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Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming Map
1 day ago

Right at the south entrance. Little bit of a scramble down, but a beautiful waterfall

The water was so warm and it felt so good the place is awsome.

it was amazing I recommend you try it you see some pretty cool stuff while walking the trail.

2 days ago

awsome place to go the view was amazing and it was all around awsome.

love that trail! many boyscouts use this trail some days alot of people hiking. guess that goes with beautiful places
many wild flowers and a perfect place to ride horses!

7 days ago

I give it a 4 for imperial geyser. If you only go to the falls it’s a 3.

7 days ago

I give it a 4 for imperial geyser. If you only go to the falls it’s a 3.

12 days ago

Love this hike! We did this in early September and had the Falls and Trail all to ourselves. It beautiful! We highly recommend you do this hike.

12 days ago

Loved this hike!!! We did this hike in late August (absolutely no bugs). It’s long but worth every single step. Plan for water crossings. Also, I think the trail is longer than 15 miles. Our GPS had us well over 19 miles. We highly recommend this hike.

great look at many habitats with many bird species. highly recommended for anyone looking for a day hike and wanting to see some Backcountry.

Beautiful but very crowded in June.

This will be a historical review- but this trail is where my love of the back county was born. As a young boy scout in the early 1980s I would hike to the bottom of the canyon each July for the salmon fly hatch and catch as many native cutthroat trout as my flies could handle before they became an unrecognizable snarl of orange pipe cleaners and hackles. Seven Mile Hole will forever be my Mecca.

23 days ago

Only did about 3 miles of the trail due to construction closures

Sweeping meadow views, mud pots, forest lakes, canyons &waterfalls- great hike to get a taste of Yellowstone and avoid parking headache at Artists Point.

nice easy hike

amazing hike!! body view from the top.... windy as all get out. keep ahold of your hats lol

over grown
1 month ago

Did this hike with group of 5 July of 2018. Good hike and challenging first couple miles because it’s all uphill. Trail says it’s 7.6 miles to the lake but my phone tracked more around 10 miles. Unsure whether it was accurate but it definitely felt longer than 7 miles. It’s super easy to miss the OE1 campground so right when you hit the lake keep your eyes open. You will need a back country pass to stay overnight so go to the visitor centers ranger station. Will cost you like 3 dollars to camp.

1 month ago

Did this a couple of years back. Amazing hike with amazing views at the top. Not an easy hike so very rewarding once completed.

2 months ago

Did this hike a little too close to dusk. Passed plenty of people who said they had not seen much in the way of wildlife, but our experience was much different. We saw a herd of elk running through a nearby meadow and a badger scuttling across the trail right in front of us. We did not make it to the ponds, however, because we came across a brown bear about 2.5 miles in. It was on the trail 25 yards ahead of us before we ever saw it, and we did not have bear spray. We immediately hiked up the ridge to distance ourselves, and luckily the ol' bear continued on its way without giving us a second thought. We turned around and went back out the way we came. Fantastic scenery and wildlife, but be smarter than I was!
(1) Do not start a hike at dusk. (2) Carry bear spray. (3) Hike in a group of three or more. (4) Follow any other guidelines provided by park personnel.

Bizarre is the only word for this place...not like the rest of Yellowstone at all. Definitely recommend.

Great great view...a little crowded but still pretty awesome!

Much less crowded than the rest of the park with some unique features in here.

Freaking awesome...crowded but not too bad...being a little bit off the road helps.

Classic...not a necessarily a hike but it’s super amazing still.

The lake behind the geysers made it that much more interesting...one of my favorite geyser basins.

2 months ago

Watching Old Faithful from the side or back away from the small winter crowd was surreal, allows you to feel and hear the geyser. Pretty stream and access to many more thermal features. Yellowstone is awesome in the winter!

Loved it! Way back up is tough but well worth the view at the bottom!

Best place to see the paint pots in Yellowstone!

Beautiful but very crowded

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