Crimmitschau Rundgang is a 8.0 kilometer loop trail located near Crimmitschau, Saxony, Germany that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking.

Distance: 8.0 km Elevation Gain: 147 m Route Type: Loop





partially paved


wild flowers


This beautiful circular walk in Crimmitschau takes you from the Textile Museum through the Sahnpark, past the historic site of the 3 Linden, via Gösau to the monastery of Frankenhausen and again to the Textile Museum. From the Textile Museum, the route leads through the Sahnpark, past the Sahnbad (swimming pool), the artificial ice rink, the Forsthaus restaurant and the children's farm. From the signpost at the end of the Sahnpark, continue along the yellow marked route towards Schmölln. After the hill you reach the "3 Linden". Here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Pleißental and in good weather you can see the mountains of the Irtzgebirgte in the distance. You can see three linden trees of great age next to each other. In the time that there were still dense forests around Crimmitschau, the story goes that a butcher boy, who is taking a Jewish man for a walk accompanied by his dog, in the forest they hear a whimper and the boy walks with his dog. The man asks him not to leave him alone, but he bravely approaches the whimper. Suddenly it becomes quiet behind him and the boy finds the dead man who is probably killed by wolves. The dog flies to the wolves and drives them away, but is wounded and bleeds heavily. The boy connects the dog and goes to get help in Crimmitschau. People don't believe his story and they think he robbed and killed the man, because of the blood (of the dog) he has on his hands. He pleads his innocence in vain and is sentenced to death. On the way to the scaffold, he breaks three branches of a lime tree and puts them in the ground. Then he says: "If these twigs are soon sprinkled with my blood, you will see that 3 trees are going to grow there, the sign that I am innocent, if not then you are right. So happened. About ten years later a man with a ax to the road to the now three grown Linden. He wants to cut them down. A farmer asks him why he does that. The sinister stranger says: "I don't want to see this Linden anymore. They are the silent witnesses of my crime. The farmer seizes the man and they throw him in the same prison that was once used for the butcher's boy. He confesses that he was the one who killed and robbed the man. Soon after, he was executed in the same place where the innocent butcher died a decade ago. After going under the viaduct of the E40 you can choose to walk the road to Gösau (follow the signs). Or take a shortened route to Frankenhausen (the route is then 4 km shorter). Fortunately I chose the option to walk through the beautiful village of Gösau. Both options lead to the Leipziger strasse in Frankenhausen. View the nunnery, the ruins of the Cistercian monastery from 1292. That includes the house, the old monastery school, the Hofteich and the village church with a parsonage and choir. The whole is a monumental building. In recent years, the population has fought for the preservation of the building. The monastery burned down in 1410 and was rebuilt in a short time. In 1543 William Thumshirn bought the object for 8000 Mark and so it became a mansion in the following years it often changed hands, until in 1945 the estate was expropriated and fell into the hands of the GDR. At the end of the 70s, the other buildings were declared a National Monument. Renovation started in 1990 with government subsidies, which is far from being completed. From here you walk back to the Textile Museum.

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