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Von der Bergstraße zum Felsen(-meer) is a 12.6 mile loop trail located near Bensheim, Hesse, Germany that offers scenic views and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and backpacking.

Length 12.6 mi Elevation gain 2,240 ft Route type Loop
Backpacking Hiking Views Rocky Scramble Historic site
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You will start this eventful hike at the train station Bensheim - Auerbach and reach over the Bachgasse the Fürstenlager. The state park Fürstenlager was built in the years between 1787 and 1795 under landgrave Ludwig X. of Hesse-Darmstadt. The count liked to spend the summer time with his family and a little court in Auerbach. For entertainment guests were invited. Artists and scholars lived in the small, baroque buildings. If you feel like spending your time, you should still explore the wonderful park with well, bird house and many exotic trees. You will follow the mark of the Alemannenweg. On a small hill is the Hermitage, a bark-equipped wooden house. It served the nobility as a rest and picnic area during walks through the park. Soon you will reach the mighty, impressive sea of rocks. You can now climb down the rugged cliffs with a short detour from our route or comfortably take the path. At the end of the rock avalanche is the Geopark Information Center. If you have hiked until then, you have to climb back to the giant pillar. With a length of 9 m and a weight of 27 tons, the column is the most impressive Roman find in the sea of rocks. Continue up to the garden bar "Ada's Buka". Here you change to the marking of the Nibelungensteig and we soon reach the Ohlyturm. The 27m-high Ohlyturm was built by the Odenwald Club Darmstadt and is currently in need of renovation so that it can not be climbed. In a wide arc you will hike comfortably downhill to Balkhäuser valley, cross the road and walk slightly uphill on narrow paths, sometimes on paved forest roads to Auerbacher castle. In between, you switch back to the mark of the Alemannenweges. At the Auerbach Castle you should take the time to explore the imposing castle complex and enjoy the impressive panoramic view over the Odenwald, the Rhine plain to the Palatinate Forest. On the huge shield wall on the edge of the mighty bulwark stands the 300-year-old pine, around which many stories are entwined. The pine is about 7m high and has a trunk circumference of 163 cm. She can only get her vital moisture from the rainwater and defies all storms up here. A true survivor! With the Alemannenweg it goes now in serpentines down to Auerbach and back to the station. Those arriving by car can park for free at the Fürstenlager car park. The hike can be extended with a detour to Melibokus.

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