Sebago Lake State Park opened to the public in 1938 as one of the five original state parks. This forested lakeside park is situated on the shore of Maine's deepest and second largest lake which provides year-round recreation for thousands of visitors each year. Near the foothills of the While Mountains, the park's 1,400 acres features sandy beaches, extensive woodlands, ponds, bogs a river and diverse habitat for a wide variety of plant and animal life. Swimming, sport fishing, camping and boating are some of the summer activities enjoyed by visitors. The park's 250-site campground is a popular destination for family vacationers and provides lasting memories season after season. Wooded areas offer a respite from the sun and activity on the beaches. Whether hiking on marked trails or bicycling on park roads, visitors find many way to enjoy the park. Carved by ancient rivers and scoured by Ice Age glaciers, Sebago Lake fills a basin made of granite that has been weathered for millions of year. Thanks to those glaciers, visitors today an enjoy an array of water sports on Maine's 45 square mile lake.

There is nowhere on this mountain that states "no dogs". There is even a sign that states "please clean up after yourself and your pets". Just so you guys know! :) lovely hike, one of my favorites.

First hike up here with the family tribe... up the orange trail to the stone tower, then down opposite side following the yellow trail. Beautiful views of Sebago lake and distant surrounding mountains.

If you want more time in the woods and to extend it out, can easily double back down the orange trail.

Not bad

Just want to let people know that dogs are not allowed on this trail. The Maine trail site and the Town of Sebago site both show it as no pets.

I took my great niece and nephew here for one of their first hikes. They loved it. The trail is somewhat steep, which made us all sweat during the hike up, but it's short enough that it was just the right distance for small kids. They really enjoyed the stone tower at the top where we could see for miles and miles, looking at all of the surrounding lakes and mountains. We took the ledges trail on the way down; it's short and easy with a few steep spots.

5 months ago

My family has a lake house on Sebago that we frequent in the summers. I found this trail and we took the the dogs after breakfast on a not so great beach day. It was a perfect activity to get up and move for about an hour! And awesome view from the top of the stone tower at the summit! Also, it started to rain just as we started on the trail but we did not get wet at all because there was a full canopy the whole way to the top!

The trail was somewhat boring, but the view over lake Sebago was beautiful.

Gradual incline for the first mile with a steep incline for about 1/2 mile to the top. Great spot at the stone tower for views and pics!

When my wife, daughter and I arrived on 07/29/16 to walk the trail, we asked at the lodge's front desk for directions to the trailhead. We were immediately informed that the trails were on private property and for use by lodge guests only.

Having told them that we came across a description of the Migis Lodge trail on the "AllTrails" website, they informed us that the trail we were looking for "was on private property, for lodge guests only and not for use by the general public".

When we told them that the AllTrails website never mentioned that it was not for use by the general public, and that we had driven there in the hope that we would be able to walk the trail, they gave us permission to use the trail "just this once" and even provided us with a trail map.

After crossing the wooden bridge that was posted in a picture by Alan Bourne on the AllTrails website, we were convinced that the trail we were walking was the one we were looking for and the one posted on the website.

5 minutes after crossing the bridge, we came under attack of the most voracious biting insects (mosquitos and deer flies) one could imagine. We immediately reversed direction and ran back to the comfort and safety of our car.

What a horrible experience!


5 months ago

Great view from the top. A little buggy at times. So make sure to pack bug spray! It is definitely a nice, quick hike.

Awesome View From The Top

Nice trail, trail markers were a little confusing at times, but still made it to the top. Cool tower at the summit to get a better view.