A ravine was created over thousands of years by water flowing from the sandy ridges on the shore of the St. Johns River. In 1933, this ravine was transformed into a dramatic garden by the federal Works Progress Administration. Much of the original landscaping still exists as formal gardens and an extensive trail system. A 1.8-mile paved road winds around the ravine, offering motorists and bicyclists a view of the gardens. The Ravine Loop is closed to vehicle traffic one hour before sunset, but remains open for pedestrians, bicycles, and wheelchairs. The garden's peak flowering period is azalea season, late January to April. Numerous picnic sites, equipped with tables and grills, are available to visitors. The Roy E. Campbell Civic Center complex features a large covered pavilion, auditorium, and meeting rooms that are available for rent. Located in Palatka at 1600 Twigg Street.

This is a beautiful spot where you can do either casual walking in the lower ravine or around the rim or more vigorous hiking along the trail in the ravine. When the azaleas bloom the whole place is covered in pink, red, and white flowers. There are many birds and butterflies that call this area home or migrate through. Parts of it feel almost other-worldly and in slower seasons it is a very peaceful retreat from busy life.

The trail was very enjoyable going up and down the ravines. It's definitely one of Florida hilliest trail.

Beautiful hike, perfect weather and it was the 22nd annual Azalea bloom today. Just gorgeous.

Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking and relaxing. I felt like I was in a secret garden.

Awesome little hike on our way to St Augustine!

Very nice trail although the spring trail is mostly closed down to ongoing hurricane repair. I will be back :)

Personally I thought the Azalea Trail was easy and when I got to the end me and my dogs turned around and hiked it in reverse. There was a LARGE downed tree trunk along the trail that me and the dogs had to climb over. Luckily my dogs were nimble enough to leap up onto the trunk then over. Also one young park ranger suggested looking over my dogs for ticks and sure enough I spotted one under my black dog's collar. I hope that was the only one. I thought it was fun to climb the stairs and traverse the walking bridges. Wish it wasnt so HOT in December though. Bet the Azalea Trail is beautiful when the Azaleas are blooming !

We had a great time. There were two trails that we walked. It was beautiful. We can't wait to go back in spring to see the azaleas.

Glad to live not far from this place so I hike it often. Azaleas will be blooming in April so the Azalea Trail always looks lovely around then. Watch out for roots and some narrow areas on both the Azalea and Springs Trail.

10 months ago

Not easy as stated but well worth it. Part of Springtrail is blocked off. From the official trail map: both the springs and azalea trails are considered difficult with the azalea the more difficult. Please pre-prepared to scramble over roots, climb over remnants of historic stone stairs and Traverse narrow steep wet areas. They are not kidding! But it is well worth it. Real work out for your ankles and knees I'll tell you. No azaleas in July well none flowering. But lots of ferns

11 months ago

Often active with visitors. Not too long to get into and out of. The winding roads and trails serve a fine escape. Biggest issue is vehicles. The park is not that large and vehicles are an issue for hikers on the road.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

This whole park is awesome, I love anything in Florida that isn't just mostly flat trail. The Azalea Trail takes you all over the ravine, across a suspension bridge or two and up and down several sets of stone (and other) steps. There's also a scenic driving route around the outside of the ravine, which you can drive straight through or stop off at the overlooks or picnic areas to hang out.

Like the other reviewer, I was here on a weekend and yeah, no. Lightly trafficked is not how I would describe it. Apart from the sections of trail where there was all sun but zero breeze (which isn't the trail's fault, tbh) the worst part about this trail was people everywhere, all the time. Children screaming in the near distance. Music blaring from people's cars and phones. If you're looking to commune with nature, while this trail is beautiful, this is not the place for that.

Still, it would make a great family trip and overall I had a great time :)

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The bridges are cool, and there is some decent terrain for Florida. I wouldn't consider it "lightly" trafficked, although we did come on Saturday.

Friday, July 01, 2016

One of the most beautiful trail settings in FL, easy, and 2 very cool suspension bridges

Saturday, April 04, 2015

One of the best trails I've hiked, only wish it was longer. Great terrain, wildlife and a suspension bridge!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Easy hike when in Palatka area

Sunday, May 28, 2017

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