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cool and a bit slippery on the trails. view is magnificent and the trail companions friendly and polite. Good first hike in the region.

13 days ago

Awesome hike - very rewarding. We hiked this November 1st, 2018 and there was no snow on the trail. We hiked the route counterclockwise, which allows for a nice reveal of the Zug . This was a 5 star hike, coming from a few Canadians with high expectations!

One word of advice - if you’re hiking in shoulder season, confirm that access through the gorge is possible.

my running Route! Lovin it!

Completed this hike twice. First time was in February. The gorge had huge icicles and frozen waterfalls all along the route. Snow covered ground made the last part of the trail a bit challenging.
Second time was in September. Very different experience. Still lots of greenery and the water was flowing much quicker. Beautiful setting!


Hiked the loop trail counterclockwise. I would have to say the first hour of the hike was very steep and not eventful. If you want to shorten the hike, take the cable car up. Once you reach the cable car station, the hike starts to get better. You finally get on a normal hiking trail and the scenery gets much better. It also did help to have the all trails app running to make sure you stay on the trail. Once you reach a ridge line and you look over, the view became spectacular. You hike down a series of switchbacks and work you way down. I would say I was thankful I didn’t have to climb up these switchbacks. Once down in the valley, you start you way through the gorge. Gorge was an amazing experience. Other than the uneventful, painful climb the first couple of miles, the hike was definitely worth it.

Fantástico. Un paseo con mucha diversidad de caminos. Un excelente panorama y bajando por el Längentalalm bastante largo y solitario.

1 month ago

Very good

Only hiked to campground near Lenzkirch. No cliff walls like stage 2 (which was spectacular) but still beautiful. This part of hike is more through forest area near river but not much is next to the river.

Beautiful trail along the wutach river through the gorge featuring high cliff walls. Some we sections are slippery so wear good shoes.

Beautiful views. A steady up,up,up track. Too many people.

Super crowded on the weekends, went on a Sunday, with limited parking but great views and a nice intro to the Bavarian Alps.

Amazing trail, well-marked with “Tofeltour” signs! One thing to know, to cross the Saar River about 6 miles in, there is no bridge: you must pay 2€ for a ferry, which operates at certain times! Still, such a cool trail with awesome views of the valley!!!

Great trail to hike! Amazing view of the city from the first peak. There is a restaurant at the top to grab a beer or coffee. Nice hike through the woods after the first summit. The trail was mostly shaded. I wouldn’t rate this trail as hard, seems more like an intermediate trail. Happy hiking!

Awesome trail!

2 months ago

Good run path, a little crowded at time. Very gradual inclines when present. Mostly shaded.

Pretty good trail. As of September 2018, parking near the trailhead costs 2 Euros for the whole day (lot open 0800-2000), it is the same cost as parking at the Castle Eltz tourist parking area. The parking area does have a Wassercloset (bathroom). The begining and ending portion of the trail has quite a bit of hiking in open area farm fields, and you can see farmers actively working their fields with tractors. The rest of the hike is mostly covered by trees along a creek. If you take the trail counter clockwise (as intended) the last portion has a pretty steep climb (30-40 degree incline) for about 1km. If you dont hike often, you would rate this as a hard trail because of this. This can be mitigated by taking the trail in the opposite direction (clockwise), just watch your footing. The trail is well very well marked, you should not have any worries about getting lost!

mountain biking
2 months ago


Great trail visited twice for gorgeous nature surroundings of river, waterfall and forest.

Beautiful historical in great nature’s environment. Visited twice.

Beautiful enjoyable nature hiking

Beautiful experience

2 months ago

Our hike was Wednesday 9/15/18. It was difficult for me but only because I was out of shape from resting a plantar fascia injury several weeks and recovering from a cold 2 days prior to hike. Preikestolen, Trollkirchen and Trolltunga were all more difficult. Also I wore athletic shoes as I didn’t bring my hiking boots and my feet were wet, cold and miserable. We didn’t make the whole loop but did in and out for total of 8.7 miles. Had I been better conditioned we could have done the loop. For reference I am 61yo and my husband is 54 but we both are in great condition and with exception of my recent downtime we work out regular and run.

As to the hike it was absolutely stunning! If you are a fan of water, rock, and flora this is a great hike. Tunnels through the rock feel like caves ( watch your head and hang on to rails, rock/wood wet and slick) waterfalls, forest, wooden bridges, rock trails (ankle support recommended) , everything for the explorers heart! I’ve posted pictures for your pleasure .

There were families on this trail, baby’s carried, small children, and dogs. There are places to get refreshments, we didn’t partake but it smelled wonderful! Pretty sure I smelled Kaiserschmarrn!
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaiserschmarrn Bathrooms are 50c at gorge entrance and the fee for entering Gorge was €5. Each. There may be discounts or free for children, not sure since it didn’t apply to us. http://www.hoellentalklamm-info.de/ can provide more information.

Terrific way to wind your way through history...

This is a great hike! I’ve done it many times and the views never to bore. If you do this counterclockwise I’d make one change to the route. After the summit, continue down the main trail on Kramersteig to the west. You will hit a valley with a farm, cows and a great little beer garden called Stepberg.
The decent is a bit easier and longer but you can stop and eat, rehydrate (with beer?) and enjoy the views.
If you go clockwise, you have the same option to stop at Berggaststätte St. Martin am Grasberg
which is maybe 30-45 min from finishing. Great views here also of GP!

on Herzogstand

2 months ago

Challenging but incredible views await you. My wife and I chose this for our last day in Germany and we are so glad we did. You can also hike along the ridge line near the summit for a variety of other hikes, which we did as well.

I like history and I like to hike. This trail offers a nice combination of both. The meal at the Guesthouse in Bučina was very good and quite reasonable. I also enjoyed the scenic views on the path back to the parking lot.

3 months ago

This is a very nice way to spend the day in the Bavarian Forest. Both the Animal Enclosure and the Treetop Path are highlights when visiting the area. The Treetop Path is wheelchair accessible as are the paths of the enclosure.

3 months ago

This was a long hike, but a good one. I completely enjoyed the views and different sceneries along the way. The small wooden chapel provided cool shade on a very warm sunny day. I really liked taking the upper route to the top of Mount Rachel and the lower route back.

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