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Hiked past the lookout to the crater and then went up to the lookout on the way back. Wear a hat and sunscreen and bring lots of water.

23 hours ago

Not too many people. Appreciated the mesh covering the muddy vertical areas, for sure. Added significant grip. On sunny day, shady areas are true respite. Made it to the Aloha Bench. Perfect visibility day made for great views. Bring water. Took us 2 hours. We are not hardcore hikers in mid 50s. Heavy aerobic on way up with 3 stops. Quick down, nonstop. Would do this one again.

Definitely a must! Did it within 5 hours and a half, including some stops. Use sunscreen if you do not want to look like me right now. The loop offers a great amount of breathtaking landscapes.

must do maui waterfall

must do

connects to kaupo gap for a long 2 shuttle trip.

3 days ago

The stars were extraordinary! Hung my hammock between two coconut palms and stared at the sky most of the night. It was almost spiritual.
The hike is very exposed so pack in plenty of water. Water caches are excellent but check with the rangers about levels before heading out. The only thing you’ll likely regret is forgetting your snorkel.

A one mile out and back trail (two miles total) that is just you walking on the part of the road that's closed because of the trail devastation a mile down the road. Cool overlook at the end and you can see the parts of the road that have sunken in or fallen away. My favorite part wasn't looking into the big crater itself, but looking into a smaller one on the left hand side. No shade on this trail either but it's easy to walk since you are just walking on the paved road for 90% of it. This is as of March 2019.

I have yet to do this trail but wanted to know if anyone could give any advice. I'm travelling with my 2 year son. Would this be okay for a BOB trail jogger or recommended Osprey Hiking backpack? Thanks

Cool trail! One of the only ones still open on the park. First trail once you exit the Visitors Center. Just park at the Visitors Center and that's where the trail starts. Half of the trail is across the sulfer banks with no shade and half is in the trees and is shaded from the elements. In the middle is the viewing area for the crater. It's really interesting to see how it was then and how it is now. There is a parking lot by the crater viewing area too, but it's definitely worth the walk because there was always something to see. $25 per vehicle entrance fee required to access this trail since it's in the park.

As of March 2019, still very closed. :(

Very muddy trail but extremely fun if you don’t mind getting a bit dirty.

The trail is actually much longer than what most people hike. The first part of the hike will take you to the first viewing point where you can see all of Hanalei Beach. Off to the left of that viewing point you will see another trail. That trail is very fun! It will take you to areas with AMAZING views. You can see both Hanalei beach and Kilauea. You can even see the lighthouse, (if it’s not cloudy) It really is worth it.

We hiked a little bit past the 1.75 mile marker where the Okolehao trail meets another trail. We did not continue onto the other trail. I would say that the 1.75 mile marker is a good spot to turn around if you do not want to hop onto the other trail.

Don’t be fooled by the 1.75 mile marker, it’s all uphill and it’s seems like it’s more than 1.75 miles. I would like a remeasure on that trail please :).

All in all, great trail and beautiful views!

Nice trail !

Trail is CLOSED, staff indicated closure is permanent

8 days ago

A good adventure to experience some lava fields and flows of past. Not a difficult hike at all.

9 days ago

Trail was okay for Maui, but fails in comparison to other hikes on the mainland. Bamboo forests were cool and the trail is well marked, but waterfall at the end is disappointing.

Did this along with the whole skyline - the experience is more rewarding that way (vs. driving). But of course, if you drive there, see the view!

I guess if you drove all the way up there, you might as well do that. The view is very similar than the summit. I'd say you should also probably go down there through sliding sands!

10 days ago

That was amazing view! Along the trail we felt like walking on the moon and then the view kept changing. Took hubby and me 5.5h to finish. We started from the top (2nd visitors center) and went down. Thank goodness we did as coming from the other side would have been much harder. Things I’d do different: start earlier in the day (very bad idea to do it at night!! Some parts have narrow trail with the cliff right down below), take more snacks, park at the bottom and hitchhiking to the top. Not for beginners hikers or for those who are afraid of heights!

11 days ago

Great trail. The bamboo forest was great. Nice walkway constructed toward the top. Worth the hike all the way to the top and across the narrow stream to the very base of the falls. Went in the afternoon following a morning rain. Pretty muddy but worth it

12 days ago

I would highly recommend this one! Combination of bamboo forest with waterfalls. If you come during the raining season bring waterproof coat.

The road, now accessible just by walk or bicycle, is interrupted after 1mile due to the devastations of 2018 eruption.

All the reviews I read about this hike were spot on. This is one of the most unique hikes my wife and I have taken. Incredible scenery.

This hike is rated hard and I agree. The trail wasn't that steep but the altitude had an impact. It was hard to catch your breath. All worth it though.

12 days ago

Very nice rainforest trail descending 400’ +/- in 0.6 mi to Kilauea crater. It was just reopened in February 2019 and you can no longer cross the crater.
The hike back up was way easier that we anticipated and is doable by anyone in reasonable shape.
Lots to see on the trail including steam vents, huge rock falls and cliffs, super vegetation. You are treated to sweet bird songs the entire way.

no shade
12 days ago

This was definitely a unique experience!! Hiking into a crater was enjoyable, and the plants and birds in the crater were interesting to look at. The downside was the heat and sun- there is no shade so if it’s a sunny day, bring sunscreen!! We made the mistake of leaving it in the car and there were quite a few burns amongst the 6 in our group. Also, the hike out is tough. We were trying to make it to the top by sunset, which we did, but it was brutal. The sunset at the top was amazing, as we were above the clouds.

Love to walk on lava rock field!!! And beautiful beach too

It's interesting to see these in the rock. Also, cool lava rock

2019-Mar-06: trail closed after 500m because of emergency conditions.

Nice to walk on lava rocks

Quite a few birds. But the last part of the trail was closed today because of nene. Might have been the best segment

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