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1 day ago

Very easy although some may have altitude acclamation issues. Also, please be respectful as this area is considered sacred to Native American tribes.

Dogs are NOT allowed on this trail, as described. I recommend the full Teton Crest Trail (40m) starting from the Pass / Phillips Trailhead : https://www.alltrails.com/explore/recording/teton-crest-trail--9

Great trail with plenty of room to explore. There's trail maps scattered throughout and some amazing scenery. If you get the chance take this trail in the winter and see the falls frozen. If the water is hard enough you can walk right up to the hidden falls.

After Norris Geyser Basin, we went up the road toward Mammoth, getting out to see a big elk in the meadow, a bison dusting itself next to the road, a coyote crossing the road, and then past Obsidian Cliff and Sheepeater Cliff, where we ate peanut butter sandwiches and had a brief lunch in the van. Sheepeater is a rock formation just like the Devil's Postpile monument in California, formed as basalt lava erupts from volcanic vents and cools, then shrinks and cracks. Sometimes vertical columns form. Well developed columns result from homogeneous lava cooling at a uniform rate - hence, Sheepeater Cliffs. Past Sheepeater the park opens up into a wide plain where we viewed a herd of about eight elk, we saw Bunsen Peak on the right (nice 4 mile RT hike next time), Electric Mountain on the left, and entered the Golden Gate pass from one terrain into the next, from wide plains into a canyon, with a road right along the cliff walls suspended over the canyon. Yellowstone is amazing, with geothermal features, wildlife and lots of exploring to do. And don't forget it's been 60,000 years since it last erupted... enjoy!

Absolutely loved this hike, my favorite so far. Was more challenging than we thought but was accomplished! Give yourself lots of time. Gorgeous views from the peak, and all along the trail.

Killer, but amazing at the top. Worth trying at least once. Something to be proud of accomplishing.

not really a fantastic place to see paintpots. Fountain paint pots are better. Views from the top were good though

Great trail overall. I have seen better waterfalls, but this is still a cool hike. Combine it with biscuit basin overlook and it makes a very great loop trail. Would recomend

A great trail to show the main features of what makes Yellowstone unique. My favorite geyser is Grand Geyser, so if the prediction is close, get over there. it is SO worth it

Hiked this early in the morning with my 3 kids. Short but beautiful hike. Nice forested walk up to the lake. We heard there may be otters here, but no such luck. Definitely recommend this trail.

This is a great way for kids to get their swimming fix! Loads of fun! Swimming shoes may be helpful because the rocks are jagged. Parking may be tough. Definitely worth the time!

Took the boat across Jenny lake to start the hike up to Inspiration Point, which lives up to its namesake! Then you head back into the Canyon which is jaw dropping. We saw picas and a total of four moose. My kids were in heaven. My favorite hike of our vacation to The Badlands, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton!

fly fishing
13 days ago

This range is often overlooked by many. Should be a national park its so amazing.