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Without volcanoes there would be no Hawaii. Fortunately for the world, Hawaii's volcanoes continue to produce their famous molten lava, which results in a growing mass of paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. One of the most spectacular spots to witness this natural miracle in action is on the Big Island of Hawaii at Volcanoes National Park, where two active volcanoes (Mauna Loa and Kilauea) regularly spout ash clouds, smoke and hot lava into the sea. Visitors can hike around the park and experience an incredible range of microclimates and sites, from rain forests to eerie lava tubes to spectacular views of the ocean. Volcanic activity is responsible for a new island that is currently being created in Hawaii, which would bring the total number of islands to 9 in the state's chain. Just off the southern coast of the Big Island is Loihi, an underwater volcano that has been erupting since 1996. The new island is scheduled to break the ocean's surface in about 250,000 years, so we have a while before we need to book our reservations.

Fun easy trail with short moderate descent and ascent to ends of the tube. Bring a flashlight if you want to check out darker corners. Can be chilly so take a jacket. Takes about half hour total for experienced hikers.

Just marvelous. You start at parking lot and drop down through verdant tropical forest for half hour, that then opens onto massive lava plain. The trail is marked by ahu (stone cairns), important to keep track of in foggy conditions. Pass by numerous massive rock formations, steam vents and plants reemerging from lava fissures. Take the side path half way across to see the reddish depression that looks like a cave. Sit and enjoy the quiet and breeze while you ponder the miracle of earth. The walk across the lava field is about 45 minutes with a rest, then climbs back up through the birdsong filled forest back to parking lot. We emerged by Thurston Lava Tube so saw that, too. Ten minute walk back down to our car. Just the best!! Moderate hike for experienced hikers, harder for newbies. Take water, hat, camera, snack bar for a rest break.

Great trail. easy to moderate, there is a steep descent at the beginning and a gradual ascent counter clockwise, or the reverse if doing it clockwise. I recommend the former: Park at the trail head, take the steep descent down following the route markers, and finish by walking through the lava tube. You're only 500ft from the carpark at this point.

Plenty to see; cool, lush tropical rainforest, and baking hot lava crater surface, with interesting plant life and steam vents.

Nice view of a lava tube.

I loved this trail. So much history, tradition and culture on this trail. The petroglyphs were very neat, too! Good vibes on this trail

Great bike ride through old lava flow. Amazing views of lava flowing into the ocean.

Definitely worth the view. It is a hard hike and you are constantly lunging; it is a great work out, but if you have a bad knee like I do, wear a knee brace. We were actually able to see the snow at the top which was an incredible experience

25 days ago

We were skeptical about driving 9 miles to the lookout, but it is so worth it! We then hiked a little bit on the trail. Definitely one of the best views on the island. I highly recommend it

This hike is best at sunset. Be prepared to walk 4 miles on a gravel road and then one mile on lava. 10 miles all together. The lava is worth seeing and the walk there is beautiful.

Fairly easy crater floor walk. Moderate entry and exit hike up and down crater sides.

Did this in the morning in winter, a poncho was needed. Long trek, but totally worth it. Managed to do this with my parents (who are not outdoorsy people) and my mom only had a bit of trouble climbing down the dried lava flows.