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2 days ago

last part of the long journey coming from Dutch Joe Creek area

29 days ago

Beautiful hike. Uphill all the way to the falls but not extremely strenuous. Falls we’re really low (mid September) but I still went off the slide and we had a blast! Water was so cold but the slide is a must-do. A little scarier than I was expecting but worth it. There were maybe 4-5 groups of people who came and went while we were there. Sunbathed on the big rocks after going down the slide. Beautiful and peaceful little spot!

Great day for a hike. trail is kept in good shape. Beautiful area.

1 month ago

We went up to see where the water appears and where the gigantic fish ate, then went up on the loop trail. We saw a Grizzly which looked at as, thought a second, then turned and bounded down the trail away from us. We turned around and went back to let the ranger know and not press our luck.
We then went down to see the sinks that disappear into a cavern. It was a beautiful hike and well worth the drive. The information posted along the trail was highly informative and interesting.
FYI We will be buying bear spray for our next hikes in the area.

I'll be posting our outing on my blog and YouTube channel. www.tgitrailtime.wordpress.com

Great hike. Was fogged in nearly all the early part up the switchbacks and then cleared off as we came over the top. Beautiful area.

Me and my family went on a hot July day, and it was definitely worth it. When you get to falls there are many spots to get your feet wet or even brave a swim in the powerful waterflow. There's one spot in particular where the water slides down a big smoothed rock and into what appears as a natural pool. This is a popular swimming area. Beautiful summer wildflowers, lots of wildlife, and gorgeous views of the canyon.

Easy, great trail. Beautiful scenery. I would recommend it and do it again.

2 months ago

We opted for the Middle Fork Falls trail that starts from Bruce's picnic area at the end of the Sinks Canyon Road. A wonderful moderate trail (easy for the fit and kids) with beautiful wildflowers in mid-July and views along most of the trail. Photos of the series of waterfalls at trail's end don't do it justice. Plenty of water volume this year makes them all very picturesque. Also, we saw people wading in several side pools that looked safe and very tempting on a hot day.

3 months ago

Moderate hike, pretty difficult towards the end but a gorgeous scenery and lots of lakes.

3 months ago

Great little hike with nice views of the Popo Agie and the canyon the whole way. The falls and rock slide are beautiful. Took us about 2 hours from start to finish--with lots of stopping for photos and about 20 minutes spent at the falls.

Great for novices. But don't let that fool you--yesterday I spotted a rattlesnake on the trail. Come prepared with standard back-country survival knowledge and equipment.

4 months ago

We really enjoyed this short hike. Great views all around and some nice shade in the forest. Call into the visitor center for good info on the area.

Powerful falls with many great viewpoints along the way.

Beautiful falls. Especially powerful after a wet spring.

Such a beautiful hike, we’ certainly be back again! I loved that our dog could come too and there were plenty of spots for her to get a drink!

4 months ago

June 8: Began at Bruce’s Parking Lot, walking out about 1.5 miles, then returning. Profusion of wildflowers, essentially flat. A beautiful stroll.

I do this hike 3/4 times a year and it never gets old! If you want an adventure go up in the winter and check out the amazing ice.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Great hike. Not much shade. But, the falls were beautiful. Just past the good falls view is a pool and rock slide, if you are daring enough. Water a bit chilly, but welcomed!

With some minimal corridor maintenance and if your prepared for the bugs easily a five star hike

Sunday, August 20, 2017

this hike was more difficult than I expected given the rating and reviews; it's a decent incline the whole way up without very much shade. However it has great river views most of the way, the waterfall is spectacular, and there is even a few calm pool spots at the top to wade, play and relax. next time I'm packing a lunch and planning to stay longer at the top.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Loved everything.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Me and few of my friends went here for a big, week long, summer fishing trip and I was very pleased with the beauty of the area. The hike in is easy at first, slight incline and very beautiful, but as you keep going you start to go up a canyon and it becomes quite a hard hike especially if you are backpacking it. Then the glorious pass comes marking the end of your steep climb with a killer view. After that its a bit up and down with another steep part to the first lake but once you see the view into the basin its all worth it. The fishing was really good, got lots of bites and fish they are all just very small and not much to eat. After a couple of days of fishing we hiked to the ridge which was a stunning view at about 11,800 feet. We got a constant storm every day at around 5 pm so watch out for those. wonderful area, lots of views and lakes and nice pine smells.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Moderately difficult hike up to the first lake, plan on a short river crossing within the first mile. Beautiful meadows and views of nearby snow capped peaks and year-round glaciers as you advance on the trail. If fishing, don't expect any trophy fish. Plan on abundant 8-14 inch rainbow trout in the lower lakes. Upper lakes are mostly barren, with the best fish found in the large lake with high boulder fields to the south-west of the initial lake. Prepare for heavy mosquitos in the morning and evening with plenty of bug spray and netting. Definitely one of the most scenic areas of the winds I have ever been. Beautiful glacier-carved cliffs and partially frozen lakes made for an incredibly unique week of backpacking.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Hiked this 6 July 2017: Excellent hike to the gap. Some small drifts easily bypassed before the gap. Had a
400% snow year so lots of water and snow! One large snowdrift right before the clearing at the gap. Lots of snow past the gap. Lakes frozen or partially thawed. Insect heaven: need nets or lots of repellent.

Monday, July 03, 2017

The hike was very simple, could take the family out for a day hike to see these gorgeous falls. When coming around the bend near the top you can hear the falls crashing down and the first glimpse will take your breath away! River was running quite high with the run off and the falls were significantly larger than pictures posted here from year before. Would recommend to anyone of any age!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Beautiful hike. Done this one twice. Nice and easy trail.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Great starter trail for the year. Highly suggest

on Middle Fork Trail

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Great trail for families and waterfall fans.

trail running
Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Simple trail run, I branched off and hiked the near by peak

great trail! spent 5 nights along the trail with several great day hikes including one to the top of wind river peak at 13192 ft! absolutely beautiful!

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