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Explore cinder cones and old lava flows from within Haleakala, possibly the largest dormant volcano on the planet. Formed by erosion rather than volcanic activity, the valley at the summit of Haleakala boasts much to marvel at and the packed cinder and soil underfoot makes for a relatively easy hike. Here you'll find the silversword, an endangered plant found nowhere else on Earth with an alien appearance that compounds the other-worldly appearance of this remote location. Ascending and looping up the mountain, the road to Haleakala National Park is equally spectacular, climbing through the clouds to the summit. Watch out for tour groups of cyclists on this road who freewheel down the mountain. These popular tours begin in the early hours of the morning so they can witness the sunrise over the island from the summit before they begin their two-wheeled kamikaze return back down the volcano.

3 days ago

Did this yesterday. The hike up took us an hour and 20 minutes because we stopped to look around and take photos. Coming back down was about 40 minutes. It's a very easy hike and worthwhile. The bamboo forest was a beautiful sight. You will get attacked by mosquitoes though!!

4 days ago

Awesome hike, tons of waterfalls with the best one at the end of the trail! The bamboo forest was amazing to walk through as well!

17 days ago

Hiked from the summit to Paliku campsite, then from Paliku to Holua Campsite, where we hit the silvers silversword loop. The silverswords bloom over the summer I think, we didn't see many in bloom just before New Years. The views are amazing, there's flat volcanic paths that make you think you're on Mars to sandy paths with great views. I felt like around every bend the trail got better, and the diversity in such a surreal place was incredible. This is definitely a unique landscape that you need to check out.

This trail was absolutely breathtaking. After arriving at the summit the views are awesome, and going into the crater has you feeling like you're on Mars. The temperature was cold at the summit, probably around 45 degrees, compared to 75 at sea level. We backpacked in for a 3 day trip, and keep in mind if you do to be prepared for cold weather and rain. Like I mean it gets cold at night, we experienced temps in the 30s, which was surprising. But this initial trail was great going down, but difficult if you go back up. Pack plenty of water. I've hiked many places and this was one of the most surreal environments I've experienced. If you have the chance DO IT, you won't regret it.

Beautiful hike!

21 days ago

my wife and I did this hike after staying in Hana. AMAZING waterfall.

24 days ago

This is an easy hike the whole family can take to see an awesome 400 ft waterfall . It is accessible from the Haleakala national park in Hana . This is the same park where 7 sacred pools is located .

Incredible trail. The ride out there is a bit long (coming from Wailea), but is beautiful and an adventure in and of its own. Think Big Sur, Hawai'ian style. Plan on getting wet and seeing 30+ waterfalls. Be sure to leave as early in the morning as possible to avoid crowds.

The walk was great . It gets slushy in between especially after a good rain , it's easier to walk on the path less taken filled with grass which serves as a better grip. I didn get to see the seven pools but the waterfalls at the end was worth it .

1 month ago