Quoddy Head State Park encompasses 541 acres at the tip of America's easternmost peninsula, offering opportunities to visit an historic lighthouse, picnic and hike up to 5 miles of scenic trails. From the candy-striped West Quoddy Head Light, Maine's easternmost lighthouse, visitors can look out over Quoddy Channel (which divides the U.S. and Canada) to the towering red cliffs of Grand Manan Island in New Brunswick. Commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson, West Quoddy Head Light was first built in 1808. The present tower and house, which date back to 1858, were staffed by resident lightkeepers until 1988 when the U.S. Coast Guard automated the light. The Park affords some of Maine's best wildlife-watching. Visitors in summer may spot humpback, minke and finback whales offshore, along with rafts of eider, scoter and old squaw ducks. Kittiwakes, gannets, black-bellied plovers, ruddy turnstones and purple sandpipers all can be seen at times roosting on Sail Rock. During spring and fall migration periods, hundreds of shorebirds congregate near the Park's western boundary at Lubec Flats and Carrying Place Cove (named for a canoe portage site that Native Americans used). Birding opportunities continue into winter, with sea ducks, murres, and razorbills offshore and frequent bald eagles. An easy, one-mile round-trip walk leads to an unusual coastal plateau bog (also known as a heath) with sub-arctic and arctic plants rarely seen south of Canada. Shrubs predominate, particularly black crowberry, baked appleberry and Labrador tea, along with carnivorous plants such as pitcher plants and sundew. A second bog at the property's western boundary, Carrying Place Cove Bog, is a National Natural Landmark (http://www.nature.nps.gov/nnl/).

Spectacular views! Great family hike.

A beautiful lighthouse on the easternmost point in the United States. We were fortunate to visit on a sunny and clear summer day, with fantastic views of the Canadian islands of Campobello and Grand Manan. The state park has five miles of trails with diverse scenery (shoreline, woods and bogs). If you are running somewhat short on time after exploring the lighthouse area, be sure to at least take the path that begins beyond the flagpole. A quick walk to some stairs leads down to a wonderful rocky beach!

stayed at the West Quoddy Head Station (retired Coast Guard station) and hiked it all. so beautiful and peaceful. Sunrise is awesome. when you go say hi the Bill the owner

Absolutely incredible views! One of my favorite hikes to date. Pick a beautiful day and hopefully you will get the chance to see Campobello without the fog that typically rolls in between the mainland and the island. Lush moss growth surrounds you in this coastal dreamlike trail with several waterfalls and a mini "thunder hole" much like Acadia's. This gem can only be found if you hit it at the correct incoming tide.

Didn't get to spend as much time here as we would have liked. The walk along the water was spectacular. Will be planning a return trip sometime so we can hike more than the first section of trails.


Great trail, but the fog kept us away from the views.

Beautiful scenery. Make sure to check out the bog as well!

I always loved this trail! Having lived there for a bit, it brings back the good old days when my brother and I used to see Moose and bob cats there. Really a beautiful trail with much to see.

The sunrise was beautiful here. The trail was muddy in spots (I went in the fall) but a pretty easy hike and well worth getting my shoes dirty for this one.

One of the most beautiful trails we have been on. Magnificent scenery. Moderate difficulty. Can't wait to go back there again.

Quoddy Head State Park is located four miles off Maine Route 189 in Lubec, ME on the easternmost point of land in the United States. On its 532 acres, the park features 4.5 miles of hiking trails, extensive forests, two bogs, diverse habitat for rare plants, and the striking, red-and-white striped lighthouse tower of West Quoddy Head Light. With its diverse landscape, breathtaking views, I highly recommend Quoddy Head State Park.

Phenomenal hike, isolated from tourism, Cobscook but 20 minutes away, highly recommend this for all ages