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17 hours ago

17 hours ago

trail running
17 hours ago

Very pretty. Very green and leafy, even during the winter time. Good signage. Straight forward trail with lots of steps. Going from north to south is easy, but going south to north you get some elevation climbing. Of course it's not near the level of the Natural Trail at River Place, but it's still a good hike.

There was one section, though, where I thought the trial looked a little thin. Then I noticed the actual trail went to the west (I was going from north to south). The steps were a little overgrown and thus hidden, and people have been taking a short-cut (the "thin trail"). I'd urge everyone to try and stay on the actual trail. It's the smallest little cut-off, but still it's good to keep the actual trail in tact.

17 hours ago

I hiked this loop, or at least most of it, back in about 1980. It was my first week-long, moderate-distance backpacking trip. I was about 13 at the time. What I remember most is sleeping on a granite slab at Hamilton Lakes, the long climb the next day (through the tunnel), the spectacular view from Kaweah Gap, and water slides in Big Arroyo. It was a lot of work to get through that week, but well worth it.

trail running
18 hours ago

Very good trail for trail running.

This trail has a lot of steps, all pretty normal in height, no large step-ups from what I recall. At the north end, it's a lot of open trees, scrub type stuff, with some ups-and-downs. In the middle and the south end, your more in taller, leafy green trees with lots of vines and such.

The trail itself is very well maintained. No getting lost, either, signage is good. At each end rthere's a kisok with the trail map, pics of snakes, and blue walking sticks- trail running you would not have a stick, they're good for hiking. Lots of people there on a Fri morning, so a few times I did have to stop, squeeze by, wait for others, etc. But it was really no big deal.

All in all, great workout, very beautiful, easy to navigate.

I have a question is there fish in the lake

I hiked most of this trail in the summer of 2016 and found it to be a peaceful and leisurely walk most of the way. It was generally shady as we followed the stream, and there were wild raspberries along much of the trail. Quite a treat. It did get a bit warm when we had no shade, but that was only a small part of our hike.
I must have turned around before reaching the difficult part because I thought the hike was almost entirely easy.

Great with the kids. Fun, simple hike, with a nice overlook at the end. Lots of red rock to climb on.

Great conditions today. Expect mud, and watch your step.

Super packed until you get past the falls. Though paved, it's not in good enough shape in some spots for strollers. A baby carrier is ideal if you have a baby in tow.

beautiful. Here's the deal... Trail head is not where it's posted on this website. Go to the dead end of the road. Same lot as Sylvester. No signs, just follow the footpath away from sylvester and it will become apparent that your on the right trail. Incase you care, we crossed the river 180 times there and back.

Nice workout for your legs, lung, and heart. Great panoramic view at the end.

We got lucky and the season went long this year. This hike is spectacular, I prefer this hike over the narrows. If later in the year rent the water shoes and socks to keep your feet warm.