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Without volcanoes there would be no Hawaii. Fortunately for the world, Hawaii's volcanoes continue to produce their famous molten lava, which results in a growing mass of paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. One of the most spectacular spots to witness this natural miracle in action is on the Big Island of Hawaii at Volcanoes National Park, where two active volcanoes (Mauna Loa and Kilauea) regularly spout ash clouds, smoke and hot lava into the sea. Visitors can hike around the park and experience an incredible range of microclimates and sites, from rain forests to eerie lava tubes to spectacular views of the ocean. Volcanic activity is responsible for a new island that is currently being created in Hawaii, which would bring the total number of islands to 9 in the state's chain. Just off the southern coast of the Big Island is Loihi, an underwater volcano that has been erupting since 1996. The new island is scheduled to break the ocean's surface in about 250,000 years, so we have a while before we need to book our reservations.

Short but nice walk. Kids loved it

So far, my favorite trail. A lot of diversity from hiking in the tropical rainforest to trekking across the floor of the crater.

Beautiful and quiet.

Nice trail ! Really fun to walk on the lava lake. This trail is easy, not very long, it's easier to start from the number 1 to 15. Don't worry about the weather, it use to be windy so the weather change a lot quickly. Had to be done and don't forget to go to the lava tube at the end of the trail !

1 month ago

Very pretty and well maintained. Placards provide info on the flora. Saw pheasants up close that weren't spooked by our presence at all. Great for a low key stroll.

1 month ago

Great trail. You actually hike into the crater. Be careful with the altitude, sun and temperatures; this isn't the same climate as your snorkeling excursion! Check the weather before you go. It can be cold, rainy, hot and sunny, or just about any combination. Lots of birds can be seen as well.

Fun trail to get a nice view of a wasteland-like crater. Be aware of the 4000 ft elevation, it may mess with your cardio. Lots of designated scenic photo stations clearly labeled for tourists. Do yourself a favor and cross the street when you get back to take a look at some neat lava tube tunnels.

2 months ago

Did this hike at night and while it was fairly flat it has small rocks that roll under your feet. This was a long hike to the lava flow but was beautiful and worth seeing at night!!

Pretty neat trail, the tube was interesting, but lots of birds, lots of people. Take plenty of water

Nice place, lots of people, but an easy hike, parking could be an issue for you

Great easy trail, really beautiful.

If you are visiting volcano national park, hike this trail. Very cool. Also, it's an easy hike. Well worth a stop.

Nice hike, easy terrain, but of an alright distance.. Especially when you tack the lava tube on at the end. Can be hot and sprinkles come suddenly.

Liking walking on the moon in the middle of a few rain forest.

Easy hike, good for kids who aren't afraid of the dark. Bathroom available. Parking lot often full.

It was to hot for us! But really neat to see the petroglyphs. Go early in day, not in summer. ☀️

Super fun with kids, seemed very safe.

on Puna Kau Trail

4 months ago