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Took us just about 10 hours, with moderate length breaks on multiple of the peaks and short scattered rests while hiking. Views were excellent, but the summits were a LOT colder than the woods so be sure to dress in layers! Definitely bring gloves, even if it is warm out. There is a lot of up and down in this hike, with very few flat sections. You essentially have to summit 6 times if you do Wright, Iroquois, and Algonquin in the out and back method shown here. I'd definitely do Wright first, because after that the rest of the hike seems easier.

Here's a more detailed timeline of our trip:
Started at 8:00 AM from the Loj trailead.
Got to the sign splitting the Wright and Algonquin trails at about 10 AM. From here it took us less than an hour to summit Wright, but it was steep. The views were not that great, since it was early and too cloudy.
Reached the summit of Algonquin at about 12:15 PM, excellent views at this time. (As expected, the clouds from the morning tend to clear up by around noon.)
From there, we stayed on the peak for a bit and then left for Iroquois. It took us about a full hour (a little less) to get from Algonquin to Iroquois, and then the same to get back to Algonquin again.
We then left the peak of Algonquin at just about 2:40 pm, and arrived at the Loj at about 5:40 PM.
We were going pretty slowly on the way down due to fatigue from the constant ups and downs of the trail.
Also, worth noting that if you have never hiked out of the Loj before try to get there early and be prepared to pay $10 cash for parking. We arrived at 7:30 and barely got a parking spot.

A good hike between the river and the road. Does have you walk on the road for short amounts of time.

This trail needs to be removed. Completely fenced off at one point (by the power line road) and nonexistent if you take the fork after back tracking. Luckily did not go straight at the entrance or we would have gone 2/3 of the way and been blocked. Beware..

51 minutes ago

I went with three other friends early in the morning 9am this fall (totally recommend going in the fall). We stopped a lot for pictures and to catch our breath. (One has asthma). But we still made it up to the Caves in an hour and 45 mins. When we got there, the Caves were underneath so we climbed down to them and it was fantastic! We ate lunch there and it was wonderful weather, once in a while a big gust blows at you but not like you’re going to be pushed around. As a group, we went around the cave to find another one next to it. Be careful, even with good shoes it’s very slippery (dry). We decided to go down what looked like a trial and it lead us back to the original trail. Warning, about 2/3 there’s a fork in the trail. Left side is a very steep cliff that’s about a 9ft drop. It’s manageable if you have people around you. The right also has a small drop and it’s manageable for one person. Over all, the whole adventure took about 4 hours. I’d totally do this again(even going through the steep trail). Makes great memories with friends! Also, I’m not an experienced hiker. I’m mediocre at best. Have fun!

Easy walk. You’ll see some horses as you walk.

I live in Hawaii. The way to the top was not easy for my little sea level legs and because I have no tolerance to the cold, I was a bit chilly. The view from the top was worth every step. Aspens were all yellow and I saw a happy little rat thing that was dope. He looked so happy.

55 minutes ago

We made it to Ouzel Creek - it was about 5 hours RT for us. Gradual incline, but the last mile was rough. That said, incredible vistas at every turn make for lots of little pay-offs before the finish. Recommend.

beeindruckende Bäume

Touristen Touristen Touristen... 30-45 min hin und rück
beste Zeit vormittags oder sunset

59 minutes ago

wunderschön zur Mittagszeit bei stattlicher Guidepreis von 50$pP

anstrengend aber lohnenswert

59 minutes ago

A very nice half day hike to treeline , beautiful views 360. The lake was frozen mid September, and very little snow left on mount massive.

The parking area is clearly marked, however there is no sign that indicates you are at the trailhead of Potash! There is a sign stating you are entering a “preserve,” and right away you see the groomed trail leading up into the woods. A man who was cutting brush just off the parking lot told us a new loop was being constructed for school groups which explained the wider than normal trail. About 1/3 of the way up, the trail splits. Stay left to go to the summit and follow the multicolored trail marker ribbons (pink, orange, blue- just follow the ribbons , the colors do t mean anything lol). The trail becomes more narrow and there are a few minor scrambles to get to the top. The forest is gorgeous! Beautiful views from the summit! My pedometer app tracked us at 3.8 miles round trip. Definitely agree with the “moderate” rating.

Not very dog friendly, muddy. Most of the trail is through a field on planks. Only enough room for one person and u get full sun so it gets hot. I don’t know about this one

A fun little family hike. It was cool to walk around the river and rocks near the waterfall.

1 hour ago

For this Texan with a family of 6 it was pure beauty. The hike up to the peak was moderate and kids did great. I just didn’t realize how afraid of cliffs I am though...lol. The trail at the top on your way down was not marked as well but you can find your footing as long as you keep going (even though at times it looks like your kids are walking over a cliff). There was also a pretty steep dusty slope to get down to finish the loop back to your vehicles but it was fine if you take it slow. Such majestic beauty must be seen though!

Stream and waterfall dried up as of late September. Found a lot of bird action at the 0.6 mile marker just over a 20 ft long wooden bridge. Fall colors were beautiful. Best time of year to take this hike for stream and waterfall is mid-may through mid-June. No road signs leading to the hike. Must use miles on your car to find for first time. Still 4 star because close to city and close to Boulder.

The lakes at the top were crystal clear and really neat to look at.

One of Arizona’s most beautifully, peaceful hikes for sure. The first four miles are relatively easy, after this point though, the stream fades off as you start the truer gain in elevation through switchbacks in the mountain. I took the West Baldy Trail and came back the same way and my watch clocked in closer to 15 miles RT.

Easy but fun hike.

Challenging! Little easy to get lost but just follow your white marks!

1 hour ago

Loved this hike! We hiked late afternoon and there wasn’t too many people in the trail, most of them were coming down. When we got tot the top only saw one other person. It was peaceful, beautiful and just incredible looking over the valley. We didn’t stay for sunset but I would imagine it’s a great spot for the sunset.
A little more difficult trail as you have to climb up the sandstone rocks. If you don’t have hiking shoes it could be slippery and tricky. But otherwise just a steep climb.

Take the loop left (glacier trail first) for awesome views of he mountains. Otherwise you hike down with them at your back. Awesome trail not to steep but a steady hill up/down.

1 hour ago

Beautiful view...if you can get it all to yourself. It was absolutely PACKED when we got to the top. Way too touristy! There was an actual line of like 15 people waiting to get “their perfect photo” on the bridge.
The hike was short and I would say easy. I was disappointed as I thought it would be more difficult or longer. The end has steps up to the top but other than that It was an easy leisure hike.

1 hour ago

I did this hike last summer in June and it was amazing. I hiked this again yesterday (09/23/18) and it’s just as gorgeous as I remembered. This time it was awesome to see the orange and yellow leaves everywhere. Fall in the PNW is my favorite. We found it is the best route to take lower Elliot there and back. It follows the river and has a lot more to see. It isn’t as flat as upper Elliot but it’s worth it.

love this trail

Nice little walk with a very cool waterfall and rock formation.

Overall a very nice trail. I would say a moderate effort to the top as it is all uphill but nothing too bad. The lakes and mountains at the trail end are fantastic!

dogs are not allowed on this trail which is a total bummer but it's for good reason.

This is more of a moderate hike. Not easy especially with little ones but doable.

It gets hot, limited shade and trail can get difficult to track at times. Pro is this trail is before the entrance of the state park even though they maintain it..no fee.

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