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We started at the Wapiti TH and hiked to Clear Lake, then through the geothermal area, then up to Ribbon lake where we found a good spot to eat lunch. We hiked back the same way. Great trail through, forest, geothermal areas, meadows and beautiful lakes. It really lets you take in some of the varied terrains that YSNP has to offer without the crowds. Very quite, the bubbling of the mud pots and the calls of nearby elk were all we heard.

short pretty trail through dense pines to a Lilly pad-covered lake. lots of mosquitos, but fine with bug spray.

short pretty trail through dense pines to a Lilly pad-covered lake. lots of mosquitos, but fine with bug spray.

short pretty trail through dense pines to a Lilly pad-covered lake. lots of mosquitos, but fine with bug spray.

South Rim trail is closed.

Just hiked in past the suspension bridge down to the river's edge (where one would need to cross to continue the trail) and returned. I think it turned out to be 5 or 6 miles total. Lovely hike, saw many birds, wildflowers, and views of the river from different vantage points. The suspension bridge is obviously very cool as well.

2 days ago

It's a fairly small lake and quite busy, which takes away from the serenity - but it would be quite nice in the early morning possibly. When the water is calm, I bet there are beautiful reflections of the mountains. Was hoping to see more birdlife, but nature doesn't go by my watch!

The hike itself is lovely, but point sublime is not the best viewpoint along this trail. Much better views along the way, so take the time to stop and peek into the canyon and don't just race to the 'viewpoint'.

2 days ago

After being in the valleys and woods of Yellowstone for a few days, it was great to get to the shore and near that big beautiful lake. Easy terrain, saw signs of bears and saw actual bison. The bridge was out (as of early June, not sign/warning posted at trailhead) at the end of the wooded section of the trail, so we just turned back and hiked the way we came for about 4 miles roundtrip, although a person could scale the river/bank if they wanted to.

Beautiful trail. Make sure your shoes are waterproof because it gets a little ‘swampy’. We saw deer, bisons and foxes.

Beautiful hike! From certian areas on this trail, you see parts of Yellowstone National Park that you would not otherwise see. We started at the trailhead by the hot springs and ended up behind Mammoth Spings Hotel. There is an initial increase in elevation the fist half mile of the hike, maybe 400 feet or so, then the trail levels off for a a couple of miles. Toward the end, there is a lot more up and down unitl you reach a breaktaking meadow, perfect place for a picnic! We saw Elk, and various birds, the wild flowers were an amazing display of spring colors! NO beavers in the ponds, but worth the hike!!!

7 days ago

Not much trees, but views were awesome.

9 days ago

Love this hike! I did it alone, thinking I would see many others, but only saw two other groups the whole way. No wildlife the day I went, but evidence of elk, deer, bison and bear. Also, no Beaver dams or beavers at beaver Ponds. No matter, the views were incredible! I’d do this hike again.

An easy hike with some great views. I would not wade into the lake again, though. The leeches were terrible in the summer of 2017.

An easy boardwalk trail but one of my favorite “quick stops” in the park!

Heavily trafficked; takes a while to get around through the crowd, especially if you are interested in photographing the thermals. But extremely beautiful, particularly with the right lighting on a sunny day!!! You just have to put up with a lot of inconsiderate tourists. One guy actually hopped off the boardwalk, touched a pool and was continuing to walk the thin crust area! Thankfully, he eventually listened to the ranger yelling at him to get back on the boardwalk for his safety.

13 days ago

A very easy hike with a light ascent. The lake is very beautiful with Lilly pads. I was half surprised a moose didn't await us at the top. The reason this only gets 2 stars is because the trail just ends on one side of the lake, no option to go further or all the way around it. Another reason was because of all the mosquitos! Large stagnant water=mosquitos. Be prepared, bring mosquito repellant, you will need it.

13 days ago

The view from the top of the valley was one of my favorites. It’s absolutely beautiful at the top.

Beautiful lake. Steep, but short incline.

15 days ago

Nice easy walk


nice hike !

on Slough Creek Trail

20 days ago

Really enjoyed this out and back trail. Hiked to 2S6 for first night. About 9 miles, crossing into Montana. There’s a sign, pretty cool. Hiked back to 2S1 the second night. About 5 miles. Exiting the third day. The trail head and Slough Creek Rd are busy with wildlife watchers, but once on the trail, we didn’t see a single person for three days. Lots of wildlife, especially bison. In my opinion these are the best campsites in the trail. 2S6 is slightly elevated with a great view of the entire valley. 2S1 is right on the Slough Creek. Both sites have direct access to water. Bring your filter or purification tabs. Both have food storage lockers and hanging poles, and fire rings. We did not have any bear encounters, although we did see black bear and grizzly around the park. This is also prime wolf territory. Buffalo are everywhere and not shy. Our trip in late May was risky, but we were extremely lucky with the weather. Raining only at night. No bugs at all. In all, I highly recommend this trail.

22 days ago

Did this hike May 21 (a week ago). We left early afternoon, and luckily had a great day weather-wise, with a clear view for miles. We ran into a few patches of snow and mud, but nothing not easily navigable with poles and regular boots.

Hike begins in woods, then you begin climbing the mountain via a series of switchbacks. You navigate a fairly steep expanse of scree before reaching the summit. Round trip took about 4 hours. Trail is easily visible and was pretty highly trafficked. Some careful foot placement was required given trail conditions, but this hike seems more on the “medium” end of the spectrum.

3 stars for crowds, and because the views from the summit aren’t particularly outstanding given what’s on offer at the park, and accessible via less painful means. It’s a good workout for sure, and definitely a nice way to spend a half-day.

We hiked this in late May and found it to be a great little trail. You go through a variety of scenery including pine forest, birch grove, woodland meadows and streams, small lakes and ponds, and open sage brush. There were lots of animals and birds about including elk, deer, bear sign, and a badger. Ducks, grouse, and a variety of song birds were abundant. The hike has a steep beginning but the majority of the hike has little or gradual elevation change. No mosquitos!

Not a lot of “majestic” views, but lots of variety and wildlife. Recommended for kids!

Short hike including a lake, a meadow, and the ocean

Incredible!!! No beavers but was our favorite part of our 3 day stay in Yellowstone.

Great hike.. awesome views .. suspension bridge.. remember the bear spray!!!

Short steep climb at the start then levels off to trout lake. Good amount of traffic in the afternoon. We saw a moose near the start of the trail.

Nice hike with a steep climb at the start then leveling out through thick trees. Saw elk, deer, chipmunks and ground squirrels for days. Beaver pond had a couple of abandoned beaver dams but no beavers. Great views of the canyon.

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