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Wyoming Map

Not for people unless you want to ford Soda Butte Creek in your boots (or snowshoes as my case was) to get to the pedestrian trail. Go down the road to the Soda Butte Creek footbridge if you want an actual hike. However, a lot of people were stopped in this area for wildlife watching. I only saw bison and moose, but supposedly wolf are often spotted there.

I did an abbreviation of this hike - totaled about 5 miles. We went out to the jumping-rock, which was great.

Did this in mid-July and the lake was freezing (not surprising since it’s fed by glacial runoff).

8 days ago

Nice hike, I’d say the best in the area. Went yesterday and there was a fair amount of ice. I would strongly recommend using crampons/traction devices at this time of year.

Very nice hike with a great view over the lake from the top. We went in mid-June and the snow was waist-deep near the top. Lots of melt made it very, very muddy so plan accordingly depending time of year. Carry bear pepper spray!

Just do it. It's beautiful, easy and underwater geysers are just plain cool. Plus---the Colors!

I have done this Mystic Falls loop three different times of the summer. Mid-to-late June is the best b/c the snow melt is awesome; the water is roaring; and there are small waterfalls that are very nice that are gone by mid-July and thereafter. Every time I go back to YNP, this hike is a Must. A repeat.

Like much of Yellowstone it feels like another planet, simply amazing.

It was a good hike. There was snow and I lost the trail. Eventually crossed a road and down a hill to Bucking Mule Creek. After realizing my mistake, I had to hurry to get to the overlook and back to the parking lot. I saw deer and elk on this walk.

Great hike and took 9&11 year old. They did fine but it did get steep at times. Great view at top. Bear Spray is recommended. We did not have any encounters but they are common in this trail from what we heard.

Easy hike for family. Was able to see a Mule deer bedded down and even had a Fox run past us on the trail which made the kids love it.

This was the first hike we tools our kids on in the Tetons. They loved it. We didn’t see and wildlife but the views were great

Amazing scenery Tetons are fantastic. Kids loved it

Easy hike with kids and great scenery everywhere. Loved this spot.

21 days ago

Catching up on some reviews, so recognize this was done mid-October. Probably my favorite hike of the trip. Felt a bit longer that we were expecting, but that may have been because we were tired from the day and the temperatures were quickly dropping. Anyways, very quite hike and the view was amazing at the lake. I had never seen a lake so still, and reflection of the mountains on the water was a mirror image. Beautiful spot to visit.

21 days ago

Catching up on some reviews, so recognize that this hike was done mid-October. Nice, quite trail with a fair amount of snow. We were warned about bear sightings in the area earlier that morning, but we didn't see any. However, after returning to our car and driving down the road a bit, we did come across a momma bear and two cubs!

21 days ago

Catching up on some reviews, so recognize that I was here in mid-October. Visited for a weekend to escape busy college life, and this was our first hike in the park. Very few people, which was a big plus. Falls were beautiful and already party freezing. On our way back, we went the rest of the way around the lake, not realizing how much longer it would take. Still enjoyable and recommend the hike to any visitor.

on Union Falls Trail

22 days ago

Well worth the hike will do again

This trail is very nice because it takes you to the top of Yellowstone’s most famous waterfall. Looking down you can truly take in the power of the falls. This path is good for all ages and is very easy. Also if you are in this part of Yellowstone I recommend you go to Artists Point for more great views of the falls.

25 days ago

The view from the southern end of the loop is expansive and very pretty on a clear day.

25 days ago

Me and my Dad did this trail when we visited the area a few years ago. Very beautiful and worth the time.

25 days ago

Beautiful in the summer, tons of wildflowers.

Absolutely beautiful hike! The lake was gorgeous and there was wild life a plenty from marmots to elk. We were there in June and had a great afternoon hiking.

We got to the trailhead around sunrise, which I recommend, as we were the first ones to summit but passed many people on the way down. With a good push this hike is very rewarding and worth the effort. We saw mule deer and Pika at the top.

1 month ago

this place is magical ....Grand Teton my favorite Mountain place Ive ever visited so far. I need to come back to do some serious hiking!

Beautiful peaceful trail located within the Rockefeller Preserve. I’ve done this trail 3-4x. One note able time was when we turned a corner and a rather large black bear was sitting on the trail eating berries. Definitely recommend...

1 month ago

Hiked this trail yesterday Feb 3 on snowshoes and it was a great time. Many trees block the wind and very peaceful.

1 month ago

A favorite place to hike into, then take day hikes out each day to many spots. Although the trail is heavily used, it never seemed out of control. We would encounter 1-2 groups only on each trip and briefly.

1 month ago

Nice hiking

Good memories.

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