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In the fall of 1883, three Canadian Pacific Railway construction workers stumbled across a cave containing hot springs on the eastern slopes of Alberta's Rocky Mountains. From that humble beginning was born Banff National Park, Canada's first national park and the world's third. Spanning 6,641 square kilometres (2,564 square miles) of valleys, mountains, glaciers, forests, meadows and rivers, Banff National Park is one of the world's premier destination spots.

Fantastic hike. Did it with our 10 year old daughter nov 26 in 1h 50m :) the million dollar views & gondola ride down was the perfect reward

Easy to medium hike but had to turn back because of bear tracks on the snow. Not expert to know when the bear past the area. Met only hand full of hikers.

It's beautiful at this time of the season. Will need spikes on the shoes and but depth of snow is increasing daily.
You will keep on stopping every few meters to take pictures. Very few hikers on the way when reaching the Tea house and above.
Must for those who are into taking scenery pictures.

At first doesn't seem too great because you are on a gravel path under power lines with the sounds of the Lafarge facility roaring away. After you pass a bench on a lookout and carry on into the canyon, it gets quiet and beautiful. Tons of spots for pictures, you walk along a rock bed. I went today with my boyfriend, the canyon isn't a wind blocker! After winding through the canyon you come across a waterfall, it was frozen on the outside with water rushing underneath. Carrying on to the left you get to a wide rock area with some shale hoodoos and one has a cave nestled in it. We climbed it, challenging scramble but worth it!! Thursday from 1pm-3:30pm, saw 2 other sets of people! Very beautiful views

Definitely easy for experienced hikers/walkers. But this must be rated from moderate to hard (summer or fall). Yesterday, Sunday 20 November 2016, couple of buddies went straight ahead to the summit, and I was so sore (my feet, legs, knees, shoulders, by just reaching as far as middle of the mountain trail to the summit. Didn't want to risk it, you know what will happen if you're going to be so sore up there { 8 to 12 below and windy (feels like 15 below)}. Don't skip your snack, my suggestion, take a bite every 1 to 1.5 hours and drink water (2 to 3 liters and/or bottle of energy drink), so when you hit the mountain trail head, you're full and hydrated still. We did it in about 8-9 hours. I'm sure you have good shoes still, trail crampons should work, but semi-rigid type is recommended (I have 12-point for general mountaineering) when there's snow, you may switch from using your boot/shoes to putting back your crampons on. Always bring your headlamps (with fresh or extra batteries) in the fall and winter, I did not bring mine, what was I was thinking, so I was walking down in between 2 buddies so I can see the trail in the creek bed. And I have some photos for you too. :-)

on Chester Lake Trail

11 days ago

Hiked this trail in August and it was wonderful. The views when the trail opens up at the top near the lake are unreal. Really popular, busy hiking trail with lots of people. The lake is a lovely place to sit and lounge and soak your feet in the sunshine. Would definitely do this again!

12 days ago

Easy hike with great views.

Easy hike with a few ups and downs. Covered in snow after the first 2 kms. Beautiful Quiet lake at the end.

18 days ago

A super easy and quick hike with truly amazing views. My boys (5 and 8) did this hike with no problems in about 1.5 hours (up and back down with a break at the top). There are a tonne of people so no need to worry about bears or cougars on this one! The kids and the dogs all had a great time, and the boys were super proud of themselves for summiting their first mountain.

19 days ago

Easy to do and lots of pretty sites to see. Took our two Bostons with us and they did really well. We started around 9 and saw only one person. Walked past the waterfall for a ways and then came back past the waterfall around 11:30, and it was quite crowded all the way back.

great easy morning walk. very nice view

Absolutely beautiful views, well worth it! You definitely want to access this via Exit 118 rather than via Canmore. It was VERY busy today, so perhaps going on a Stat Holiday wasn't our best decision. The first long stretch goes up, often quite steeply. Poles are definitely an asset. It was snowy, and quite icy in sections, so I was really glad I brought my YakTrax with me. Once I stopped and put them on it got much easier. The views are absolutely breathtaking. We did see some bears in the meadow, although they were too far away to discern what type. Once we got to the lake, we kept going to the Elephant Rocks, which was well worth it. We did attempt doing the loop, but the trail became too snowy after about a 1/2 hour, so we turned back. It took us a little over 5 hours (including time for a few snacks, and letting people pass us going the opposite way on the narrow parts of the trail). If you're hiking this in late fall/winter, I strongly suggest trekking poles and some sort of grips (ie. YakTrax). Also, allow more time to navigate icy areas.

Easy to do with the kids. Extremely easy and busy.

yep, moderate trail, (easy for experienced hikers), wide and well maintained trail up to the lower top of the mountain. restaurant food is good. washrooms are clean, crew was friendly. took us 2.5 hrs going up. yes, the use of the gondola going down , back to the parking lot was FREE (just get a starbucks coffee before you head out :-) ), it was around 3pm. you get in to the cable car, they take your group photo (well, at least you have your kid or bff with you).

Nice Hike to the summit of the Big Beehive. We did it from the Plain of the 6 Glaciers via the Highline Trail. Quite steep but worth it from the views you get at the top. Totally recommended hike. Make sure you go to the Hut/Shelter at the top for some great views of Lake Louise.