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Nice walk around Jenny lake with pretty falls. Saw a few chi monks and a marmot.

11 hours ago

We did the salt lick trail loop and it was amazing. The climb up wasn't too hard but got a good work out in and it takes you to the top of a cliff to a beautiful forest with views of the canyon. Took us about 2 hours or less.

11 hours ago

it was super foggy the day we went, but the trail was still beautiful

Beautiful trail and easy but it was long. We went right to start the loop portion of the trail. After we reached hermitage point we walked about a mile/mile in a half and saw a bear and two cubs about 30 yards off the trail. We had to turn around due to the bear being too close to the trail. Had to back track which added on some miles but over all the trail was worth it. Breathtaking views. One tip: wear bug spray

14 hours ago

The hike is not entertaining nor scenic, but the waterfall at the end is definitely beautiful. The trail is very flat so most likely accessible to many. In addition it is open to the sun and can be very hot.

18 hours ago

The hike was gorgeous and well worth it. Short hike but even though it says hard; a large part of the trail is moderate to easy until you get to the overlook. Then the trail gets hard headed down to the water. So even a beginner could see the beautiful lake from the top. There’s also a couple really nice areas to camp. We plan to back pack next time and set up camp.

22 hours ago

Love this hike... close to home and beautiful scenery. I hike it several times in the summer months.

Overall great hike but to many people. It’s the most popular trail in GTNP so it’s expected and worth the views of Hidden Falls. Make sure you stop in on Moses Ponds Trail! We were able to watch a bull moose feed from the pond up close but keep your distance.

Got here at 5:30 a.m. to start my hike. Walked Bradley and Taggart trail, didn't see another person until reaching the trail head. Very peaceful, seen a couple of mule deer, one had a fawn!

We did this trail on our visit to Old Faithful Geyser, at the same time taking in Black Sand Basin, Biscuit Basin and Mystic Falls trails. Amazing trail featuring the abundance of Geysers, Hot Springs, Fumeroles and many pools. Splendid sites , an amazing trip ... not to be missed!

A beautiful hike accessed from Biscuit Basin Geyser. We did the out & back trail to the falls. Stopped a while at the very pretty falls where we had some little squirrels come to visit. We then made our way back to Old Faithful via BIscuit Basin.

Great trail to see the south rim canyon without dealing with the larger crowds

1 day ago

What an epic hike! Completed on 6/21. It was quite an adventure going off the maintained trail (Amphitheater lake trail). The trail is at first easy to follow, but once reaching the first boulder field, it is easy to get off track. There are many routes across the boulder field, but do not be tempted to go left of it. Cross it using your best judgement to route-find, then find the trail that skirts up the far side. There was lots of post-holing above 8700ft once the sun warmed the remaining snow, but there were no snow crossings longer than 50-60ft. I believe the hike was made easier for us by the snow covering the higher boulder fields. My best advice is to be ready to make decisions as it is not always obvious.
I agree with others that this hike is not for everyone, but does give the most unbelievable view of Grand. By far the best day hike I have ever completed.

Nice trail the views were alright. Mostly incline. some people on the trail stated it was more difficult than they expected it would be. I thought it was easy. Maybe difficult for people who new hikers. There were 2 mooses on the trail and falling rocks which almost hit us if we didnt hear the crashing sound. However i recommend this.

I didn't get to complete any long or "hard" hikes due to time restraints (only in yS one day) but this was by far my favorite. great views, seclusion, a good workout, and plenty of pic ops. i was hesitant on doing the whole loop at first but I'm glad I went for it. it feeds off of that hot springs trail which is an extra bonus to start or end your journey.

great hike! a lot of variety and awesome views. went today and there were more waterfalls than I could count.

Snowshoed out to Morning Glory in December and had the entire trail to ourselves, minus a few bison. One of the few times in the year when the area is empty, albeit -10 degrees.

Completed this trail in the winter when it was well below zero. No crowds and a few bison and coyotes in the area.

Probably my favorite short trail in the park. Remarkably beautiful switchback with a lot to see.

Remarkably beautiful shirt switchback trail with active small brook on one side and large river at the bottom.

mountain biking
2 days ago

This is a hiking trail, NOT a mountain biking trail. If hiking, I would have rated it much higher. The scenery was very pretty. We were here in the middle of June, wear bug spray.

The trail is a loop but it was really easy to loose the trail. We met another group who had also lost the trail and had just given up.

We had to re-route a couple times because of bison. Amazing views and once you get past the first mile, we only saw two other people even on a sunny summer afternoon.

Not much incline beautiful views of the mountains and rivers

This is probably a great hike for the late summer when all of the snow pack is gone and the lake is not frozen over. As of June 20, 2018, the last 2.3 miles of the trail was mostly deep snow and the lake was frozen over except some of the edges. Unless you have run out of hikes in the area, skip this one until later in the season. We've experienced better hikes in GT NP. We did see a couple of moose 1/2 mile from the boat dock. A few minutes after we passed through, a black bear was on the trail just six feet from some hikers.

2 days ago

Closed As of 20June2018. Looks like construction

2 days ago

Great overall hike. We went right before Memorial day. Took us ~2 hours, from 9a-11a. Because we set out earlyish, we were the first folks up the mountain that day and could really enjoy the solitude. On the way down we passed ~20 people.

Ascending you can see the Golden Gate, and the terraces at Mammoth.

Most difficult part of the hike was the scree at the top. That said, boots (which we wore) or even tennis shoes should be fine.

If geothermal activity is what you are after, this is the most convenient hike there is in yellowstone. However, true hiking is more my preference (which is why I only give this 3 stars). We actually hiked cascade canyon in the Tetons the same day and it is no comparison (cascade wins in a landslide).

Probably wouldn't do it again, but the walk is easy.

Easy hike. 50s and raining when we went. In late May there was snow on the trail in only a few locations. Pretty quiet this time of year. We only saw three other groups of people over the ~5 miles. Great views of Taggert and Bradley lakes.

One of the best parts of going this time of year was the melting snow made the streams more like rapids.

Hiked this in late May this year. The weather was overcast, 40s-50s, and we were comfortable in just 2 layers. The Jenny Lake portion was nice, relatively level, with some fabulous views. We didn't see another person on the trail until we got to Hidden Falls. That portion was easily passable with scattered snow.

Once we started on the portion of the hike until to cascade canyon most of the trail was snow-covered. At 9a it was quite difficult to find the trail in the rain and fog. In fact, in one area there was no trail and we only reconnected with the formal trail after ~1/2 mile. A compass and map are a must this time of year.

We walked ~midway down the canyon, before turning around. The snow / fog between the mountains was beautiful. If you are considering an early spring hike: Be prepared for deep snow well into June. I wouldn't recommend this hike (at least at this time of year), if you aren't in good shape. Also, if you aren't comfortable crossing snowfields or slush I wouldn't recommend it as early in the year as we went. However, early in the year it was a unique experience and the trails were empty. Over the course of our 8 mile hike we say a total of ~15 people.

One last FYI: The ranger I spoke with before we set out didn't give me accurate information regarding snow depth. We were told the snow was still hip deep. We decided to risk it, and the snow was knee deep at worst in most spots.

3 days ago

This trail is a must this time of year for plant life and flowers. We took on the trail clockwise around the lake detouring a couple miles up Death Canyon. If you look at the lake a as clock face 6 to I o’clock offer the verity of plant and animal life. The vistas were great. As parking is limited arrive early. The good news less parking equals less people.

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