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High Elbe Bank is a 23 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Lauenburg/ Elbe, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and nature trips.

Length 23.0 mi Elevation gain 2,624 ft Route type Point to Point
Hiking Nature trips Walking Running Forest River Views Wild flowers Wildlife Historic site
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The hiking trail "Hohes Elbufer" is part of Hamburg's network of hiking trails and bears the number 30. It is marked like all the hiking trails in Hamburg with a yellow arrow. At 37 km, this route exceeds the requirement that the daily stages are max. 24km long, but this is also an attraction for young people or those wishing to test their endurance. The start is at the train station in Bergedorf and starts with a highlight: the City-Center Bergedorf! You have the opportunity to buy more food here before heading out for the rest of the journey. The first few kilometers lead through the city. After about 3km you reach the Hamburg Observatory (, which you can also visit. Alternatively, you can start the hike at the observatory by driving to the bus stop Holtenklinke. At the observatory, the natural and historical trail between Bergedorf and Börnsen begins, where various plant species and historical encounters are explained. The trail leads along the Geesthang for 3.2 km. After crossing the town of Börnsen, a natural highlight awaits us, the Dalbek Gorge, a nature reserve. After crossing Escheburg and past the local golf course, at kilometer 12.1 you will reach some ponds in Bistal. At kilometer 13, a very adventurous section of the trail begins, which leads over a heavily overgrown narrow path on the Geesthang. Unfortunately, the nearby B5 makes for an unpleasant noise. Pass an observation tower from where you can see the Elbe. After the Geesthacht, you reach the youth hostel in Geesthacht at km 19.6 ( Behind Geesthacht the path becomes interesting for engineering fans. First you reach the reservoir from the pumped storage power plant at Geesthacht and then it goes along the pipes down to the Elbe. An information board informs about the functioning of the pumped storage power plant. At km 22.0 you reach Krümmel, a place that was built at the time for Alfred Nobel's dynamite factory: a typical 19th century settlement with workers' houses and director's villa. Down on the Elbe is also a high ropes climbing garden ( Finally, you reach the Elbe and the decommissioned nuclear power plant at Krümmel, which replaces the dynamite factory dismantled after the Second World War. Some information boards tell in detail about the history of this place. After a few kilometers on the Elbe dike to Tesperhude with numerous cafes and a campsite. Next you will reach the "Hohes Elbufer" nature reserve between Tesderhude and Lauenburg, the most scenic part of the hike. At km 31 you reach the small town of Sandkrug, where the Old Salt Road between Lüneburg and Lübeck. The ford no longer exists today, but the old cobblestone pavement of the road is still in place. You still have an excellent view of the Elbe and the other shore, then the path leads across a meadow directly on the Elbe, a wonderful place to take a break and to dip your feet in the Elbe. The last part to Lauenburg leads spectacularly on narrow paths on the steep bank with great views along the Elbe in Lauenburg (, the path leads past the youth hostel ( and the outdoor pool; You walk directly past the water slide. Over the Himmelstreppe, the trail finally goes down into the historic, flood-prone old town of Lauenburg. Numerous information boards explain the history of the individual houses in Elbstrasse. It is also worth a climb to Lauenburg Castle. After 37 km you finally reach the Lauenburg train station, the end of the tour.

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