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2 hours ago

Nice easy hike, a little crowded

I hiked this one to about 1.5 miles past the cabin, through the meadow and into some outstanding forest on September 23, 2018. Fall colors were everywhere!

22 hours ago

Pretty trail...rated Moderate but an easy moderate

3 days ago

Hiked moose pond loop early afternoon. Observed/ photoed bull moose feeding in pond. Later thru meadow area,was surprised by and photoed another bull moose emerging from brush. Few mid sept hikers on full loop, most stop at pond and return to hidden falls trail. Meadow trail unmarked can be challenging to follow at times although not far from parking has a remote feeling about it and look of good bear habitat. Very enjoyable hike. Bear spray raises comfort level w this trail.

Definitely moderate trail. But I would totally recommend hitting the moose pond as a bonus. We saw 3 moose on our journey and it was a spectacular falls at the end! Worth the steep grade up and very quick hike out going down hill.

Fantastic trail, with breathtaking vistas, trail challenging enough to be exciting. Love it

Awesome views. In and out with several rest and photo stops. Took 4 1/2 hours

13 days ago

Easy amazing waterfall !!

15 days ago

There is so much nicer around there. Do only if limited in how much you can walk.

It's nice, I've done with along with amphitheater and delta lake. But if you feel that's too much, skip this part and only do the lakes!!! They are much nicer

15 days ago

Easy and nice view from the mountains. I'd suggest doing that along with amphitheater and delta lake. Try to be at the lake in the morning to not have the sun in the wrong direction

15 days ago

Better than doing the full lake, but you can take a ferry there and do the canyon instead.

I took my two nieces straight up the slope to the summit without using the switchback trail. We were looking for a decent challenge and were not disappointed.

Not easy but beautiful at the top !

21 days ago

Beautiful trail and view of the mountains. Didn't see any moose, but came upon two black bears while on the hike. First one was on the trail as we were descending down the hill towards the pond. After it went away we decided not to continue and went back on the Jenny Lake trail towards the boat dock. We came upon another black bear crossing the trail ahead of us. Thankfully neither bear bothered us. Definitely be aware of bears and make noise! Around the east side of the lake going north is also beautiful view.

21 days ago

We went about to the first pond when we saw a bear on the trail. It didn't bother us and eventually went off the trail.
We didn't feel comfortable moving forward so we turned back on the Jenny Lake Trail towards the boat dock. Along that trail we saw another bear cross the trail about 30 to 40 yards away. Again it didn't bother us. Great experience even if it was short. Definitely be Bear Aware and make noise!

Hiked up this zig zagging trail in late August that goes from 6,250 feet to 7,800 feet in elevation. The views of Jackson hole are phenomenal.
Other activities at the base are rock climbing, mini golf, a Maze, and two rollercoaster type sled rides that are by a park and restaurant. You can also take the ski lift up and down for 5 dollars if you'd rather not hike.

There is ample parking with easy access to the trail. Dogs were prevalent and I was impressed with the owners picking up after them. The path was wide enough for two most of the way up. The plateaus at every major turn made for a good place to catch your breath and take in the impressive views of Jackson and the Tetons. It’s like a 10 incline on your treadmill for 45 minutes. Enjoyed it!

Easy trail and pretty falls. I’m giving it 5 stars because I had such an incredible bear sighting!!!

Beautiful hike, moderately strenuous. Lots of wildlife activity. The pools up by the patrol cabin are a great place to rest and eat. One mile of rough road before trail head ( we didn’t risk it in our little rental car). Would absolutely take this trail again.

Excellent trail that is relatively easy. Some elevation gain, but it is very gradual. The falls and wildlife are beautiful and you can take the boat across and back if you want to make it a shorter ride. Two black bear sightings were seen on this trail! Very exciting, but keep your distance because these guys did not react at all to seeing humans.

The parking lot is very busy, you need to come early. We missed a sign at the beginning of the trail, but it's a really nice and easy hike. Overlooks on Jenny Lake and Hidden Falls. We spotted an elk, 2 minks and a momma moose with a baby. Awesome!

Wonderful hike! Four of us did this trail on August 16. It was a perfect morning. We started at 7:45 and were the only ones on the trail until we met hikers on our way down. Beautiful climb through the canyon with running river and many waterfalls. Saw a bear cross the trail on the way down, seemed to be quite a bit of bear activity around the trail. Great views of Phelps Lake.
The ride into the trailhead was challenging - the road is full of moguls.

Absolutely loved it! Hiked this on August 16th, 2018. Trailhead parking is limited and advisable for 4 wheel drive only, otherwise, park on turnouts along one mile rough road in. Plenty of black bear activity 2-4 miles into trail with huckleberry and raspberries abounding. Saw moose 50 ft off upper section within 1/2 mike of cabin. Top of trail levels to meadow and flowing stream before junction to Static Peak. Waterfalls are plentiful, and trail is well marked and maintained. Be there before 9:00 and enjoy some beach time at Phelps lake on way out, you won’t regret bringing along a bathing suit!

It’s a rough one, but the location and views are great if you are staying in DT Jackson!

The hike starts a little slow but afer 2-3 miles in really opens up! I recommend climbing past the boulders and continuing up the snow. You will not be disappointed with this one

1 month ago

Took this hike up and around to Phelps Lake. Beautiful scenery and the lake was very refreshing when we arrived. Crossed paths with two bears along the way which was very pleasant to watch.

Absolutely gorgeous. Crowds annoying at the beginning and end but they thinned out near the lake.

1 month ago

There was a beautiful meadow of wildflowers and all around there was lush greenery. Got to see 5 bears, a beaver, a white tailed deer, a blue jay, and even heard woodpeckers in the distance! The lake was a gorgeous green color, reflecting all the trees and surrounding mountains.

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