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trail locations for Alberta, Canada

Lake Agnes is beautiful especially on a sunny day. Make sure to go to the little beehive on the way back down.

It's a grind, but the views are so worth it! Perfect early season hike.

this is my first hike ever with 4 buddies, well, i started mountain biking in 2013 and it helped me a lot. i recommend this trail to beginners a good start. but after the hike, every muscle i used during that hike was so sore for 3 days, didnt take meds for the pain :-), just fluids and protein to fastly heal it. i rate this as beginners' ish trail. 5 stars from me because it is between easy and advanced hike.

oh my, i rode mtbike (and i ride still at this very moment) a lot this summer that really helped me did the loop last Saturday 15Oct2016. Started at 1145a and came back down to the parking lot around 600p because i was slow. with my two buddies who took care almost every step i make especially on those dangerous parts up to that chain grab all the way to the summit. wow, was awesome but so nervous until i landed that trail down the hill. scary folks for beginners like me, not recommended. you need to be fit (if tired, take a rest, you need this), of course food and water, and focused whilst doing these top trails up to the summit but for intermediate plus hikers? oh yeah it is going to be fun and they know what to do. be careful up there! 4 stars from me, difficult.

Great place for taking the dog for a walk, going for a run or even just to get a great view of the city.

Love this place.

Very colorful walk in the fall

easy hike with a beautiful view

trail was snowy and icy towards the top.

Great trail - A bit steep on the mountain itself but pretty flat otherwise. Take the new trail down the middle marked with flagging tape to get the best views.

Great trail to spend the day enjoying and well worth taking the detour to the little beehive before looping back down to the lake.

6 days ago

nice spot

Great short trail, beautiful lake surrounding by mountains. Perfect for lunch.
Don't forget to go a little further to see the elephant rocks.

Really enjoyed the hike! Beautiful!