person can do. The Harding Ice Field which starts after that is a different story. I would say it is moderate to difficult depending on your fitness level. It took us 7hrs including the hour up at the top taking in the amazing view. We saw mountain goats on the side of the mountain near the top which was cool. Layers is a must. On a 58 deg day we stripped down to our T-Shirts while hiking up but needed to put everything back on at the top and I was comfortable wearing it back down. If I ever make it back to this area I would definitely do it again.

Amazing views of the glacier. This should not be rated as easy. It's is moderate to difficult. It is steep with a lot of foot work. Well worth the work for the views. Wear layers. Very cold on the summit.

7 months ago

This was one of my favorite hikes. It was very exhausting but so rewarding. He hiked through woods with salmon berries lining the trail, through a meadow with beautiful views, and through snow to arrive at the ice field. Amazing! There was a lot of traffic on this trail (early August) as it happened to be an exceptionally nice day without rain.

We hiked to the the Harding Icefields and it was great! Rained the whole way and was foggy most of the way up, but cleared heading down and had amazing views!! It was a moderate 4 miles up, but definitely doable for all ages. (Took us right at 4 hours plus a stop to eat a sandwich in the cabin on the summit) Loved it even despite the rain and all the people.
Ps- it was raining and was COLD at the top! I'd recommend bringing some gloves for the last 3rd of the hike if you get cold and/or it's wet.