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This walk combines waterfalls, cascades, cliffs and spectacular views. For a fairly short walk it provides a beautiful cross section of blue mountains scenery.

It drops a bit further into the valley than the National Pass loop and then climbs up from the lower Wentworth falls via some ladders to the mid level of the falls and then up stairs cut in the cliff to the top. The first part of the walk and the section from mid Wentworth falls up can be quite busy but one of the nice things about going down to the lower Wentworth pass is that this section of the walk is normally very quite.

really nice and easy

Challenging but beautiful. The way down was quite tranquil and easy but the way back up was another story. A lot of stops and breathers. Amazing views the entire way and was breathtakingly beautiful.

Between the stairs and the rock formation the track is quite flat. The views from atop Ruined Castle are something truly special. Watch out as there's no track to the top, you have to scale the rocks.