This walk route has been copied by AllTrails without permission from my sole-authored WalkGPS website covering "Bushwalks in the Perth region of Western Australia" (see ). My copyrighted walk page is titled Northern John Forrest National Park Walk (link: ). My web page details the walk and includes my original track location information you have copied here. Your description gives the false impression that this is an established walk trail. It is in fact an unofficial, non-established walk route conceived solely by myself and is 35% 'off-track'/cross-country. Users of my website understand that good GPS navigation skills are required to follow the route.
Your publication of my original and unique information makes no acknowledgment of WalkGPS authorship and source and no appropriate cross-link to my walk page. I request you to remove this walk from AllTrails or to provide a full acknowledgement of the WalkGPS source. -Dave Osborne, WalkGPS

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Thursday, May 14, 2015