This was not an easy walk. It would have been if the path was clear but we were constantly climbing over or under fallen trees. Vines covered the path making passage difficult and tripping us at times. The path was marked by pink ribbons which was great otherwise we would have not known exactly where to go for much of the way. At times we had to use our hands to keep balance and climb. But apart from it not being easy it was a picturesque walk and the wreck, although small, was interesting.

Nice easy walk

25 days ago

The track was incredibly overgrown with weeds and there were what appeared to be pig diggings everywhere! On the plus side, I didn’t pass any other hikers so it’s nice and quiet. The view of the dam at the top is obstructed.

I have done this track a few times. It was my first solo hike and have taken my hiking group on it. It is a moderate level due to hills and length but is very enjoyable and the view of Somerset and Wivenhoe at the halfway mark is awesome!

Really enjoyed and very quite. But my Garmin said 14 k

Really beautiful and moderately easy hike. Lots of different sections and styles of forests. Slopes are not very steep and don’t last long, however watch out for mud patches!

Beautiful walk, and an easy trail. You'll end up at a great rocky outlook.

very easy track. id say perfect for beginners.

on Honey Track

9 months ago

Friday, April 14, 2017