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Beyond the foothills at Anchorage's edge lies the third largest state park in America - a half-million acres of some of the most accessible hiking, skiing, camping, wildlife viewing, snowmachining, rafting, and climbing in Alaska. Those of us lucky enough to live here feel the influence of Chugach State Park almost daily.

Even though the forecast called for rain, it was still breath taking. The clouds just kept rolling along. We had sun until we got above the tree line. Coming down we were just walking thru the clouds, and you couldn’t see any surrounding mountains. It was beautiful regardless. Such a great hike!

Steep hike but worth it.

Fun hike. Bring bear protection as the first few miles are have thick vegetation in bear country.

This is rated "Hard" for a reason. It's hard! Make sure you fuel and hydrate for it, take a snack, and pack layers. The trail back down is almost as tough as the hike up, but the view from the top, and along the way, is worth it. Definitely not for novices or the unprepared.

Very easy trail. Glacier has receded quite a bit but you can hike on the rocks to get a bit further back and less people are there. Otherwise a lot of people on the trail.

2 days ago

First time on 6/20/18 and it was beyond beautiful. So appreciate the info of going right at the fork to do the scramble up and took the easy pease trail back down. Will most definitely do this again!

Hiked up to glacier and it was great. We went the lower trail(stay left) and came back down via the upper trail. Make sure you come prepared with the right gear(rain and cold weather) and bring a can of bear spray. We saw one black bear across the river and Dall sheep. Still a lot of snow up by the cabin and on the upper trail. I’d recommend trekking poles if traversing the upper trail.
Great hike!

2 days ago

I have to say hiking this trail is quite a challenge for me. It took me 1-hr to get from the trail head to the first bench, and another 45-min to get to the 2nd bench. I’m not in a great shape and not as young so my heart is not as strong as it used to be. The trail is mostly uphill. The good thing about that is you get to go downhill on the way back. I love the view from the first bench. There is no lake view at the 2nd bench. You’d have to hike higher up past the 2nd bench to see the view. I gave up at the 2nd bench, couldn’t go any further, but was told the view up top is very beautiful. There were a lot of mosquitoes along the trail and they didn’t care about the 40% deet I sprayed on my whole body from head to toe multiple times, they still hover around me the whole way. The second I stop moving, they’d eat me alive.

3 days ago

If you want a challenge right away, take the right fork! It is NOT moderate hike but if you prefer to do the moderate version, take the left fork. We took the right fork and came back down on the left which felt a well-deserved hike. The view on summit is rewarding, I promise you that! The trail is very muddy and wet on some parts from left fork due to snow melting. But the right? Very dry. It is moderately trafficked and trail is free of litter (yay) no designated parking, just park behind another car.

It’s only the last ⅓ that is hard. Otherwise it’s pretty easy. Making it to the top rewards you with a gorgeous view though.

3 days ago

Beautiful views, steep climb and windy though worth it!!

I did this in mid June, no snow shoes. Started out in shorts, bundled up before reaching the glacier, as the temperature dropped about 30°. Extremely windy and cold at the top, rainy at the bottom. I took the high trail and it was very steep and quite terrifying; easy to slip on the rocks or snow patches. Next time I will take the lower trail. Coming back was much easier, saw the gold mine ruins.

Always a challenge but totally worth it

Very hard and very windy

Super duper worth it! My boyfriend and I are not experienced hikers at all... so we took plenty of breaks along the way :) but it’s so beautiful! I love Alaska!

5 days ago

Very nice and easy trail. Great views of the surrounding mountains and of eagle river.

5 days ago

The perfect challenge! Trekking poles made it easier both going up and coming down. It was very windy at the top, so consider this when deciding to hike. Enough people that I didn’t feel too wary of bears. I’ll do this one again for certain.

So fun! Be prepared to scramble up some rocks towards the top. Very crowded the day we went.

Very easy, no climb. Beautiful scenery. A nice walk, I’d take visitors or folks not used to vigorous hikes for sure.

6 days ago

Legs are on fire, wonderful hike. We were not able to reach the top because of high wind.

Saw a black bear about 100 yards from the entrance on my way out today. Saw it twice...or it might have been two different bears. Not especially curious but not especially frightened of me. Walk itself is muddy and buggy but easy and beautiful. Couldn’t get to the falls because of private property. But a good trail.

Great trail for the whole family. Very scenic and long enough to feel like you've gotten in a good amount of activity. Take a small snack to chow while enjoying the lake before turning back toward the trailhead. Can be a bit windy at the lake so bring sleeves if you plan to take in the scenery. On the right day you will see sheep toward the lake. Moose are often nearby. We love this trail!

Started at Alyeska side. Still too early in the season...had to turn around at the pass due to all the snow. Perhaps with snow shoes, but it was too soft to support my pack and weight and I kept falling through. Snow patches leading up to the pass were compact and walkable, but made the trail difficult to find at times.

Still a lot of snow. Path was difficult to find at times, but was able to make it to the hut and back. The pass is a snow field and probably won't be passable for another month without snow shoes.

BEAUTIFUL! One of my first Anchorage experiences...

Recommend being prepared for ground conditions though, to feel a little less nervous about the climb up. :D

Love this trail all year round! So much to do and see.

9 days ago

Great hike. The right fork is a bit more steep but I enjoyed going up that way and taking the left fork down by the abandoned house and pond. Lots of dogs and people on the trail.

It was a good hike, although lake was still frozen.

11 days ago

Early morning hike was beautiful and challenging. If you are looking for a challenging hike that doesn't require any special equipment this is great. Bring water and good shoes. I imagine the view is spectacular but for me it was a very cloudy climb. Still ominous and exciting though.

Don't give up,,good leg work out

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