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2 months ago

The circuit is of course accessible in principle in both directions, I have kept to the right at the fork. The path starts at the monument in the center first goes through the village a bit. First asphalt, then a gravel forest. After a short time you come to a clearing that offers a magnificent view over the Palatinate Forest in the direction of the castle ruins Gräfenstein, a bank invites you to linger. Immediately afterwards, continue on a narrow path through the forest. After a few kilometers you have a view of the Birkwieser valley, which is unfortunately clouded by a power line located there. The meadows in the valley can be reached - again on a wide forest road to the Birkwieserhof - ideal for a short stop. Continue on a narrow path with a short but clear climb, past a small stream, a small wooden bridge and a beautiful fountain with a cross (see also my pictures). Towards the end of the round another climb up on a wider forest path and a short distance in the village back to the starting point. All in all, a nice little circuit with some interesting places and as I said the possibility to stop on the Birkwieserhof. At the beginning and end mostly sunny and wide forest roads, the middle part in the forest shady on smaller paths.

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