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Loved it..

Sunday in June it was hot and buggy but I would do it again. Lots of water needed. First hike in weeks that I got no ticks. I started at lower trail head and it took almost 3 hours and I usually would do that many miles in 2 hours.

Great trail! My wife and I did it yesterday! Clocks in closer to 7 miles, (6.8)! Great elevation changes! Bring plenty of bug spray and water! Probably a little harder than moderate! Get out there and go for it!

Great trail. We rode from Dunedin to Clearwater to grab some Italian. Nice easy ride.

trail running
5 days ago

Excellent little park which is well-maintained. There are several marked trails as well as side trails which keep things interesting for multiple visits. The main Red trail is roughly 75% under shade trees and 25% in the open. The Blue trails are bypasses from the Red trail which keep one under shade and away from the lakeshore; definitely recommended as I’ve encountered a variety of snakes while running closer to the lake. All in all a great park!

7 days ago

So I went on the main trail for about a mile. Then I came to the Florida trail and went left; West. It was very nice for 2.8 miles. Went through some soggy land lotta cabbage palms in Oaks. And some very open Palmetto scrub. You could see were fires had come through. Then I took the blue trail because that says it took me to the trailhead. And actually takes you to the road. The main road. I’m not much of a road walker and it was 2 miles back to the car. But it was very nice. Got to see the lake on one side and the swamp on the other side. Next time I will go either East on the Florida trail portion, or dog like Back or the Blue portion starts. It was worth it to do once. Because for a road walk it was pretty darn nice. I heard something crashing through the words; probably a deer. But I was not quick enough to see it. Lotta frogs. Oh and I did see a hawk when I was walking on the road. Maybe heard some alligators to I’m not sure. I was on the Branch house road or something like that. Didn’t see another person. The way I like it!

nature trips
7 days ago

This was one of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done

Fun trail lots to see.

For South Florida primative camping, very nice place.

10 days ago

Nice trail and it offers some views of the river. It’s rather short, but well marked.

A good challenge! A little narrow in some spots! Definitely some climbing/scrambling! Great view of the river from the bluffs!

10 days ago

It is pretty ... but the waterfalls are all fake and there aren’t enough trails for walking. Great for kayaking, tubing and swimming, but not for walking.

mountain biking
10 days ago

My favorite mtn bike trail around, especially because you can find yourself doing a series of trails, and choose to either start and finish each at the trailhead, or do one loooong trail hike.

I like the trailhead w new restrooms, covered picnic tables and bike wash. This allows me to take a break and relax a bit before tackling the next trail.

trail designed w every mtn biker out there in mind.

You will find everything here. I usually start my ride here to get the blood flowing.

mountain biking
10 days ago

This is a mtn hiking trail for sure.

The first portion is a set of twists and turns on the flat and sandy trail. Then, as you enter the forest, it’s all up and down, as the name implies.

There’s a couple of trails branching off of rollercoaster that are more technical but basically steep climbs w little or no room for footing. Make it or fall!

I love the Snake Drop with its 3 levels landing options. Then it’s off to more twisty trails before you get back to the trailhead.

mountain biking
10 days ago

First half is relatively easy w some roots and a few 9-15 inch drops. Connects to Shelly’s loop, a single black diamond which I also recommend after you’ve gained experience.
Trail end meets the multipurpose but in about 100 ft gets back to being a trail. This second half is more technical w climbs, drops, and a series of technical drops that seems to be about 8 ft tall.

A nice challenge.

off road driving
11 days ago

Explore Moro of this Park yesterday!! Had a blast!!!

Great example of North Florida. Ravines, wetlands and hardwood uplands. Considerable elevation changes. Lots of spiders as expected in early summer. Never saw another person; fantastic solitude. Looking forward to hiking next Fall and winter.

Great running trail!

mountain biking
12 days ago

Super nice trail. Very well marked. At least 1/2 is single track. We did the trail plus the lake loop depicted here and then headed east and exited on the 395. Pretty flat trails but some slight up/ down. A lot of sand! (Fat tires could be a benefit). Hint: watercolor off 395 has some nice tensed trails and bridges, with good scenery.

I was the last week end and I think is so beautiful and good place for make off road driving. I was scared of take the ways off road because I was alone with my two guys and now with the rains it’s a lot of mud and pretty flooded. I’m thinking in go again for know better the place when find some friends with 4x4.

Really shows you what a wild Florida looks like. The rapids make for some great photography and as you make your way through the trail you really do feel one with nature, especially to be so close to home.

Parking is a little beyond where the "start" location is. Grab a map at the entrance; some of the trails might be flooded but there's plenty to explore as a detour.

15 days ago

Sometimes this trail has very thick grass and it is difficult to walk or ride a bicycle through. Not really that much wildlife either ... good for a walk but that is about it.

This is a beautiful spot where you can do either casual walking in the lower ravine or around the rim or more vigorous hiking along the trail in the ravine. When the azaleas bloom the whole place is covered in pink, red, and white flowers. There are many birds and butterflies that call this area home or migrate through. Parts of it feel almost other-worldly and in slower seasons it is a very peaceful retreat from busy life.

Very nice place for hiking.

paddle sports
16 days ago

Beautiful place to go diving, and take photos. At first the water is dirty but the closer you get to the spring the water gets crystal clear

20 days ago

Very nice hike, probably about as good as you can get in Florida.

Tried to get to the trail but it is located in a gated community. Guard new NOTHING of it, wouldn’t let me in.

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