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The hike starts a little slow but afer 2-3 miles in really opens up! I recommend climbing past the boulders and continuing up the snow. You will not be disappointed with this one

Took this hike up and around to Phelps Lake. Beautiful scenery and the lake was very refreshing when we arrived. Crossed paths with two bears along the way which was very pleasant to watch.

2 days ago

Lots of nice trails to the lake. Went swimming when we arrived and it was amazing. Love the jumping rock!

Hiking is beautiful and moderate. Heard and saw lots of kids wading in the lake Water is pure and clear.

Cool place! Went yesterday. Awesome trails! The jumping rock is great.

Absolutely gorgeous. Crowds annoying at the beginning and end but they thinned out near the lake.

There was a beautiful meadow of wildflowers and all around there was lush greenery. Got to see 5 bears, a beaver, a white tailed deer, a blue jay, and even heard woodpeckers in the distance! The lake was a gorgeous green color, reflecting all the trees and surrounding mountains.

After hiking the steep trail, you will see an amazing view of the Jackson town for reward.

This trail has everything that you want in a hike. Beautiful things to see the entire way. We saw marmot, moose, wildflowers, waterfalls, a great view of the lake, and a different view of canyon at every turn we made.
That being said, this is definitely a more moderate to hard trail due to the switchbacks, I think we counted 12. A lot of hikers we passed were over night backpackers and said that it was amazing, we only went to the cabin and found that just perfect. Would definitely do it again and would recommend to anyone who is in decent shape.
The road in is quite bumpy like everyone says that it is so be aware and drive slowly until you get to the trailhead.

I went up the Snow King Summit trail and down the Sink or Swim trail to make a loop. Great hike but I think I would have preferred the opposite direction (starting up Sink or Swim and down the summit trail). Either way, great views. Lotsa wild flowers. And you can take the chairlift down for $5 if your trip up was enough. It took about 45 minutes up the summit trail at a pretty fast pace.

Amazing property.

15 days ago

We hiked this trail from the Rockefeller Preserve, counter clockwise this morning starting around 7:45 am. Our group of 10 loved the hike and it was well worth it getting there early as we were one of the few groups on the trail. We saw a small to middle sized black bear near the Huckleberry area and it knew we were there and we were thrilled to see it eat berries. Once it passed by us, we moved on and our kids then enjoyed jumping off of the Phelps Lake cliff and all 6 of them jumped in to the water off the cliff. This is a definite must hike for the area and it is definitely more easy than moderate for occasional hikers. Rock Chalk baby!

16 days ago

Discovered this trail on our mid September trip last year and it is now my favorite trail! Beautiful views along the trail and I could’ve spent hours at the lake. We even saw a moose in the creek on the way back! Park at Rockefeller.

17 days ago

A three hour hike around a beautiful lake
An easy ramble for the entire family of hikers.
Outstanding views. Wonderful Moose sighting.
The beach walk does not link back to the main path.

17 days ago

Beautiful hike on the trail today including an up close encounter with a moose! Hiked counter clockwise from the Rockefeller Preserve. Highly recommend this direction. Exceptional views! 8:45am start 12:00pm finish with stops along the way. Abundant wildlife, fortunately No bear sightings, but plenty of droppings along the way.

Hiked with my beautiful wife on July 13, 2018. The view gets progressively better and better as you go. There are some places to fill up with ice cold water along the way, and make sure you plan for some time to sit among the large rocks at the top. Challenge: see if you can keep a bare foot in the water for 15 seconds - I did.

Fun and quick workout.

25 days ago

Awesome trail! Recommend going early. We hit trail around 7am and managed the just over 7.35 mi hike in just under 4 hours. Recommend huckleberry point on the trail. No bears seen, but dropping’s for sure several points on the trail. Little to no traffic on trail before 10am. As we came back to parking lot, it was packed.
For the real adventurous ones, there is a rock about 30 feet over the water that was fun to jump off into! We took advice and went counter clockwise, rock to jump was about 4.5 miles in. Parked at the preservation center. Everything was beautiful and perfect!

28 days ago

Fun trail. My family and I hiked Phelps Lake and went up to the overlook. Took around 4. 5 hours. I would rate the hike around the lake as easy, and the hike up to the overlook as moderate.

28 days ago

Awesome hike. Huckleberries were one of the main highlights.

Driving up to the trailhead of Death Canyon was very bumpy and much suited for an ATV! I was so thankful we had a truck that could handled this terrain. The beginning of the hike was not strenuous because it was a gradual uphill to the gorgeous view of Phelps lake and we saw marmots! From the top, the trail went down hill that lead us to a gradual uphill back up the canyon where we saw bear scat and waterfall! Overall, the hike was great!

1 month ago

We did the Bradley and Taggart Lake trail counterclockwise like some reviews had suggested and it was great as there were constantly stunning views of the Tetons and, while there was some uphill hiking, none of it was overly strenuous. If you get there relatively early you also get the benefit of the trail not being very crowded like it is later in the afternoon. This is definitely a good hike if you only have a day to spend in the park.

I also did part of the Valley Trail from where it meets at Bradley lake until just after the junction between the Garnet Canyon and Amphitheater Lake trails. It is a much more difficult trait with a lot of elevation gain, but there were a lot of incredible views of the lakes and the park valley. Unfortunately, I was running low on time and water and had to turn around before reaching Amphitheater Lake, but would love to come back and try it again.

Great trail. So many wildflowers and meadows
We did see a baby moose
We really enjoyed this !

This was my favorite day hike! We went in early June and saw a black bear with her 2 cubs, 2 Moose, these amazing birds at the Lilly pond and a marmot family! Pretty easy and spectacular scenery. I didn’t want it to end!

Beautiful! We hiked all the way around the lake and then included this quick little detour. So glad we did!

Awesome trail

We had a great time, walked there and got ferry back as kids were fading from heat at that point. Falls are beautiful.

1 month ago

Fun little trail with a lot of friendly people. Well worth the time spent with the family in a really beautiful place.

1 month ago

Great hike. Hiked it counter-clockwise for best views. However, we saw steaming piles of grizzly poop, two large and two smaller. If you look at this thread, one month ago, one grizzly mom and two cubs were seen. Then they closed the trail on the right side a week ago. I can see why. You are definitely entering the home of a grizzly family, so be careful. Carry bear spray. The cubs might now be old enough to be bold and run down to the lake without mama, and you could be caught in the middle. We saw lots of little kids on the hike.

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