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trail locations for Maine

Lovely little trek through the woods on a beautiful day. Very colorful, close to home and just long enough...

Half the trail is walking the perimeter of a hay field along mowed path and half through the woods along Chandlers Brook. Very dog friendly with several groups with dogs while I was here. Should be good for cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

took trail from northbrook to connect with libby hill trails. good 3 mile jaunt, next time should bring bike.

Excellent trail. Beautiful views. Did encounter one unleashed dog, all others were leashed per the rule.

3 days ago

Great trail. Well marked in most areas.

Fantastic. Beautiful views, just enough thrills, and effort needed.

Excellent trail! Remember to leash your dogs please!!

A nice simple hike with several options to the summit, depending on your mood and timeframe. And a lovely view at the top!

Good hike. Good view. Rattlesnake pool is recommended. Dog friendly.

At the fork, taking a right is the difficult trail, recommend this trail if an experienced hiker! Taking a left at the fork is the more moderate hike! Less rocky. Great view at the top! I recommend the left, more easy trail for dogs! And don't recommend this in the spring if you are not experienced. Lots of ice!

Diverse trail! Dog friendly! Summits at the pond! Great swimming!

Took the brook trail. Diverse trail. Great views. Swimming at the pond at the top is amazing. Dog friendly!

There are two trials up. One by the mail trail head sign. And one 100 ft farther up the road. I prefer the one farther up the road. It is an open hike (old four wheeling trail) about a third of the way. The second third is a trail through the woods and the last third is the steep rock to the summit. Great views. About 1/2 summit to explore. Dog friendly :)

Very diverse trails. Rocks, grass, sand, mud. Great hike, with a great view! Dog friendly!

The best 360° view of mountains I've ever seen. Dog friendly! Fire tower to climb at the top!

First hike up here with the family tribe... up the orange trail to the stone tower, then down opposite side following the yellow trail. Beautiful views of Sebago lake and distant surrounding mountains.

If you want more time in the woods and to extend it out, can easily double back down the orange trail.

Please be aware the out and back distance is 4 miles. However, please don't let the distance fool you as this is a steep climb with several rocks, but well worth the effort. We did this as a family hike and all were able to complete it. Our 9 year old made it with minimal complaining until the last 1/2 mile. Our one year old dog made it with no issues. I made it with my two year old on my back in his carrier. The views from the top are just simply amazing and well worth the hike!

Hiked this trail on our honeymoon in 2015. Very cool hike with great views.