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6 hours ago

Trail is fine, pretty darn well worn. Waterfalls are pretty massive and sweet. Fairly crowded.

Parking is super crazy, wish they had some sort of shuttle around here. Trail is a short burner. Views are great. Wow there are some out of shape Americans—glad to see folks trying it anyway.

Stellar trail. Smoky mountain classic!! Wife and three kids did an amazing job. So fun.

Love this trail for the changes in elevation- it’s great for getting the heart rate up even for slow walkers !

mountain biking
7 hours ago

This is an urban park! As are most MP trails (all but the Triangle, which is off the beaten path), Yellow is heavily trafficked by cyclists, walkers, runners (many with dogs) and is two-way. A bell and call out is advised on blind corners and more often at the busiest times. There are a couple drops that may take a newcomer off guard so heads up...

Great short hike. I was able to make to the tower in about an hour and 15 min. Thank God the road was open. Yes. it is open.

You'd never know you were within Seattle, great place to get lost for awhile.

8 hours ago

Great but crowded place for a walk or a run.

Great scenery, rain or shine... for those who want to swim in the lake...On top the lake (boat, kayak, etc.) cool, in it, oh my no.

8 hours ago

Honestly best enjoyed on a bike and with some patience.

Biking douche bag's recreating a Tour De France time trial , Passive aggressive's unleashing their pent up anger, neck beard's of sweat & stale IPA's, yup it's the Burke.

Loved this hike, especially the last ¼, super beautiful and unique terrain!

8 hours ago

Sorry I was disappointed. First the trail is flat not a hiking trail at all this is a nature trail good for taking a stroll in the evening with the fam or going for your morning run but if you were looking to hike this is not a hikers trail.

My review is based on hiking if that is not your intention and you are just looking for a very short trail to take a stroll along then yes for that purpose this is a nice little trail with birds and views of the lake and even some nice marsh pictures but if you thought it would involve hiking it doesn’t. My review is not a reflection of the trail itself but for what it was advised as involving.

Bottom line it shouldn’t be under hiking since zero hiking is involved.

Beautiful and peaceful. It's Seattle though and the homeless will at times camp out here but in my many, many strolls through here, I've never had an issue with them.

9 hours ago

A great place to take in the water & breath taking views. Bring a blanket and stretch out on the grassy over looks. Nice pieces of history to check out here as well. Sunset viewing, p e r f e c t.

Just like all the other's have mentioned.... great views, great wildlife, very enjoyable hike....could be a bit slick in spots.

9 hours ago

Nice trail, pretty easy to navigate... I'd imagine it might be a bit tricky in the rain. Overall, easy & enjoyable trail.

Great views from atop the bridge, well worth your time to stretch your legs and talk a walk. North side pull out parking is free, every where else is $10 for the day $30 for the year. Free bath rooms at South end parking lot.

9 hours ago

As a kid growing up in NorCal hiking was just what you did on a day off be it to a lake, along a river, to a beach, or some trail in the Sierra’s or Costal range. I happened to have had the added bonus of having avid hikers for parents so the adventures were endless and I personally have hiked everything from “Are you sure we can call that a hiking trail?” to “Okay, am I going to make it out alive?” type trails.

I’m over 40, it’s the end of April so still snow in higher areas, I just had my sneaks on, no polls, and haven’t hiked more than a nature trail in ages. I would say I’m out of shape but that was pretty much my point of coming up here for 10 days and plotting out trails to do every day I was up here. I am getting back into hiking and decided to start off with some easy trails to test the waters of what I felt I could do. I call these trails the “Are you sure that we can really call that a hiking trail?” After a few of those I decided it was time to do a real trail.

Yes this is a real hiking trail it is not a nature trail, not for strollers, babies, tots, or little kids unless that kid is an avid hiker I’d probably go with a well behaved 10 and up who understands the rules of the trails. While it’s not going to kill you it does have some challenges along the way especially if there is still snow on the ground. You don’t need snow shoes but sneaks are probably not the best idea I’d go with an actual hiking shoe unless you plan to only make it to the lower falls or only do the loop (part of the “Are you sure I can call that a hike?” portion of the trail) anything above that grab a backpack, water, hiking shoes, and something to eat once you reach your destination and please be sure to stop, look around, and take in the scenery. There is plenty of wild life around if you stop to pay attention.

There are several places to go once you get further up the trail basically it’s about how far and how hard you want it to get. The higher you go the harder it gets. This is after all one of the entrances to Desolation Valley. However I can’t say it’s well marked as there are points along the way where you have to really watch where the trail picks back up. If your plan is to only make it to Eagle Lake then I’d say even the out of shape hiker should be able to make it to this point. For the avid hiker this part of the trail will be pretty easy. For those with short legs plan for high rock steps and to feel it in your thighs. Do come earlier and definitely avoid the weekends probably summers if you want to find parking and enjoy the trail with less people.

Overall for this out of shape over 40 year old it was perfect for getting back into a sport I’ve long missed doing regularly. It wasn’t boring, it wasn’t a stroll, it did require some thought, it had a good incline, it gave a slight challenge, but it wasn’t so difficult that I had to turn back. It was exactly what I was looking for and the view at the lake was worth the journey.

Hiked to the peak 4/23/18 and ran into 2-3 feet of snow and ice once we hit 9,300. From the cathedral rock trailhead, it’s about 9 miles round trip.. Spikes were huge in helping us hit the top since the switchbacks became hard to follow once we hit the snow. Great views the whole time

I have walked these trails for years...Great veiws, awesome for sunset photography...great for a day trip with the kids not a hard trail at all...

An awesome hike and great adventure...One of the best hikes I have ever been on!!

Super fun trail! Great for walking or trail running.

You can also access Copper Creek Waterfall from the La Costa Oaks side off Camino Junipero Road. Follow the fire road where the large power lines run east, and then catch the trail down into the canyon. There are remnants of the old copper mine, including foundation slabs, mine tails, and even the small entrance to the old mine. A cool little hidden gem, and a nice tiny swimming hole for those brave enough to dip a toe.

Great for dogs! Good parking and beautiful bridge entrance.

Easy walk. Absolutely recommend! Minimal effort for maximum return! We went on a day where it was 104 degrees and the palm trees provided excellent shade.

10 hours ago

Easy walk. Absolutely recommend! Minimal effort for a maximum reward! We went on a day where it was 104 degrees and the palm trees provided great shade.

It’s closed for now according to locals

10 hours ago

Stunning hike along the ridge line - keep heading right to the end (past the first ‘picnic’ spot) for the best view along the coast.

We love to take our pups out here and let them play in the creeks! It’s never been too crowded, moderately easy trail!

Pretty good trail just for fun. Nothing too difficult!

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