Near Seward on the Kenai Peninsula, this park protects the Harding Icefield and at least 38 glaciers and fjords stemming from it. The only area accessible by road is Exit Glacier, while the rest is viewed by boat tours.

5 days ago

Spectacular hike! Breathtaking views all along the hike. The mileage and elevation gain written here is incorrect. The trail map is incorrect too. The trail stops about 0.2 mi after the emergency shelter. It is 8.8 miles and ~3200ft of elevation gain (including part of the nature walk which is 0.3mi one way). Actual map and mileage from NPS website:

Nice family friendly walk that gives a view on the toe of the glacier

One of my top 5!

on Exit Glacier Trail

7 days ago

13 days ago

Amazing hike ! Different landscapes as we go up and the view at the top is breathtaking. A must for one day hike

Took approx 5 hr 15 min round trip while stopping for pictures and food. Great views from the top!

A wonderfully maintained trail awaits the experienced hiker on this route. The views only get better as you go up, and definitely keep going past Marmot Meadows. Take pictures both up and down, as you never know when the clouds and rain will roll in. Mountain goats near the peak, marmots past the meadow. A good hike all around.

On the day that we went, we experienced all kinds of weather during the hike. It started out mostly sunny, then clouds rolled in and we had a bit of drizzle at the lower elevations, then sideways sleet in the higher elevation and heavy fog. The Gulf can bring in any kind of weather so I do recommend wearing layered clothing. If it is warm you will need a lot of water and you should drink it to prevent leg cramping. All of us agreed that we were most "sore" coming down as those toenails pressed into our hiking boots. I also suggest a change of socks since you may have to jump over a few small creeks or navigate over some snow and your feet may get wet. It is easy to become disoriented when the fog rolls in and fewer people are on the higher elevations. See my pictures to get an idea of what I mean. It will take the better part of the day to do this hike, but it is so worth it!

Short and informative hike up to exit glacier. The date markers show where the glacier use to be :(.

1 month ago

This trail was wonderful! Amazing views, wildlife, and cool weather (cooler than Texas, so we were thrilled). The Glacier and river are gorgeous.