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on Lake of the Falls
2 days ago


Hiked the Lake of the Falls trail in August of 2016. This was my first backcountry trip ever, so don't have much to compare it too. The final destination was unreal. Beautiful lake in a majestic mountain valley. The trail itself is uphill most of the way and ended up as 18.8 km (each way) on my gps. It is not a simple hike by an means and has two really steep ascents between the lake of falls/landslide lake junction and the final destination. Do not underestimate this trail.

The trail after the junction is a bit washed out and difficult to navigate. Try and cross the creek to the right side (as you go to the lake of the falls) shortly after the junction so you can find the trail again. Otherwise you might end up bushwhacking for a while.

The fishing at the lake was good. We caught about 20 trout in a day using both spinners and flies.

I would definitely go back. Beautiful location.

on Vision Quest
2 days ago

Very steep climb! Incredible view

on Ptarmigan Cirque
2 days ago

Easy. Beautiful. Recommend this for beginners.

on Baldy Pass Trail
2 days ago


A decent climb, and great for a short outing, but a significant portion involves stumbling across loose rock and pebbles in what I imagine was once a riverbed. Although I would do the longer Baldy loop (the summit looks fun), I would pass on the Pass in future.

on Chester Lake Trail
2 days ago


So amazing I would definitely do this hike again! The trail levels out a lot so it's really not too hard.

on Johnston Canyon to Ink Po...
2 days ago


Gorgeous! We only went to the lower falls, but even that half-hour section was amazing. Most of the trail goes over catwalks built into the rock wall, which give you great views of the blue water down below. When you get to the lower falls, you climb through a little cave tunnel to get to a perch right next to the waterfall. So cool!! An easy but exciting and view-filled, family-friendly hike.

on Lake Agnes Trail
2 days ago


Gorgeous and so fun! The teahouse is so charming and surrounded by such beautiful scenery. Absolutely loved this one.

on Fullerton Loop Trail
3 days ago

I have done this several times. Very enjoyable.