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One of my all time favorite hikes! Make sure to plan accordingly for river crossings, you’ll want to be able to take of long layers/have shorts for wading. Water shoes are a must! Scout hole provides a perfect resting place before venturing back out.

3 days ago

Great short hike with many steps and a fantastic photo opt

5 days ago

Beautiful falls. Got to see a bald eagle come up the river and fly over the falls.

Trail closed :(

Gorgeous waterfall. Very short walk. Very very very crowded.

lots of steps

16 days ago

Trail Closed. 9/30

Great trail with great views the whole way! Was surprised by a grizzly on the trail about 15 yrds from us as we turned a corner about halfway from the inspiration point trailhead. Ended up driving to inspirational point.

road closed middle end of September

24 days ago

Gorgeous view with a minimal walk and some stairs. Absolutely worth it!

Very pretty and worth the steep climb back up. It’s switchback trail that depends 600 feet.

Is quite crowded for most of it but the views are excellent.

1 month ago

August closed

We took the overlook trail up. The switchbacks were tough. It was not very well marked at the top. We, luckily, found our way back to the trail to the falls. Other than that the trail was well maintained. The views were incredible. The falls were spectacular. Overall a fantastic hike.

Not a hard walk. Elevation incline is not huge. We walked counter clockwise which is best I think. Only wildlife spotted was 1 x Llama and chipmunks and squirrels with occasional birds. But beautiful scenery up to Shoshone Lake. Highly recommend.

1 month ago

Just like I dreamed it to be. Gorgeous Yellowstone Falls.

Great hike. The views were amazing. Started at Lower Falls, hiked to Inspiration Point and then back to Grand View and Overlook.

Can’t wait to go back! When I was there, my husband and I hiked a portion of it with our 6th month old which was interesting. It was steep and chilly so we ended up turning around but the views were INSANE! Super pretty place, I don’t think Americans realize how lucky they are to have a country so beautiful as ours! The GC at YST is amazing and everyone should see it! Next time I intend to take my older kids there to hike the entire park!

it is just beautiful. easy walk. sept. very cold in morning

I highly recommend this trial. It takes about 4 hours to do, but its pretty flat. We started hiking at 7am and got back to the car by 11, we took quite a few breaks and took our time at Fairy falls and Imperial Geyser. I was a little worried that walking the full loop was going to be a waste of time, but walking in the open field was well worth it. We came across some bison sitting in the trees next to the trail and elk near Goose Lake. We also took the little path up to the lakes by imperial geyser and saw another bison chilling next to the waters edge. Very peaceful and nice hike, especially in the morning with the fog.

I’ve done the hike 7 times and it’s been worth it every time. Swimming in ouza pools is a party too!

We only hiked the main section. Didn't brave the steps all the way down. breathtaking view and afterwards we saw three bucks in velvet having a little snack.

Trail was a bit confusing and poorly marked at first. Do not head uphill to the overlook if you are wanting to get to Fairy Falls, just keep walking. Once you're on the trailhead, it's marked very well. Fairy Falls was great and the chipmunks were overly friendly. We walked on to Imperial Geyser and back out. Trail gets a bit muddy in sections but for the most part it's flat and well maintained.

great payoff with minimal effort

unreal views. seriously looks like a painting.

Park at Biscuit Basin. The trail starts in the back of the boardwalk around the thermal pools. For the best trip, go to the right where the trail splits after the boardwalk. Then take the loop all the way around. Very strenuous on the way up, but the overlook and falls are incredible!

Hiked starting from the Fairy Falls Trail Head to Fairy Falls. That was about 2 miles with little elevation gain, nothing too bad. Also, the tallest waterfall I've ever seen in real life. At the base of the waterfall I had a very, very friendly Pika get in one of my pictures. This Pika then came up to me after I sat down at the base of the fall, he put his little paw on my thigh and then jumped up into my lap. Sat there for a second before running to my left knee and hoping off and running away. Please don't feed wildlife, you can save an animals life. After that I walked through a forested area, one of the only places on the trail that provides adequate shade, I came up on a hot spring and 2 gushing geysers. The second geyser, Imperial Geyser, was shooting as high as 25 feet and stopped gushing water for about 10 seconds out of 30 minutes (I ate lunch here). There is a "goat" trail that goes up the side of a hill over by the Imperial Geyser. Steep incline in a short amount of time but it's worth it for the view. From the top you can see over to Fairy Falls to the small forests you just walk through, over to the geysers and, if you look to your left, you'll see the "second part" of your hike where you walk through the grassland. While up there watch for moose, there are 2 very large marshy ponds on the top. But watch out for the poop, it is everywhere and it was so fresh I could smell it in the air, but I sat there about 20 minutes and never saw a moose. The trail continues back toward the Fairy Falls and takes a left through a very dense forest, another one of the very few shaded areas on the trail. The trail markers become orange on the new trail. After about a half mile hiking in that the trail then opens up for big rolling, grassy plains. The basin was beautiful. In the basin there are signs of wildlife everywhere, the hoof prints of bison, paw prints from wolves or coyotes and even vultures or hawks can be seen in the basin. You'll pass a few more geysers and vents. Nothing as powerful as Imperial Geyser but still very intriguing. Once you hike all the way through the basin grass area, around 4 miles, the trail takes a right and starts on a road wide enough for a ranger's vehicle but clearly only used for bikes. On this road the grassy basin is still there on the right side but the beauty on this part of the trail is to the left. After about a mile on this road you'll see a big lake to the left and you'll follow it around for quite some time. Next you'll come up on the river, also on the left and about a mile from the lake. With big grassy isles in the middle, grass on the banks of the river and on the other side a thick forest. It seems like the perfect place to see wildlife but again, I sat there for about 20 minutes and never saw any. After that you're back at the Fairy Falls Trail Head.
This trail offers quite a lot in distance that I did not think was too unreasonable. Without going up that "goat" trail to the over look by the geysers, the trail doesn't have any kind of steep inclines or declines. I hiked for a total of 12.8 miles and would recommend for the majority of people.

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