The Dry Tortugas on the west end of the Florida Keys are the site of Fort Jefferson, the largest masonry structure in the Western Hemisphere. With most of the park being water, it is the home of coral reefs and shipwrecks and is only accessible by plane or boat.

2 months ago

This is one of the most gorgeous places we've ever been to... an absolutely pristine key surrounded by vibrant aqua water, featuring the largest work of masonry in the western hemisphere, which is loaded with historical importance. This place is truly a unique gem of the NPS.

My wife and I visited in February 2018. The weather was perfect, and we were glad to see that the westernmost reaches of the Florida Keys experienced minimal damage from the 2017 hurricane, including Key West and Dry Tortugas.

I snorkeled some while we were there, but quickly realized that there was actually more marine life to see just walking the moat.

My recommendation would be this: if you go, camp. Definitely camp. Very few people do, so it's possible that you'd have the park to yourself once the ferry leaves around 4:00. Though the abandoned civil war prison cells might be a bit eerie at night, I would imagine that the stars and ocean soundtrack would make it worthwhile.

I can't recommend this park enough.

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