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Sunday, May 28, 2017

First of all, this trail is rated as moderate. Can't give ya a bigger nerp on that. If you're in tip top physique, ya probably not that bad. But if you're the average American who works an office job and still eats gluten when no one is looking, be advised, YOU WILL BE SUCKING WIND. This trail is STRAIGHT UP with very little relief for over two miles. My husband and I were hiking with decently heavy packs and were stopping often to catch our breath and rest our legs. That being said, this is a nice trail, well worn, easily followed, great views. We went in late May, wildflowers everywhere. It was lovely. We only saw maybe two other couples on the trail, so that was nice. Bring a jacket no matter what time of year you go, wind is strong and chilly when you get close to the top. Would likely do it again. Just wanted all the other people like me to be aware that this trail is not as moderate to the average joe as the description depicts ;)