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Loved this hike! Views are incredible — you pass by Taggart Lake with amazing reflections of the mountains on the water, but you also get to see wide open plains, woods, the remnants of a fire, and lots of beautiful wildflowers. The trailhead says this is easy to moderate, and there are a few climbs along the trail that are definitely more moderate than easy. This hike gives you a little bit of everything and should definitely be on your list!

23 hours ago

A great family hike with incredible views! Don’t let the mileage deter you - it’s an easy walk and very rewarding.

did this with string lake for a great morning hike last week - start early. part of trail was closed due to rockfall so did not see hidden falls but scenary made up for it! was a zoo by the time we left at 1pm but had time for a quick dip of the feet in the lake (great after 18km) before getting out of the chaos! long but very easy - nothing technical and no major climbs so just a really nice morning hike.

Easy to moderate great day hardly a cloud! The view at top is other worldly! Walking through the Lodgepole pines is outstanding! It is July and everything was in bloom. GPS said it is 8.3 miles but trail markers show 3 each way! The smell of the pine was most excellent!

on Holly Lake Trail

2 days ago

Beautiful hike! Beware the trail was well marked until we hit the snow, with the snow melting prior foot tracks had disappeared, we finally found the trail by watching out for hikers that were way ahead of us. The map I had printed from All Trails didn't show the two lakes, we realized that we only made it to the little pond, not the actual Holly Lake that was not too much further ahead. Hiking poles and plenty of drinking water recommended!

MOST UNDERATED TRAIL IN GRAND TETON!!!! Was a good hike up to the top! Nicknamed little asskicker this trail is short but super steep to the top! Views were expansive and well worth the climb. If you have a little time this one is worth it!

Amazing views the whole way! Definitely at the top of my favorite hikes list and I’m looking forward to going back up in the future!

Not technically difficult: the trail is always obvious (except, see below) but often has lots of rocks embedded in the it. Use trekking poles! What makes this very strenuous is that you are always climbing. Look at the elevation gain over the course of the trail.

Even in late June, there can be snow at the higher elevations. We hiked this June 26, 2018, and had more and more snow as we got toward the end of the switchbacks. For the last stretch, after the switchbacks, we were simply tracking over 4 to5 feet of snow. If that isn’t awesome, I don’t know what is!

Take plenty of water, and tracking polls. Snow or not, they will be your best friends.

A FANTASTIC day hike for those who want to see the try beauty of the Tetons. Hiked this on July 12th for my 50th bday with 2 families age ranged from 14-53. Very well maintained with a nice constant grade. Took 3 hours at a leisurely pace up to the lakes and 2 hours down stopping to look for animals. Saw several including marmots , dear and a baby bear on the lower part. Didn’t start until 10 am so shroud have packed a little more water or a filter to take some for the lake. A single hiking pole also would have helped for the down hill.

Awesome hike!! We had only planned to do Cascade canyon, but when we reached the fork, we didn’t quite feel like that was a good location to turn back, so we decided to head towards the lake. About 0.5 miles after the fork, the trail opened up and the views of the Tetons were just unbelievable. It was one of the most incredible places I have ever seen. There were some campsites in the area, next time i would definitely stay overnight just to enjoy the view for longer. The lake was partly frozen, but we dipped our feet in. On the way out, we saw a grizzly mom and cup on the trail. There were enough people around to be safe. Regardless, I would highly recommend to bring bear spray.

We were disappointed to find that this trail is no longer dog friendly. We only made it about 0.3 tenths of a mile till it became Yellowstone National Park land.

Fabulous hike with great views!!

If you are in GTNP for a few days, there are plenty of better trails to explore. However, it's flat and easy compared to the rest. Taking the trail around Jenny Lake would be a better option.

This was a moderate hike with great views of he Grand Tetons. Great for a family or couple hiking. Multiple trail runners on this hike. Start early to avoid the heat.

9 days ago

It was a good little hike, pretty easy but the water felt awesome after a hot day! I don't get why people say the water is cold, they have never felt Maine ocean before! But to sum it up, expansive views of the Grand Teton and Middle Teton. Just be aware of wildlife on trail came pretty close to a moose that was territorial, this was an awesome day in the park. Grand Teton NP never disappoints!

Only go to do about 4 miles of the trail since the rest was closed off. Very easy with some good views of the mountains and lake.

Easy trail. Not very well marked at the end. Had to turn back. Still nice spot for lunch and beautiful views of the Tetons.

So beautiful! We took a couple of detours to see waterfalls. Lovely walk around the lake.

Definitely start this hike early, switchbacks can get long and tiresome but entirely worth it. Done this hike 3 times at the ages of 8, 10, and 18 so it can be done at a wide range of ages so long as children are aware and monitored. Saw three bears right away and a cub on the way back down.
First two times were in mid-late June and there was still a fair amount of snow but the last time (mid July) we were able to make it to Amphitheater no problem. Stunning views of the summits from the lake which is also a prime spot to stop for lunch. Good mix between shaded areas, open flower meadow, and rocky terrain. A hike for everyone!

It was fun there was a bear at the creek but we scared him off

Did the trail on the 7th of July so it was pretty busy but still quite enjoyable. Our group did the entire loop in just under 5 hours including stops. We chose to get the climb done first so we headed clockwise around the lake from the Visitors Center. Wish I had bought swimwear to take a dip after we finished.

Take your swimmers for the brave! We loved it. Great, easy loop with refreshing dip at the lake in the middle. Not for the fair hearted. The dip that is, the walk is perfect for kids 9 and 7.

Took the boat across the lake. Ride was quick but the captain was entertaining and gave us some trail info. Hidden falls was awesome. Disappointed we could not hike to the cascade canyon trail because part of it is closed.

Epic day hike! The elevation gain is a bit over what all trails stares and I won’t lie is it a grinder! But SO worth it. My girlfriend (who just did an iron man a few weeks ago- yes it was PAINFUL keeping up w her) and I did it in 3hr40min w a 30 min lunch break and a slower than normal pace due to me being out of shape. Obviously people were taking more time so you can stretch it out all day! Also all trails neglects to mention that you are at the base of Teton peak.. aka the biggest peak of the Tetons. So if you are wanting to get up in em this is the hike for you! We went July 4th weekend so it was crowded- but there is plenty of trail for all’s. Enjoy!

Excellent hike. Did this one in mid-June 2018. Great views throughout, particularly after the junction. Ran into a lot of snow about 1.5 miles from Lake Solitude, but doable with poles. The lake was mostly frozen over, but the views ...

Very easy trail with the beautiful views of the lake. We completed it for 1.5 hours, but stayed lots of times to take photos.

16 days ago

Taggart Lake Trail is a great combination of forest, field, streams and the lake. Great, beautiful vistas of Taggart Lake once you arrive at the lake front. Additionally, we had the pleasure of a Momma Moose and baby cross our trail. Spectacular hike!

17 days ago

Such a beautiful trail. Be aware that when we hiked it we hit snow that made it a bit tiresome near the finish to Holly lake. When hiking in the snow be cautious of pockets that will bury your leg up to the hip unexpectedly. When going down avoid the snow and use the boulders.

17 days ago

Nice hike around Jenny lake. I started at the south visitor center and went towards string lake before wrapping around to hidden falls and inspiration point-which unfortunately was closed. The views were beautiful and I started the trail about 7 am, not too busy.

17 days ago

My wife and kids loved this hike. Its nice being close to the river and small waterfalls all the way up. Nice lake with some peaks in the background. Its also a very short and easy hike. I think you can find better views at Jenny Lake but Taggart is great.

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