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For a park in the middle of Indiana it's a great park..

4 hours ago

Gradual climb with nice eastern facing views. It's wide open except for about 1 mile on the western side of the loop. It'll be too hot in summer, but very nice now. Lots of fragrant chokeberries blooming.

Wasn't much of a "hike" more of a walk but still greatly enjoyed it! My husband, dog, and I even stopped for a swim in the river which was so nice given it was a hot day! Definitely will be coming back and doing it again to swim

Great nature trail right inside the city which makes you forget where you are. Lots of flora to enjoy. Outer loop is almost 2.5 mi. If you take time to enjoy some of the extra alternate side trails, which are nice.

very quiet trail with beautiful wild flowers at this time of year. the beginning and end felt very secluded. Note that the paths very narrow at some points so wear long socks to prevent ticks.

5 hours ago

This was a great hike, the weather was warm and sunny. The trail is all signal track with lots of switch backs and wends its way along the cliff faces of the bowl. You’re either climbing or descending, very few areas of level walking.
There was a sign warning us of a bridge being washed out and the trail was closed at Wolf creek. Well heading off with the Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Rider spirit. If there is a bridge out we can cross the creek.
The trail started out with several switch backs for a mile and a half. We then crossed over a ridge and entered a bowl.
As the trail went around points and crossing several small creeks all with nice water falls as we make our way around the back side of the bowl. The trail had a few fallen trees nothing too bad, it was very apparent very few people hiked this trail, even as grand as the views were inside the bowl. There was no one else on the trail.
We then reached the North East end of the bowl and started to drop into the Wolf creek valley. This was a steep descend with switch backs. When we reach Wolf creek it was easily cross-able. A functional small foot bridge had been built by other hikers out of small logs.
We reached the trailhead just after 8:00 PM, just as it was starting to get dark. The 10.2 mile hike took just over 6 hours.
6 hours, experiencing truly natural freedom of being as part of nature and as close to with the natural world as person achieve in an afternoon.
The trail was all signal track with lots of switch backs and wends its way along the cliff faces of the bowl. You’re either climbing or descending, very few areas of level walking.

5 hours ago

I would give it 5 stars if I didn't feel I was gonna die on the hike back up! I run 4-5 miles 4 days a week and this was tough!

mountain biking
5 hours ago

Great place to visit!

We started off at the Overlook went down to the bottom and then took climbers loop. It was somewhat of a workout climbing thru the rocks but we had so much fun. We missed the loop and went straight and it dead ended at a waterfall which was gorgeous. Went back the way we came and went back up climbers loop 2nd access and back to the campground. Went 3 miles and it was worth EVERY step!! Loved this beautiful trail!!!