An easy walk for the most part, with a couple of short rocky sections. On our visit the harbour side beach was covered in seaweed, not the most pleasant walking surface.
According to Motion X we walked 4.77 km, climbed 150 m.
By the way, it's nowhere near Middleton Beach; 24 km by Road, according to Google Maps.

8 months ago

A great walk. Because of time constraints we did only 9 km return, 400 m ascent. Spectacular scenery. Part of the trail has be covered with timber boardwalk as an erosion control measure. Look carefully for the route when on rocky outcrops.
We had intermittent heavy rain showers on our walk. I'd like to do it again in fine weather.

Easy going except for the last bit up a steep rock face. Deviating to the left, rather than taking the "obvious" direct route, reveals a slightly less steep alternative.
There has recently been a fire in the area. One needs to to search for trail markers.
Great views; a most enjoyable short walk.

Friday, January 06, 2017

A great walk with amazing views. I would rate the difficulty as moderate with some short tough sections. According to the map onsite it is in fact 16 km round trip. They recommend 6-8 hours but it can be done in a leisurely 4-5 hours.

Sunday, January 01, 2017