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Explore cinder cones and old lava flows from within Haleakala, possibly the largest dormant volcano on the planet. Formed by erosion rather than volcanic activity, the valley at the summit of Haleakala boasts much to marvel at and the packed cinder and soil underfoot makes for a relatively easy hike. Here you'll find the silversword, an endangered plant found nowhere else on Earth with an alien appearance that compounds the other-worldly appearance of this remote location. Ascending and looping up the mountain, the road to Haleakala National Park is equally spectacular, climbing through the clouds to the summit. Watch out for tour groups of cyclists on this road who freewheel down the mountain. These popular tours begin in the early hours of the morning so they can witness the sunrise over the island from the summit before they begin their two-wheeled kamikaze return back down the volcano.

We parked at the Halemau'u Trailhead and hitchhiked to the summit. Actually we were lucky and met a group planning the same hike. We took their car to the summit and gave them a ride up afterwards in return. Another group waited about fifteen minutes at the pick up area for hikers.
We walked down the road from the summit and then took Keonehe'ehe'e Trail and connected with Halamau'u Trail after about four miles.
This hike was fabulous. Keonehe'ehe'e gently descends into the 'crater' and offers fantastic views. Sometimes the cinder is like sand but it is generally good to walk on. Here we also saw some silversword flowers. The connecting trail is well marked and follows through a desert of 'A'a-lava, circles a pu'u and meets with Halemau'u after about 1,6 miles. It is easy to find - follow the signs to Holua cabin. Continuing on Halemau'u the landscape changed. We hiked through an old lava flow where vegetation is getting more and bigger. We were lucky to have a clear day, sometimes you run into clouds here, especially in the afternoon. Holua cabin is good for a break and some Nene spotting. After we left Holua we ran into the crater rim after a mile and had to start our 3 mile ascend to the parking lot. There were a lot of switchbacks and we gained a lot of altitude but it wasn't too steep. We got great views of the crater as well as the green ocean side of Haleakala.
It took us about 5,5 hours with breaks but the time is absolutely well spent. A great hike.

on Pipiwai Trail

7 days ago

Make sure to walk around the bend for a view of the crater. Awesome!

Dude. This trail is NOT 12.6 miles long. It's around 15 with the whole loop and back up the mountain. Round trip took my friend and me 7 hours. Luckily it wasn't too hot down in the crater, but plenty of sun. Be sure to bring sunscreen and lots of water! If you're looking for views, I'd recommend just hiking a couple miles down the mountain and back. The whole loop is HARD not moderate. If do take the loop and go clockwise, there's a pretty cool lava tube that you can see, but that was the highlight of the loop. Lots and lots of sand and rocks.

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did this back in may 2015-- can get muddy but so worth the effort!

It is a long and beautiful drive on the Hana Highway to get to the park entrance. It had the nicest park rangers I've met. The trail itself was very easy and overlooked the pools. The pools are currently closed so you can't get close (rockslides concerns) so you won't really spend longer than 30 min here. I'm glad I saw it but I don't feel the need to go back.