A hiker with long brown hair under a green beanie and an orange shirt looks over a tree-filled valley, shielding their eyes with their hand from the sun.An adult in an orange raincoat and a child in a grey sweatshirt with dark hair are hiking through a forest, the adult smiles as the child skips over a small log on the trail.A hiker with a blond ponytail walks in front of a white husky dog through dry yellow grass and scattered trees alongside calm waters showing their reflection below.A runner with curly brown hair in a ponytail wearing a pink sweatshirt crosses a boardwalk bridge in front of towering rocky peaks.

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A biker with short brown hair and sunglasses sits on the tailgate of a green and white Ford Bronco opening a yellow water bottle, and another biker with short blond hair stands next to them inspecting a bright blue mountain bike. The vehicle is parked in a grassy field surrounded by trees and a black mountain bike leans against its side.

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