Tiny parking lot, short but beautiful. The lake is small but there are fish. Had the trial all to ourselves. The mountains and meadows reflecting off the lake didn’t look real. It was perfect. Accidentally walked up the backside of the lake straight into a sunbathing bison. He was nice. I backed away slowly and all was well. Thank you for hospitality and not trampling me mister or miss or gender neutral bison! Happy trekking.

Got off track a little but it was beautiful! Loved the falls

Great trail, walked from the parking lot. Had a variety of sceneries. Snow, rocks, cool trails, trees, bridges, live animals, and water falls. First time hiking this trail. Worth the hike to the top. Great view of the lake. Was about 7 miles but easy. Even saw a moose on the way back.

We did this as a family of 17 last summer with 9 kids ages 7-14 and it was fantastic!! It’s wooded a good part of the way, so not overly sunny but bring your really good mosquito spray! Between Fairy Falls and Imperial geyser was a big field where buffalo had clearly been recently (but none when we were there) so there was fresh-ish scat that was a BIG hit with all of the kids. There were mud pots as well. Highly recommend!

Bear tracks

Did this hike in late July. Long but the falls and hot springs are worth it. Bugs were bad that time of year, so anticipate that.

Gosh am I ever thankful the USPS made this whole trail ADA accessible.

When in Rome... yes just walk the mile and go see the thing. Then treat yourself to a huckleberry lollipop in the government-subsidized gift shop.

Really neat hike. the elevation let's you see the steam from a ton if geysers and its wicked to watch. Would recommend.

some of the best natural features in the continental US. highly recommend.

some of the lake is steaming from the underground volcano

Great trail and even better Instagram photos. Hiking is all about social media validation anyways.

Last hiked June 2018. Awesome hike, fairly easy. We did get a huge windstorm on our way back that had us terrified with several of the old, burned pine trees falling all around us.

I’ve been coming back here for the past 4yrs and it never gets old! Super easy walk

Visited 10/19... was amazing to witness old faithful and the geysers were beautiful. However.... sooooooo many disrespectful people. Witnessed way too many people throw their trash on the ground, and cigarette butts wherever. Obviously this isn’t the parks fault, but seeing this made me super annoyed Anyways, I wouldn’t consider it a “hike” but it was a super easy and relaxed walk!

Easy hike to the lake. Great opportunity for bird watching.

Hiked in summer during trout spawning. Go early to avoid the crowds, the pull off for parking is small.

Super cool but like almost all Yellowstone trails, extremely crowded

Mini backcountry camp. Very muddy around lake. Be ready for mosquitos.

cross country skiing
2 months ago

This trail was my first overnight hike ever! It was beautiful! The thermal features getting to the lake were also a treat!

nice little impromptu stop during our day trip

One of my favorite snow shoe treks in the park. Absolutely stunning!

washed out
4 months ago

Did it in July 2018, the hike was difficult, needed a few stops on the way up. The part throught the foreat was amazing. It was very windy on the top.

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