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Easy and flat. Unfortunately had to cut it short about two miles from the point because of beer sighting.

This is a beautiful trail with great views along the way of the mountains, meadows covered in wildflowers, and the lake views most of the way. It’s not full of solitude unless you go early, but we still had some quiet sections. We also went up the Paintbrush Divide trail up to the lower camping zone and passed some lovely rapids enroute. It gets you a bit more elevation so if you want to keep it easier just stay on the String Lake loop. A really nice day hike!

I believe the difficulty rating of hard may be a mistake, as this path is completely flat. It begins at the Colter Bay Marina and follows Jackson lake and then Swan Lake. It’s buggy and marshy and beautiful but not challenging at all- fine for kids. There are several branches and unmarked forks so bring a map or this app for reference!

Quite an easy walk with a great view of the mountains, stream, lake and forest. Has a good mix of shade and open areas, has mosquitoes and can be crowded.

Beautiful trail and easy but it was long. We went right to start the loop portion of the trail. After we reached hermitage point we walked about a mile/mile in a half and saw a bear and two cubs about 30 yards off the trail. We had to turn around due to the bear being too close to the trail. Had to back track which added on some miles but over all the trail was worth it. Breathtaking views. One tip: wear bug spray

6/17/19. Easy walk starts off with nice views of Jackson Lake. Lots of wildflowers and wildlife. Be prepared for mesquites in the interior portions where the breeze dies down. We detoured from the AllTrails map to Swan Lake. It was beautiful. Covered in water lilies with yellow flowers just beginning to bloom. We also saw swan and other waterfowl. To this point and back would make a good family hike. Continue on for the adventure.

1 month ago

Excellent trail with incredible views! Not strenuous and well worth it. We were treated this afternoon to a bear killing a baby deer or elk right on the trail. It was amazing to witness in person, a little scary, but definitely incredible to witness.

saw 2 grizzly bear the paint brush canyon intersection.

Not worth it. The ponds are nice, but hiking 4.5 extra miles through dense, beetle infested new growth forest just for another view of Tetons isn’t worth it. Plus motor boats blasting music. Plus the NPS description of the trail says it has wetlands. Do not expect high quality emergent or forested wetlands anywhere along trail - just small buffer around the ponds. The only interesting thing was that there were a lot of chocolate lilies in the scrubland areas. Just rent a kayak and paddle the shore. You can access heron pond, hermitage point and more by boat much more easily.

The views!

Nice hike that took us about 4 1/2 hours to do. Lots of animal tracks all along the trail. Multiple bear scat and had a moose on the trail. It has great views of the Tetons at the halfway point. Make sure you hike with others on this one due to the amount of bear and moose activity on the trail.

It is an ok hike dense forest limited views it was secluded ok , Very flat. St least it seemed that way

Easy hike for family. Was able to see a Mule deer bedded down and even had a Fox run past us on the trail which made the kids love it.

Easy hike with kids and great scenery everywhere. Loved this spot.

This was likely our least favorite hike from our Tetons trip. The length doesn't bother me if there is pay off, but unfortunately it just wasn't there. The first 2-3 miles of the hike around the ponds and lakes on the peninsula are nice (we saw deer, beavers, falcons, storks), but after that it's mile after mile of wooded hiking with not many views of the Tetons or the water. The "point" didn't have too many places to settle in and enjoy, and with all the motor boats speeding around it didn't seem all that serene or earned. This trial also had hoards of mosquitoes as compared to the rest of the park (in late July, early morning).

Easy walk. We had a grizzly cross in front of our path this afternoon!!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Beautiful views along the North rim. Be sure to travel with the lake on your left for stunning views of the Tetons with wild flowers littering the trail. Woodsy areas are very buggy, definitely bring bug spray. Great experience, highly recommend! We started at the trailhead off Wilderness Access Road and forgot to turn the tracker off when we drove out which is why the end point goes beyond the start point.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Gorgeous views but much of the tail is underwater and it's a bit confusing if you want to walk the perimeter. Would recommend going to the hidden falls or just wandering around

Monday, June 12, 2017

fantastic views of the valley and lakes. our 5 year old was able to hike the whole thing.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Pretty scenery with an easy trail

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Decided to do this trail including the North and South side of the lake. Not a great hike for views of what appears to be a beautiful lake. We came in from the Pacific Creek Road marker and started with the North side of the lake. Overall this had better views but those were limited. After about 6 miles and now on the South Trail we had lunch at the overlook. Nice views.

South Trail in my opinion was a total waste. Only 1 spot to take pictures of the lake. The rest was a hike in heavily wooded area.

The area is heavy with mosquito's so check with the locals as to the time they are in.

Positive: The trail is fairly easy to navigate and the park service is doing a great job on tree removal. Moderate is a fair rating for the trail as far as elevation change and length.

If there were more views and access to the lake it would be a great day hike.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Just wow!!!!!!

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Great views. Flat trail without elevation.

Friday, June 02, 2017

Did the entire loop with lunch at the point. Saw only a few hikers on the trail today. Trail offers some wide area's were horses share the trail. ( only saw them on the way back). Grizzly with two cubs were reported the day before in the first section but we saw nothing the entire hike. The trail has several ways to hike it and offers some great views of the Tetons.

For the most part the trail I would have rated as easy. It is wide and somewhat flat with an easy grade elevation. It does get moderate in some area's and the trail becomes narrow.

Wild flowers are just starting to pop and there are some great area's to get some color in. Some of the trails has area's under restoration. Trail had been cleared recently by the park service. All in all I will add this to my favorite list.

on String Lake Trail

Friday, June 02, 2017

Great easy trail. Gives plenty of reflections of the Tetons. Still a few snow banks on the trail but still worth the walk.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

We walked the Hermitage Point Trail early June starting on the western side via Herron Pond, Hermitage Point then back east to Swan Lake and Colter Bay. Took about 4.5 hours including lunch at a slow pace. Highlights were Herron Pond with beaver? dam, water lillies, eagle, geese, ducks, herron, a woodpecker and the views at Hermitage Point. The 2.2 mile section between Herron Pond to Hermitage Point was pretty dull through pine forest but the eastern side from Hermitage Point to Swan Lake was a bit more varied with ups and downs and glimpses of creeks, meadows, and mountains. Sadly the track diverted away from Swan Lake fairly quickly back into pine with glimpses through to the lake - just enough to hint at all the amazing birds and beavers you're missing.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

It is about a 8-10 mile loop that allows for amazing mountain views and lots of animal sightings. Saw lots of bear tracks and scat. Saw a moose and definitely scared something else up.

great lake & mtn views with slight elevation changes..long hike & a bit mundane at times..well worth the blister!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I went here a few years ago late August. Ranger told us to look out for Grizzlies, though we didn't end up seeing any. Crossed a few little creeks to get there and there was a bear box nearby the actual spring. The source is on a slope that rolls into a shallow creek. The spring was hot and the area is nice as there wasn't any other people around in the gorgeous meadow.

I've heard of people xc skiing to the site when there is snow, probably would be another nice experience.

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