Durch das Modautal is a 14.8 kilometer loop trail located near Ober-Ramstadt, Hesse, Germany that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and running.

Distance: 14.8 km Elevation Gain: 324 m Route Type: Loop







You start the hike at Kreisjugendheim Ernsthofen (www.kjh-ernsthofen.de). With the NP-Wege 2, 5 and 6 leads the youth trail in SW direction to the next major intersection (with resting bench). Then you walk through the villages of Neutsch and Frankenhausen. Just before the forest you have beautiful views (eg to the west on the castle Frankenstein). You can then reach the forest theme path Breitenstein with the "Hohe Straße" via the "Rauhberg" and the "Hohen Rodberg" and can explore or even try out numerous information points.With the forest theme path we cross the Hohe Straße again at a large intersection (with overview panel) The Naturfreundehaus Heidenacker offers a good rest stop with beer garden, playground and a wonderful view into the valley and on Ober-Ramstadt. You follow now the "NP3" down into the valley. You arrived in the valley we see the Lake Modau (a reservoir for floods / floods) With the "NP3", the "O 3" you stay on the valley path, which is also the bike path (11) on the bike path 11 we stay on the road and turn into Nieder-Modau at a garage on the left with the bike path 11 and the WW "O 2." Shortly before the exit from Nieder-Modau you leave the "O 2" and continue d em bike path 11.The path now runs close to the Modau. At the first houses of Ober-Modau we meet the WW "= (white)" and turn with him to the right (west) in the place. There you follow the main road to the left and at the next intersection with the sign "= (white)" go up in the direction of the forest (Hirschberg). At the edge of the forest is a small refuge, which offers a beautiful view of the Modau valley. At the next intersection (the highest point is now reached) there is a large hall on the left, which is no longer used. At her you take the paved road back to the county youth home. Note: The hike can be continued eg in Ober-Ramstadt by bus. Of course, the hike can also be started or ended at other points.

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