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Easy and flat. Unfortunately had to cut it short about two miles from the point because of beer sighting.

This is a beautiful trail with great views along the way of the mountains, meadows covered in wildflowers, and the lake views most of the way. It’s not full of solitude unless you go early, but we still had some quiet sections. We also went up the Paintbrush Divide trail up to the lower camping zone and passed some lovely rapids enroute. It gets you a bit more elevation so if you want to keep it easier just stay on the String Lake loop. A really nice day hike!

It was a fantastic trail with panoramic views at Grand Point.

I believe the difficulty rating of hard may be a mistake, as this path is completely flat. It begins at the Colter Bay Marina and follows Jackson lake and then Swan Lake. It’s buggy and marshy and beautiful but not challenging at all- fine for kids. There are several branches and unmarked forks so bring a map or this app for reference!

Quite an easy walk with a great view of the mountains, stream, lake and forest. Has a good mix of shade and open areas, has mosquitoes and can be crowded.

A nice secluded trail with a lovely view - would definitely do again. Was less crowded than many other hikes we did in the Tetons

nice hike....although after getting to the top you don't need to continue on, unless you are like me and love climbing up n down mountains

Not a lot to the hike beyond the viewpoint of any interest

Nice and easy walk with beautiful views

Beautiful trail and easy but it was long. We went right to start the loop portion of the trail. After we reached hermitage point we walked about a mile/mile in a half and saw a bear and two cubs about 30 yards off the trail. We had to turn around due to the bear being too close to the trail. Had to back track which added on some miles but over all the trail was worth it. Breathtaking views. One tip: wear bug spray

6/17/19. Easy walk starts off with nice views of Jackson Lake. Lots of wildflowers and wildlife. Be prepared for mesquites in the interior portions where the breeze dies down. We detoured from the AllTrails map to Swan Lake. It was beautiful. Covered in water lilies with yellow flowers just beginning to bloom. We also saw swan and other waterfowl. To this point and back would make a good family hike. Continue on for the adventure.

Beautiful view of the Teton’s...

1 month ago

Excellent trail with incredible views! Not strenuous and well worth it. We were treated this afternoon to a bear killing a baby deer or elk right on the trail. It was amazing to witness in person, a little scary, but definitely incredible to witness.

saw 2 grizzly bear the paint brush canyon intersection.


1 month ago

Easy paved walk to see wildlife in Willow Flats below. There is an unpaved trail that spurs off at the top of the hill, but I did not have time to explore it. I went early in the morning and saw moose, elk, and golden eagles. Though I did not see any, bears are supposed to frequent the area as well. The plagues dotting the trail are very informative.

1 month ago

Nice easy hike. We used this as a starter hike to make sure we were okay in the altitude. The lakes are very peaceful, and once you get off the paved portion of the trail, the crowds thin out.

This trail was a great way to explore the park. The trailhead is off a dirt road making the trail less visited then others. Since we were starting in the early afternoon, we started on the north side to be able to return on the south side in the shade. Though we did not see any active wildlife (besides geese and swans) we did see numerous tracks for elk, moose, deer, bear, mountain lion, wolves, and coyote. If you can handle the hike to the top, the spur to Grand Viewpoint is well worth the effort. However it is 1.3 miles of incline, the first part which appears to be straight up, so may not be for everyone. With the trip to Grand Viewpoint, our total hike was 8.8 miles and my husband, who is not a regular hiker, was struggling for the last mile.

Not worth it. The ponds are nice, but hiking 4.5 extra miles through dense, beetle infested new growth forest just for another view of Tetons isn’t worth it. Plus motor boats blasting music. Plus the NPS description of the trail says it has wetlands. Do not expect high quality emergent or forested wetlands anywhere along trail - just small buffer around the ponds. The only interesting thing was that there were a lot of chocolate lilies in the scrubland areas. Just rent a kayak and paddle the shore. You can access heron pond, hermitage point and more by boat much more easily.

The views!

Nice hike that took us about 4 1/2 hours to do. Lots of animal tracks all along the trail. Multiple bear scat and had a moose on the trail. It has great views of the Tetons at the halfway point. Make sure you hike with others on this one due to the amount of bear and moose activity on the trail.

It is an ok hike dense forest limited views it was secluded ok , Very flat. St least it seemed that way

Easy hike for family. Was able to see a Mule deer bedded down and even had a Fox run past us on the trail which made the kids love it.

Easy hike with kids and great scenery everywhere. Loved this spot.

From the north end of Jackson Lake, we approached Yellowstone on the Roosevelt Hwy through Bridger Teton National Forest, a big lodgepole pine forest, with many trees hit by fires appearing like giant toothpicks. We arrived at the south gate to Yellowstone just as (on the first day of summer, mind you) it began to SNOW! We passed by Lewis Canyon and Lewis Falls in the snowstorm, but couldn’t halfway see it and deemed it as a must-stop on our return visit (we also missed Moose Falls and the Dime Creek pullout). Finally, the snow eased off and we arrived at the Lewis Lake area, which was beautiful as the sun glistened on the snow-covered lodgepoles. Our first crossing of the Continental Divide at 7988 feet was quite interesting and exciting with the changing topology and weather. We reached West Thumb Geyser Basin (turning out to be one of our favorites) ahead of the snowstorm. On our return trip we had great weather and made a stop at Lewis Falls. Great drive, and GTNP and YNP make a great combination sight-seeing adventure.

10 months ago

An easy, mostly flat hike around the lake. It's beautiful and perfect when you want a mellow, but longer walk.

10 months ago

This is really a beautiful hike if the sun is setting. We saw a frog while walking and were immersed in trees. Dirt path for most of it while on the island.

Did this hike to hurricane pass in one day. It took us about 9.5 hours to complete and we were able to catch the shuttle boat both ways and we started at about 7:30 or 8 am. The hike ended up being a little over 20 miles. This trail was very strenuous but worth all of the struggle. The view of the back of the tetons was breathtaking. Saw three moose in Cascade canyon on the way back. There is so much life and an abundance of water on this trail! Amazing hike!!! I will try to top the view for the rest of my life and probably fail. I hope to do it again but maybe make it an overnight next time lol.

11 months ago

Decent walk for beginners by the Lakeshore.

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