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Acadia National Park attracts more than two million visitors each year. With many different facilities and attractions in the park, there is something to interest everyone. Hiking, and Mountain Biking are among the most popular activities in Acadia National Park. There are freshwater, estuary, forest, and intertidal habitats.

This was a very interesting hike and was a great introduction to Acadia. We did it in late October which meant no crowds (we saw maybe 3-4 other small groups total), but the Jordan Pond House was just closed, so we weren't able to get afternoon tea or a famed popover. Also the hike was very cold and windy at this time of year (we were thankful to have brought hats and gloves).

The trail begins at the boat launch. You can go either direction, but counterclockwise (ending at the Jordan Pond House) was recommended to us and we were glad we did.

The trail has maybe 4 distinct sections. The first (longest) is on a forest floor along the pond. Here you get to cross a wooden bridge too. The second is a boulder section (pretty easy - no hiking poles needed), the third is along a boardwalk, and the last is over a stone bridge through a grassy area in front of the Pond House.

Our favorite section was the board walk. It wove through birch trees and misc conifers (and we were greeted at the start of the section by a super photogenic red squirrel). The root systems here were just incredible.

As a side note, we took a detour on this trip and did the hike up to bubble rock. The bouldering in this is very challenging, complete with an iron ring hoisting section. We didn't make it past the iron rings to the rock itself. However we made it to the vista point. This portion was a workout, should not be taken lightly, and hiking poles are highly encouraged. If you choose to do this, follow the blue markers and know that it gets progressively more challenging up to the top.

23 hours ago

We did this hike in late October at sunrise and saw no one else on the trail. There was one other person on Sand Beach at the start of it, but overall it was very peaceful.

There are two ways to a access this trail. One is by a parking lot at the trailhead. The other is as shown in this app crossing the beach at the start, which is the one we did. To get to this trailhead, park at the beach parking lot, cross the beach itself and look to the tree line towards the east. Be careful not to go at high tide or you will get your feet wet at the trailhead.

This trail involves somewhat challenging bouldering and is complete with a section that has an iron rung to hoist yourself up. Wear sturdy shoes. We brought hiking poles and were very thankful that we did.

The trail rounds the peninsula, but great head will be labeled with a post, so you can't miss it. Some people said it wasn't well labeled, but if you focus on the blue markers you'll be fine. The blue markers show you the whole way.

There are many beautiful vistas at the top, making this well worth the effort. Sunrise was doubly beautiful.

Nice view of the water but the Trail is short. You can blaze your own and get pretty deep in the woods. Just keep the buoy chime on your left and you can make your way back to the parking lot.

Great views!

Great trail and stunning views. This trail isn't too long and gives you plenty of time to fit in other activities within the park in the same day. The trail is well marked but can be a little crowded during the high tourist season. Despite that, it was still very enjoyable and a great hike!

2 days ago

This was a phenomenal trek which includes rocky cliff switchbacks and a few vertical climbs. Once above tree line there are several false summits but the views are stunning and keep you engaged and motivated to summit. Sunblock is highly recommended and scrambling up the vertical cliffs always felt safe...there are even a few spots with some wood railings for added safety but does not take away from the being in nature feeling. Another great thing about this trail was that despite being late September, we only saw a few other couples...a great hike to challenge you physically, mentally and dodge the touristy areas.

Beautiful and tranquil. This trail is accessible to just about every age and fitness level. We hiked around the pond after coming down from Penobscot which was a great way for us to cool down! We enjoyed the post Labor Day season as there were a lot less people on this trail despite the park being pretty busy still. Highly recommend to be awed and humbled by Mother Nature.

We started at top of Cadillac Mountain and descended almost all the way to Bubble Pond, but turned around before we reached the very bottom because my dog was with us and that last stretch is not dog friendly. Challenging on the knees on the descent. The ascent is much easier. Beautiful views and a technically interesting trail. Really a fun one.

Would be a great hike in clear weather. The descent was challenging and slippery after a rainfall.

7 days ago

It's ok. Good hike no reason bring your dog they can't swim.

7 days ago

Gorgeous walk but not a hike!

We started this trail from jordon pond trail enterance not from the road Get ready to rock scramble! Almost all the way to the top! Challenging as in tiring but quickly you ascent to the point wear your either gonna finish or go back down, you have to maneuver yourself through a crevice and from there a quick 5 minute climb and you e reached the top :) we took bubbles divide back down which is just climbing down rocks back to jordon pond trail a fun little hike for all ages! I met an older lady at the top! She was inspiring

Easy scenic walk around the pond favorite part is walking on the boards where there trying to conserve the eco system! Adds a little adventure to the trip :) if your not afraid of heights take bubble mountain summit trail up the bubble mountain and come back down the bubble divide it leads you right back to this trail it's intimidating at first glance because you have to squeeze through and up a tiny gap but once your up it's easy peasy!

If you want to get the good views without the hassle of traffic take this trail, it's mostly a stone trail song park loop road with areas that cut out to the cliff ledges where you can explore, easy trail to walk

Follow j Libby review and you will be amazed! Make certain to go at low tide! Easy in and out entrance on the left of the sea cave if your standing on top of it! It's a shame this isn't more accessible because of its inner beauty! It's slick there because the rocks are constantly wet! So be careful and enjoy that view! I'll leave the picture in the review!

Be prepared to climb! This trail was fun and worth the climb but there are a ton of steps! Rock steps of various heights, the 3 ladder sections on this hike a baby could do, this is not a hard hike just time consuming, took about an hour went up ladder and down door summit, once you think your don't climbing to the top you come to a steeper rock slick follow the cairns there helpful! The day we went was super foggy so we were glad they were there to help guide us in the right direction! Coming down was a bit harder due to it being wet and slick but very doable! Enjoy!

This trail is a must do! I have a little fear of heights and was able to complete with no issues! It's not a hard climb, never ran out of breath there are many areas where you can sit, relax and take in the views! Highly recommend this even if your questioning it, you won't regret it! There are many different trails to go back down on as well. If you don't think you can do it you can always reach beehive summit from the other trail going to the bowl and up from there, super easy! :) enjoy!