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Umstädter Runde is a 12 mile loop trail located near Groß-Umstadt, Hesse, Germany that features a great forest setting and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and camping.

Length 12.0 mi Elevation gain 1,473 ft Route type Loop
Camping Hiking Forest Views Historic site
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Arrival: By bus or train (train station: Groß-Umstadt "Mitte") or car ("Altstadtparkplatz") From the starting point, it goes over the historic Umstädter market square, the Lower Markstraße and Am Steinborn along in the Umstädter hollow, whose corridors earlier than Air raid bunker were used. After the stairs we keep left. Past the waterworks we follow the path to the youth campsite Raibachertal. (Tents and campfire are possible here) From there our way leads us to the adventure path of the Odenwald clubs on the Hainrich. There are several stations to discover: trunk bridge, via ferrata, a balancing course, barefoot path and much more. The path between the stations leads through the vineyards of the Umstädter Weininsel. Before the ascent to Rödelshäuschen, the last stop of the adventure path invites you to cross the "suspension bridge" followed by a refreshing break. A fantastic view over the Wächtersbach and the Otzberg are included. At Rödelshäuschen we also find the natural site. Here forestpedagogical offers are possible with the local forest ranger. From there it goes over the connection path (yellow V) to the Sausteige. The Sausige Oak is a cozy spot for a short break. Then we walk through the Sausteigetal on a sunny Waldrandweg and come to the Heubacher quarry. Here you can climb (after registration at the DAV section Darmstadt-Starkenburg) and spend the night in the meadow or in the Heubachhaus. We continue through the meadow valley direction Heubach. In front of the village there is a beautiful Wassertretbecken that invites you to feet-cooling. We walk through Heubach, over the marketplace and leave the village through the allotments and follow the mountain bike marker GU1 through the fields. Shortly before the federal highway B 45 we turn right into the Steinerwald, pass an old quarry, in which until the beginning of the 50s quartz pophyr was mined (many Umstädter houses were built with it). Our way leads past the area of the Luftsportverein Groß-Umstadt, where with a little luck you can observe some planes, and back to Groß-Umstadt. There is a swimming pool or ice cream parlor for refreshment. (If you have enough of hiking in Heubach, you can also take the bus back to Gross-Umstadt.)

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