wild flowers

1 month ago

1 month ago

Great place for taking the dog for a walk, going for a run or even just to get a great view of the city.

This is a good family hike. But the first 1/2 of the hike is relatively "boring" as someone immaturely scratched on the signs. It is a wide, grass covered, well travelled path. But the rocky mountain range from all angles is truly breath taking.
We went on an overcast day thanksgiving weekend. I feel like end of May or beginning of June there would be more to look at with wild flowers.
Just past the 1/2 way mark the scenery changes to tall evergreens and the incline picks up a tad.
Once you reach the lake there is a boardwalk. My kids loved it and that is where things started to get fun for them and the complaining stopped!
The moss was a vibrant green. The path takes you upside the creek. Lots of opportunities for pictures.
We sat at the top and had lunch while a light sprinkle of snow fell on us. It was amazing!

I enjoyed this one a lot - such pretty habitat in full autumn splendour. A good moderate work out. There are mo water taps, so don't forget your bottle!

great scenery at the top overall good hike

Challenging for a Novice Hiker but well worth the effort. Beat the crowds by leaving early and if you're lucky you'll see a deer or two.

Not impressed

2 months ago

Karst Spring Trail. 10km return trip. Not exciting to start - you hike an old logging road for a few km through the Mt Shark trail system. Eventually arriving at Watridge Lake (turn left at the fork and go downhill to the lake) Mt Cone is across the lake to the right, Mt Shark behind you. A walk up Watridge Creek alongside boulders and driftwood covered in bright green moss, leads you to a roaring spring that bursts out of a rock face. It's a magical place, didn't feel like Alberta.

Very pretty landscape. Mountains, prairies, cattle, CP rail trains, River, trees, wild life… Pretty much everything Alberta has to offer all in one spot. Pathways are all gravel or paved so I would describe it as more of a walk than a hike.

3 months ago

A very accessible park that has some beautiful nature. Plenty of walking paths and separate off leash areas for dogs.

Completed this one August 20, 2016 some of the best 360 degree views in all of Alberta. The way up is quite the grind but well worth it! the We descended skiiers left of reads ridge on the way down and met up with the Sparrowhawk Tarns trail eventually, although I would not reccomend this route personally. All in all a great hike with some light scrambling and also a 10,240 foot summit is something to be proud of I'll definitely be back! :)

A decent hike that can get crowded so arrive early. Heavily treed for the first couple of km but stick with it as the views are awesome as you climb higher.

3 months ago

Great 3-4 hour round trip hike that delivers some spectacular views. Trail is very popular and parking is limited on weekends.

Nice hike. Steep for the first 3.5km, but you are rewarded with epic views. Heavily treed but the forest is quite pretty.